Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, March 02, 1956, Image 10

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    10—Lancaster Farming, Friday, March 2, 1956
Lancaster County
Sales Dates Claimed
March 2 Along the Jednota
Road, leading from Kighspire to
Middletown, one-half mile North
of Highspire, Stock and Imple
ments by Edward H. Nissley.
March 3 Along the road
leading from Maytown to Bain
bridge, Route No. 241, at the vil
liage of Stackstown, Stock and
Implements by Henry Berg.
March 3 Annie Metzler, 117
,N. Charloette St., Manheim, real
estate and personal property, 1
p. m.
March 3 Livestock, imple
ments, near East Fairview Church
Jacob Lehman.
March 3—Noah Z Esh, 2 miles
west of Chistiana, just off road
from Rt. 372 to Gap, livestock
farming implements, 12 noon.
March 3—Katie M. Blank, Mon
terey, Upper Leacock twp, real
estate, personal property, 12-30
p. m.
March 3—Lloyd H. Trout, Bart
twp., 4 miles south of Strasburg
at Mt Pleasant Church, farm
implements, household goods,
wood lot, 12 noon.
Logan Dominant White
Cornish Cockerels for pro
ducing famous Logan
Cornish Crosses.
For High Egg Production: Demme Leg
horns from Candidate Matings or Mt. Hope
Leghorns for White eggs. Logan famous
Sex Links, Logan Whites, or R. I. Reds for
brown eggs.
Pa.-U.S. Approved Pullorum Typhoid Clean
Brand New Catalog available
L. L. LOGAN, BOX L, Kennett Square, Pa.
Send Your Livestock To
Union Stock Yards
We sell on commission,
H Phone Lancaster 7-8811
S «
m O&D Shavings
.... for clean, dry houses, excellent
fertilizer, and real savings for you ...
A Ton of SHA VINGS goes twice as far. . .
O&D Sawdust Co.
109 North
Mam Street
March 3—Enos Good, 1 to 3
miles west of Lititz, near Erb’s
Stone Quarry, livestock, farm
equipment, 12:30 p. m-
March 3 —Henry N. Eby, 1 mile
west of New Providence, 60 head
of reg. Holsteins, also farm
March 3 —Howard Shirk, near
Strack’s Dam. Jackson twp, Leb
anon Co.
March 3—Estate of George H,
Eitnier, 48 Valley Rd., Neffs
ville, real estate, personal pro
perty, 12 noon.
March 5 West of Rheems,
close to Donegal Springs, on
Cameron Farm, joining Landis
Stone Meal Co., Stock and Imple
ments by Morris G. Spickler.
March s—Parke Thomas, 2%
miles southwest of Christiana,
along Noble Rd, Sadsbury twp.,
livestock, Ifarm implements, 12 30
p. m.
March 6 Along the road
leading from Maytown. to Bain
bndge, Route .No, 241, at the vil
lage of Chickentown, stock, im
plements and household furni
ture by Chester Ney.
For most_efficient meat pro
duction; Cornish Crosses,
White Rocks, Delaware
Crosses, Silver Crosses.
Lancaster, Pa.
Prompt Delivery Service 1
March 6—Ralph W, Horst, 6
miles south of Chambersburg,
Pa. near Marion, Pa., Farm
machinery and 40 tractors, 10:00
a. m.
March 6—Earl Bollinger,
Goodville, livestock, farm equip
ment, 12:30 p. m.
March 6—William W. Stauf
fer, road from Murrell to Far
mersville, % mile south of for
mer, livestock,' farming imple
ments, household goods, 12 noon.
March 6—Josha L Stoltzfus,
Vi mile southwest of Morgan
town, Berks Co., livestock, farm
ing implements, 12 noon.
March &—Murl P- Clark, Stras
burg twp., ’'A mile north, out N.
Jacksqn St., 75 dead dairy cattle,
farm implements.
'March 6—Ralph W Horst, 6
miles south of Chambersburg,
near Marion, farm machinery,
40 lO a. m.
March 6—Titus Weaver, Rt.
772, between Lititz and RothS :
ville, farm implements, stock,
household goods, 12 noon
March 6—'Norman Ebersole,
near Phil Haven Hospital, in
west Cornwall twp , Lebanon Co ,
stock, implements.
