Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 15, 1966, Image 16

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    Plant Com Early, Agronomist Tells
Crop Improvement Assn. Members
vania 'farmers are growing
'more com per acre than ever
helorc because of Improved
production practices, Clar
ence S Bryner, exjensfon
nciorroniist at the Pennsyl
vania State Uimorsitv, told
member-. ot the Penrrsylyarr\v
Ttop lin prominent Associa
tion meeting in Harnsbmg
“A\erace yields in 106.3
were 63 bushels of shelled
corn pei acie er en though
nioistuic was somewhat lim
ned in growing aieas in the
eastern pait ot the state.
Jlany taimeis aie producing
o\er 10(1 bushels per a re
on their cropland,” Brvner
Fciimpib aie using better
hibnds, planting thicker
stands, and feitihzmg he.m
ev than eier befoie. but he
pointed out that other pio
duction practices aie equal
ly as impoitant. Late fall or
eaily spiiug plowing has
been paying off when late
May June, and July has been
dry This piaetice has given
better seedbeds under these
di\ conditions
Firm Offers New
"Worm-War" Movie
A 25-rmnute movie about
controlling parasitic worms in
sheep is available for booking
from Merck & Co, Inc.
Highly regarded by the
sheep industry, the full-color
film has many unusual high
lights Scenes include living
parasites in internal tissues
and live infective larvae in a
droplet of moistuie on a blade
of grass
Some sequences are consider
ed so outstanding that they
have been given special recog
nition by the Woild’s Veterin
ary Congress
Organizations interested in
seeing the movie “Winning the
Woim War” should wiite to
Animal Health Pioducts, Merck
& Co , Inc, Rahway, N. J.
3 models to
choose from in
the Mueller line of
>bu9k miSSc coolers* ••
'* *
. V
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R. D. 3, Lititz, Pa.
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Early plowing, Bryner
said, m'akes It possible to
plant corn earlier. Farmers
in the more productive corn
areas should try to plant
com one week to 10 days
eailier than the usual corn
planting lime.
Fanners who are interest
ed in tin Kor stands should
plant at slower speeds—not
or or 3 miles per hour —and
make sine the row teitihzer,
which is always recommend
ed, is placed away from the
seed lie reported that fast
planting and fertilizer nnury
are the masons lor many, if
not most, poor stands
Supply Type 41
Cigar Filler At
Four-Year Low
According to the “Tobacco
Situation,” published quarter
ly by the USDA’s Economic
Research Seivice. the 19G'5-
CG carryover stocks of Penn
s\l\ama cigar filler aie about
3 peicent below the 19G4-Gis
le\el, hitting a four-year low
le\el The sizable d'iop in car
noier moie than offset the
moderate increase in the 19G5
ciop trom a jear eaiher
This favoiahle situation
i esulted fiom the stepped up
disappeaiance late of the
Pennsylvania filler in the Oc
tober 19G4-September 196 a
period At over 54% million
pounds, disappearance is at
its se'cond highest level in
twenty years.
The mator use, the report
states, was m cigars, and a
secondary outlet was scrap
chewing tobacco.
Meanwhile, exports appear
ed to account for a relative
ly small part of this total
disappeaiance of stocks.
In number of acres plant
ed m the 1965 eiop year,
T\ pe 41 toba'cco was un
changed fiom the 19 64 fig
uie ot 27,000.
jg* t
&__ /
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hhiellci hne, and jou ma\ choose
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** ' *?< ' <
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