Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 21, 1956, Image 14

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    14—Lancaster Farming
Friday Sept. 31, 1956
Government report continued
gains in economy.
MAR-GRO Vitamin Supple
ment Tout-cattle and bogs
DUTCH BELL for Dairy
BETTER BEEF for steers
We also have the famous
DAN patch horse
Manufactured by Mar-Gro
Mfg. Co., R 2 LANC.
Both Models Fully Tractor Mounted .• • »
See t&em ttowf
Sander Bros.
New Holland Ph. 4-8721
Conestoga Farm Service
Quarryville Ph, 282
Elizabethtown Farmers Supply Inc.
New Holland
Farmers Day
Premiums Up
Robert O. Whitmore, president
of the New Holland Farmers Day
Association, announced this week
that the premium list for the
Farmers Fair is more complete
and offers better prize money
than ever before.
The 25th Anniversary of the
Farmers Fair wifi be observed on
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, Oct. 3,4, 5, and
6 The Association will exceed
its high pievious prize record
this year.
Last year $1313.25 was paid
in premiums and this year the
list has been expanded. All
persons within a radius of 20
miles of New Holland ax-e eli
gible to enter exhibits.
You’ll find many new, exclusive features in the new Ford
Mounted Corn Pickers including the Corn Saver Snapping
Unit that can cut usual shelled corn losses in HALF! These
new Ford Corn Pickers are easy to mount on the tractor, easy
to operate, and what’s more, you’ll find they get more com
even under tough conditions-
..-.SiSS «
Allen H. Matz
Haverstick Bros.
Columbia Pike Lancaster Ph. 2-5722
Ph. 7-1341 . ,
Richard I. Ammon
Of Ephrata New
Circle President-
Richard I. Ammon, Rl, Eph
rata, has been named president
of the “Secretaries Circle” of
the National Association of
Feed and Grain Dealers.
Announcement of his election
was made at the 60th anniver
sary meeting of the national as
sociation in Chicago recently
Mr. Ammon, executive secre
tary of the Pennsylvania Millers
and Feed Dealers Association
since 1950, was formerly na
tional secretary There are 52
feed, grain and milling associa
tions represented in the
NAFGD, a liaison agency be
tween the National Gram and
Feed Dealers Association and
the American Feed Manufactur
ers Association.
4ide screens sold Severn
Denver Ph. 7-6502
Sept. 21—Pennsylvania Guern
sey Breeders Association, sales
pavilion, six miles east of Lan
caster on Route 30, 65 purebred
Sept. 21—Lyman Henly, along
Denver-Stevens Road, building
lots, 7 pm. _
Sept. 22—► Park S. Shelter, S.
Market St, Florin, personal
property, antique dishes, 12.30
Sept. 22—Elenora F. Child,
Paradise, household goods, 1 p.m
Sept 22—Ida B. Woist, mile
east of White Horse just off
White Horse-Honey Brook road,
Salisbury Tvvp, 75-acre farm,
and 10 acre farm a half
mile northeast of White Horse,
2 pm_
Sept 22—MaTry L Weaver
Est, half mile west of New Hol
land, personal property, Ipm.
Sept. 22 Catherine Sellers,
438 W Mam St, New,Holland,
12 30 pm, household goods
Sept 22—230 Diner, half mile
east of Middletown on Route
230, antiques, hardware, furni
ture, lumber, 10.30 am
Sept. 22 Daniel Snader Es
tate, Weaverland Church-Terre
Hill Road', East Earl Twp,real
estate, farm, about 24 acres,
with improvements, 2 pm.
Sept. 22 Edward J. Kess
ler, Strasburg Mennomte Ceme
tery-Elhott’s Corner Road, Stras
burg Twp., power tools garden
tools, household goods, 10 a.m.
Sept 22 John J. Weaver,
Estate, 301 East Mam St, Terre
Hill, real estate, 12.30 p ra.
Sept. 22—William Landis, on
[Dad from Clay to Mt. Airy and
Durlach Road, real estate, live
stock, farm implements, house
hold goods.
Sept 22—Elizabethtown Area
School district, Sunnyburn
School property, also lot contain
ing 85 perches, also Bellaire
School property on Elizabeth
town-Mt. Gretna Road, lot con
taining 80 perches; also black
boards and some school furnish
ings, Sunnyburn, Ip. m, Bell
aire, 2:30 p. m.
Sept. 22—J D. Landvator, half
mile south of Elizabethtown, real
estate, household good, antipues,
12-30 noon
Sept. 22 J. D. Landvater,
Elizabethtown R. D. 1, % mile
south of E-town, along road to
Rheems, at Anchor, real estate,
household goods, antiques, 12.30
Sept. 25—Leroy Zook, one
mile east of Christiana, Holstein
Dairy cows, heifers, milking
equipment, Ipm.
iSept. 25—Esther Traub, 38
Market Square, Manheim, real
estate, 7 p.m.
Sept. 26—By David M. Mar
tin, along 222 between Akron
and Oregon, adjoining Jack &
Jim MaSer Farm, 58 acres and
building lot.