March 6—Martin M Dombach,
Manor twp, Rt 990, 2 miles west
of Millersville, implements,
household goods
March 7 Along the road
leading from Manheim to Lan
caster, known as the Fruitville
Pike, stock and implements by
William Bredthauer.
March 7—Harry Espenshade
Estate, 5 miles west of Union
Deposit, near Rutherford along
Rt 340 farm implements, house
hold goods
March 7—Victor A Hitz, near
Donegal Springs, dispersal, farm
March 7—Clement Leinbach,
mile southwest of Bowmansville,
near Bowmansville Mennonite
Church, livestock, implements,
12 30 p m.
March 7—Ephnan Gerlach
(iCharles M Gerlach, atty. m
fact), 349 Manor Ave, Millers
vilie, 2’/2-story house, household
goods, 12 noon.
March 8 About seven miles
east of Elizabethtown close to
Chiques Church, stock and im
plements by C. B- Oberholtzer.
March 8 East of Lancaster,
along Route 30, at the Guernsey
Sales Pavilion, 75 head of pure
bred, bloodtested, accredited
Guernseys, sale managed by Wm-
Juzi, for P.G.BA., Harrisburg,
March B—Clyde E. Keener,
VA miles north of Lancaster at
intersection of Manheim and
Harrisburg Pikes, routes 72 and
230, farm machinery and 40
tractors, 10.00 a. m.
March B—Tobias Martin, near
Weaverland Churches, livestock,
farm equipment, household goods
11 a. m
March B—Clyde E . Keener,
l v 2 miles north of Lancaster
(intersection Rts. 72—230), farm
machinery, 50 tractors, 10 a. m.
March B—Landis L Nissley,
White Oak, 4 miles northeast of
Manheim, livestock, farm imple
ments, 12 noon
March B—John Miller, along
White Oak Rd, south of Stras
burg on Musser Herr farm, farm
ing implements, livestock, 12 30
p m.
March B—Anna H Charles,
Rapho twp, 1% miles south of
Mt. Joy, road to Newcomer’s
Stone Quarry, farm implements
March 9 Along the road
from Maytown to Bainbridge,
Route No- 241, one-half mile from
Maytown. on the Joe Bixler
Farm, stock and implements by
Jay W- Brandt.
March 10—Dick Sohuhman,
Shermandale Pa., Perry County,
Ferguson dealer, 20 tractors and
farm machinery. 12:00 noon.
March 10—Wm. R, Dorwart,
Aberdeen Mill, along pike 4 miles
north of Elizabethtown, Pa., 54-
acre farm, four cows, Machinery
and furniture. 12-00 noon.
March 10 Valuable real es
tate, cattle, implements and
furniture, on pike, midway be
tween Aberdeen Mill and Deo
date, seveij miles east of Middel
town, four miles north of Eliza
bethtown; 54-acre farm, Wm. R.
Dorwart and Mary Ann Dorwart,
owners, 12:30 noon.
March 10 Close to Donegal
Springs along road leading from
Maytown to Landis Stone Meal
Plant, stock, implements, some
household furniture, by Engle E.
March 10 Livestock, imple
ments, in Elstonville, Frank
March 12—Omfer B. Landis, %
mile east of Elizabethtown Pa.
along Manheim Pike, Cattle,
poultry, tractors, and farm
machinery. 12:30 noon.
March 12 At Ellottsburg,
Perry County, 65 head of pure
bred, bloodtested, accredited and
vaccinated Holsteins, sale man
aged by Harvey Rettew, Carl
Kennedy, owner.'
March- 12 Livestock, farm
equipment, furniture, one-half
mile east of Elizabethtown, along
Manheim Pike; 15 cows, 350 chick
ens, four tractors, farm machin
ery, corn, poultry equipment,
furniture, Mr. and Mrs. Omer
Landis. 12 noon.
March 13 Along the road
leading from Mount Joy to Mil
ton Grove, about three miles
North of Mount Joy, two miles
south of Milton Grove, stock and
implements by Amos H. Mum
March 14 Along the r*oad
leading from Rheems to Donegal
Springs at Hersh Blacksmith
Shop on Cameron Farm, stock
and implements bjH Carl Gmder.
