Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 21, 1956, Image 16

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    16—Lancaster Fanning
Friday Sept, 21, 1?56
Milk Prices *
Set at $4,26
■ NEW YORK Dr. C. J. Stan
ford, Maiket Administrator of
the New York metropolitan milk
marketing area, Sept. 12 an
nounced a uniform price of $4.26
per hundredweight (46.5 quarts)
for milk delivered in August to
383-plants in the New, York milk
shed. The uniform price in July
was $3.92 per hundredweight; in
August, 1955, it was $4 15 per
SFor Top Profit!
; Use ■
■ Quality ■
■ ■
■ Certified Seneca ■
■ Certified Dual 1
■ Select Pennol
g[ Cert. Wong Barley H
B Cert. Hudson Barley B
■ Cert. Lee Cold Proof
S Leconte _
il "»
ffl Orders Filled Promptly
5 & BRO. INC.
a Smoketown, Pa.
■ Ph. Lane. 22659
$2380 with dual front wheels
$2475 with adjustable front axle las shown)
Standard equipment includes power take-off, two-clutch
power control, starter, lights, battery, muffler, Traction
Booster system, Snap-Coupler hitch, adjustable hy
draulic seat, power-shift rear wheels and fenders.
TRACTION ROOSTER «nd SNAP COUPLER «r» Allu-Chalm«rt Irad.marki.
PticM iub(«ct t# chunt* wjth«ut nottc*.
Mann & Cmmelli Farm Serv R. S. Weaver
i Quarryville, Pa. Stevens. Pa.
L. H. Brubaker
Lancaster. Pa.
K. G. Myers & Son
v Rheems. Pa.
Champion steers at the Southern Lancaster County Com
munity Fair Wednesday afternoon were Angus, first going
to Ernst Frey of Quarryville, second to Donald Herr of
Refton. (Lancaster Farming Staff Photo)
Prices f. o. b. factory
Snavelys Farm Service
New Holland. Pa.
L. H. Brubaker'*
Lititz. Pa.
Champion Steers
Grand Champion - Ernst Frey
Champion-Donald Herr
ASG Committee
Voting Monday
Quarryville, and Joseph Hess,
R 3 Quarryville, tied for mem
ber and Ist alternate; Martin
Irwin, R 3 Quarryville, 2nd al
13 Ira'Walk, R 1 Strasburg,-
chairrtlan, J Robeif Hess, R 1
Strasburg, vice chairman, Omar
L Houck, R 1 Paradise, member,
Mark E Hershey, R 1 paradise,
Ist alternate; Einest Eshleman,
R 1 Gordonville, 2nd alternate
14 Elmer Huber, R 1 Pe
quea, and Ivan Sollenberger, R 2
Holtwood, tied for chairman; J.
Fred Shenk, R 1 New Providence,
member, Heishey Ressler, R 2
Holtwood,'lst alternate, Landis
Kreid’r, R 1 New Providence,
2nd alternate.
"15 Frank Aument, R 1
Holtwood; J. Lehman Burkins,
R 1 Quarryville, and Joseph
Sinclair, Drumore, all tied for
chairman; Charles D. Scheib
er, R 2 Quarryville, Ist alter
nate* William Bucher, R 1 Quar
ryville, 2nd alternate.
16 John Long, Peach Bot
tom, chairman; Thomas Gal
breath, Peach Bottom, vice
chairman, Howard Walton, RD
Christiana, member; Francis
Kirk, Peach Bottom. Ist alter
nate; Harold Jackson, Peach
Bottom, 2nd alternate
SAN PEDRO, Cal. Attracted
by a dog and a puppy on the
front seat of a parked automo
bile, Harbor Guard H. E. Mc-
Mahon poked his head into the
car and then sprang back In the
batk seat were thirteen live rat
tlesnakes and a chuckawalla des
ert lizard, in cages, and 15 tur
tles were crawling on the floor.
The car belonged to Jasper N.
Mans, herpetologist and cannery
worker, who said his - hotel
wouldn’t let the creatures in.
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Angus 4H FFA
Field Day at
Fox Hill Sept. 29
Programs and regulations
the Brandywine 4H -and FFA
Angus Heifer show Saturday.
Sept 29 at Fox Hill Farm near
Unionville are being distribut
ed today by Scott L. French,
fieldman-secretary of the Penn
sylvania Aberdeen-Angus Breed
ers Association.
From 10:30 to 12.00, the Fox
Hill Angus herd and pastures
will be open for inspection.
Lunch will be served at noon,
with compliments of the Brandy
wine Association.
A demonstration of fitting and
grooming will start at 1- p. m.,
with judging of Angus Club
"The time to feed a cow
when she’s
Strange as it sometimes seems, dry cow feeding is a true
course to milk production and long cow life.
Extra body weight and built-up reserves of strength
resulting fronra good dry cow feeding plan put a cow
in shape to deliver a big, strapping calf and go right to
work on a long, steady lactation the day she freshens.
Purina on-the-farm research tells us that 100 lbs. extra
body weight on a dry cow means up to 2000 lbs, more
milk in her next lactation ... in addition to the benefits
of health she gains.
Purina D and F (dry and freshening) CHOW is tailor
made for dry cow feeding. It contains ample quantities
of body-buitding nutrients to build both cow and unborn
calf during this critical period. It contains minerals for
strong bones, vitamins for health.
Properly fed, quality Purina D & F Chow not only gives
cows a big head start on their next lactation ... it keeps
them in condition to breed
again and again and again...
for long, profitable, healthful
productive life.
See us for details of dry cow
feeding the Purina way TODAYI
Snader’s Mill John J. Hess II
Mt. Airy Intercourse—New Providence
John J. Hess John B. Kurtz
Kinzers—Vintage Ephrata
S. H. Hiestand James High
' Salunga
H. S. Newcomer Wenger Bros.
Alt. Joy Rheems
B. F. Adams Warren Sickman
Bird-in-Hand Pequea
J. Fred Whiteside J. H. Reitz & Son
Kirkwood Millway
W.V.W. .-.VW.V' 1
Donald Quaifles, Secretary
the Air Force: '
“The grave danger m th
present situation is that h*
talk of peace and the imi( '
from' behind the ron Guru
may delude us into a sen,s e l!
security and cause us to i e |,,
our guard to the point wW
terms can be forced upon Us !
heifers at 2 and presentation
awards at 3 p. m.
Prize monies, $2O for f
second $lB, third $l5,
$l2, fifth sltt, sixth $7, and 8 to
12 inclusive $2 each, are b ( , ltl j
donated by Mr. and Mrs Robert
E. Montgomery, owners of Aslt
Grove Farm. New Hope, p,
and the Brandywine Angm
Breeders, Inc.
.says Purina