Sept. 26—Isaac C. Martin Est,
Gobdville-Beartown Road, East
Earl Twp, two farms, one ap
prox. 28 acres, one approx- 10
acres, with improvements, 2 p.m.
Sept. 26—Clara M. Nolt, Ada
L Weaver, M. Roy Weaver and
Anna M. Weaver, East Lampe
ter Twp, half mile east of Route
896, five miles southeast Lan
caster,- real estate, 2 p.m.
Sept. 26—Amos H.' Musser,
Ragho Twp, south of Route 230,
near Mount Joy, 35 acre farm,
improvements, 2 p.m.
Sept. 27 —Chester E and Vio
let S Martin, Manheim-Sporting
Hill Road, j'ust west of Man
heim, real estate, 7 p.m.
Sept. 29—Paul B. Clay, Mt
Airy, Md., 25 tractors, all kinds
of farm machinery, 10 a. m.
Sept. 26—David M. Martin, on
Route 222, one and one-half
miles southwest of Akron, real
estate, 2 p. m.
Sept. 29—Arch Emenheiser,
Milton Grove-Greentree Church
Road, Mt. Joy Twp., real estate,
personal property, 12.30 p. m.
Sept. 29 By Harry Kr Knau
er, along road from Brunner
ville to Rothville, mile north' of
Brunnerville, real estate.
Sales Dates
Another Gift Added
To Conscience Fund
HARRISBURG— Another si s '
in cash was received by State
Treasurer Weldon B. Heybun,
and turned o\or to the Secretary
of Be\ enue recently for dfpo M j
in the appropriate fund.
Post-marked “Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania,” and dated August
25tn, 1856,” the cash received i n
a plain white envelope was the
second “reimbursement” to the
State’s conscience fund this year
The first in 1956 was lor rune
dollars and received last Januaij,
During 1955 Hie State Treasui,
er received six anonymous let
ters with a total of $ll5. ail 0 (
which was “conscience monies ”
Franco acts to strengthen the
Falange party.
Sept. 29—Nelson and Man
Shue, Lime Rock village, Penn
Twp, half mile west of Lititz
real estate, 2 pm.
Sept 29—Aaron Angel, on
Nickle Mines Road* two mile*
west of Gap, 31-acre farm with
buildings, 2 pm.
Sept 29—(Harry B. Hamilton
Est, 644 West Market St, Ehz
abethtown, real estate and pei
sonal property, 12.30 pm, leal
estate at 2 p.m
Oct I—J. M. Smoker* and Dan
xel Kurtz, Spring-Garden Stoie,
4 miles east of Intercourse on
340, new merchandise, used fui
mture, 6 30 p.m.
Oct 3 —By Alvin Hammei,
Hopeland, north end to Turn
pike, dairy farm.
Oct 6—J. Leroy “Joney” Won
ger, Iva-Mt. Pleasant Road, Pai
adise Twp., farm implements,
some household goods, 12 30
Oct 6—J - Carson Obetz Est,
W Ferdinand and South Pitt
Streets, Manheim, real estate,
1.30 p.m.
Oct. 6 Samuel and Harry
Gehr, adm. John Gehr Est., real
estate, household goods, anti
Oct. 6 Luther and Elvevn
Hauck. along Schoeneck-Rem
holds Road, .one mile from
Schoeneck, real estate, 39 acres
Oct. 6 50-Acre farm, live
stock. farm implements, Eh
Good, Brecknock Twp., next to
Bolvmansville Mennomte Chinch,
12 Noon.
Oct. 8 Martin N Zimmer
man, one mile north of Good
ville, East Earl Twp., real es
Oct 9-10—All Pony Sale Paul
Z. Martin, Blue Ball.
Oct 11 Pennsylvania Shoit
orn Association purebred and
feeder calf sale, Mt. Joy, Ke\
stone Sales Barn.
Oct 12-13—Annual Lancastei
County Auction by Lancastei
Chapter, American Business
Clubs, Lampeter.
Oct 13—By Luther Hauck
along Schoeneck-Reinholds Road
about one mile north of Shoe
neck, dairy farm.
Oct 13 Ephriam Zimmei
man; Martindale, real estate, 2
Oct. 13 Clarence Kieidei,
road from Rawlinsville to
Nebo, near Elementary School
Martic Twp., household goods,
antiques, farming- implements,
12-30 p m. DST.
Oct 20 Mrs. Cora Weber,
along Mt Airy-Middle Creel
Road, real estate, farm lnl P lc '
ments, household goods.
Oct. 20—Mrs. Cora "Weber,
between Mt. Airy - and Middle
Creek Road, real estate, fan"
implements, household goods
Oct 23—By Elmer V. Good
Mt Airy-Girl Scout Camp R° ad '
about one mile north of canlp ’
large farm, steers and poult l '-
Nov 3—Jacob Hemling, a ' ol j=
road from Schoeneck to Coca ■
co, real estate and househo
Nov. 10—Kansas K. E cen ,
rbde, between Galen Hall aa
Blainsport, real estate, farm
plements, household goods.