March 15 East of Lancaster
along Route 30 at Guernsey Sales
Pavilion, 75 head of purebred
doodtested, accredited, some, vac
cinated Guernseys, managed by
Wm. Juzi for P G.B A. x Harris
March 15 Livestock, imple
ments, between Mastersonville
and Colebrook, Isaac Wenger.
March 17 At Cleona, annual
spring sale of 125 head of pure
bred. bloodtested. accredited,
some vaccinated Canadian Hol
steins, 150 head of hogs, by Rus
sell Heilman & Sons.
jj Carl Diller j
S Auctioneer and S
■ Cow Tester 1
■ Ref ton, Pa. ■
■ Ph. Quarryville 307R5 *
of Live Stock & Farm Equipment & Furniture.
Monday, March 12 1956
One Half Mile East of Elizabethtown, Pa., along
Manheim Pike on Dr. Thompson’s Farm. 15 head of
Cows, 350 Chickens, 4 TRACTORS, FULL LINE OF
FARM MACHINERY, 3 ton of Corn, Poultry Equip*-
ment. Lot of Furniture Sale 12 noon sharp. Furniture
sold first.
G. K. Wagner & Son, Bill Auctioneers.
Ot Valuable Real Estate. Cattle, Implements and Furniture
On Pike, midway between Aberdeen Mill and Deodate, seven
miles east of Middletown, four miles north of Elizabethtown
In high state of cultivation, with two Wells
of Water; 16 acres of Pasture with two
Springs and Running Water. All buildings
in good repair.
54-Acre Farm
Manure Spreader, Side-Rake, Drill, Chopping Mill,
Corn Planter, Corn Sheller, Fanning Mill, Wagon,
1.200 Tobacco Lathi, Stripping Room Stove, Bag Wagon, Wheelbarrow,
Forks, Stewart Clipmaster, Feed Cart, Bolts Tools, Brooder Stove, 2-bottom,
14-in. Case Plow on rubber; Electric Egg Washer, 50-lb. can of Fresh Lard
Pn«»nif nra Old Cupboard, Table, Two Old Chests, Old High-Chair.
r unmul e R oc k er> Carpets, Rugs, Oilcloth, Two Washstands,
Baskets, Crocks, Jars, Stone Jugs.
Buyer of farm can move in day after sale if he pays for farm.
This is a clean-sweep sale, as we have no more use for same.
Sale to commence at 12.30 noon when conditions will be made known by
Wm. R. Dorwart and
Mary Ann Dorwart,
G. K. and W. J. Wagner, Auctioneers
P. B. Kaylor and N Kraybill, Clerks.
March 17 Livestock, imple
ments, 2 mi northwest- Manheim,
Elvin Snavely.
March 20—Melvin C. Boyce, 20
Reg. and grade Holstein and
Guernsey cows, one Reg. 'Bull,
1 p. m., 2 mi. S E Quarryville.
March 22—Clyde E. Keener,
Vk miles north of Lancaster at
intersection of Manheim and Har
risburg Pikes, routes 72 and 230,
farm machinery and 50 tractors,
11:00 a. m.
March 23 Hagerstown, Md.
60 head of purebred, bloodtested,
accredited, some vaccinated Hol
steins, managed by Harvey Ret
tew, Manheiim, David S- Martin,
March 24 Along road leading
from Upper Lawn to Campbell
town, three miles northeast of
Campbelltown, \Lea Vista disper
sal, Keystone Holstein, Inc., man
agers, Bob Weidler, owner.
'March 24 Household goods
and equipment, on Pinch Road
near Mount Gretna, Eph. Achey.
March 26 In the Borough of
Middletown annual spring sale
of 150 Canadian Purebred, blood
tested, accredited, some vac
cinated Holsteins by C. S. Erb
March 27 At Butler, Pa., 50
head of purebred, bloodtested,
accredited, some vaccinated
Guernseys, sale managed by Wm.
Juzi for P.G B A.. HarrisHjorg- -
March 28 At Upper Lawn,
Normandale Fa r m Dispersal,
Keystone Holstein Sales, Inc,
managers, Norman Risser, Jr,
Stanley H. Deiter
1906 Willow St Pike
Mr. & Mrs. Omer Landis
4 Head of Milk Cows