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    Vol. 1, No. 14
Three County
Residents Die
In Auto Crash
Three well-known Southern
Lancaster County residents were
killed instantly in an autoraobile-
collision near Morehead,
Ky Saturday, Those killed were;
Thomas W. Matthews, 52,
Quarryvxlle, concrete block man
His wife, Katie Eshleman
Matthews, 53, and
Mrs. Clayton M Woerth, 53,
Nickel Mines
Returning from a vacation
business trip in Florida and
Louisiana, the three were riding
with Mr. woerth when the car
skidded, colliding with a truck
on an ice-coated bridge eight
miles west of Morehead, Ky, at
Well-Known Here
Mr Matthews was well-known
among many Lancaster County
farmers, especially among mush
room growers, who were exten
sive users of concrete blocks
produced by the Quairyville Con
crete Products Co, of which he
was a partner with A H. Burk
holder. Mrs Matthews was the
. daughter of the late Ezra M and
Adeline Warfel Eshelman, born
and raised in the Chestnut Level
All three were active m com
munity work and church work.
Mrs Matthews, a member of
Farm Wometfs Society 16, helped
design the kitchen -at Middle
Octorara Presbyterian Church?
.Her husband was recently named
a church elder, and headed the
building committee of the chapel
at Middle Octorara
Woerth Funeral Sunday
Funeral services for the Mat
thews were Thursday afternoon
from the Brown Funeral Home,
Christiana, with burial in the
Georgetown Methodist - Church
Cemetery. Services for Mrs.
Woerth will be at 230 P M.
Sunday from Browns, Christiana.
Mr Woerth operates the store
at Nickel Mines.
Ernest J. Neill, editor of
Lancaster Farming, made his
home with the Matthews in
Hess Again on
Tobacco Co-Op
Board 3 Years
Mark S. Hess is starting his
second three-year term as a di
rector of the Lancaster County
Tobacco Growers Cooperative As
sociation The acting manager of
the cooperative resides on R 6
Lancaster, and he was named
again Saturday night.
Others elected as directors
were Elmer Balmer, HI Man
heun, northwest district.
Walter S. Witwer, R 1 Gordon
ville, northeast district
Mr. Hess represents the south
ern district
Egg Gathering Time - Lancaster County
Lancaster"’County* 'setting records of all'
kinds in the poultry field, just added its
share to January Egg Month, dn ths Al
vin Adams £arm,.RlXititz, Dick Adams, a
Hospital in
Ephrata Aids
Tobacco Study
The National - Tobacco Re
search Council has made a sec
ond grant to the Ephrata Com
munity Hospital, this one total
ing $9,947. This is the only hos
pital in the County to receive
such a grant at this time.
Research between tobacco and
medicine will be - conducted by
the hospital’s pathologist, Dr-
Russell W. Weller
Several changes in committees
were made. David R. Eaby, pres
ident, named a committee to in
vestigate possibilities of joining
the Lancaster County Commun
ity Chest. Others on the com
mittee are Ira Fasnacht, Charles
Getz, and H- K. Luttringer. Also
named to the board were the
Rev. Daniel A- Shearer, presi
dent of the mimsterium. and
Samuel 'M. Mohler, Ephrata
Mr. Fasnacht was
named to the building and fi
nance committee, Karl J. Rohr
bach to the finance committee.
Election of officers and ap
pointment of committee members
will be made by the Board of
Directors of the Lancaster Poul
try Exchange Monday at 8 p. m.
The meeting will be in the Ex
change Building at Rohrerstown-
yuarryvme, * a., r nday, February 3, 1956
Amish Aid Salesman
During Bad Weather
Recently a salesman repre
senting a seed corn company
and chick hatchery became
stalled by some southern
Lancaster County weather-
But that didn’t stop Harry
-Kreider, 70. He just up and
borrowed a horse and buggy
from a nearby Amish farmer
and completed his rounds,
delivering his products on
Old Fairground .
Hall Burns; Was
Assembly Plant
Fire Monday evening destroy
ed the historic Exhibition Build
ing on the old Lancaster Fair
grounds with loss estimated
around $llO,OOO. Built in 1920,
it was taken over in 1948 by the
New Holland Machinery Co. and
has been used since that time as
a farm machinery assembly plant
augmenting the New Holland
Called to help check the fire
were companies from the Lan
caster Fire Department, South
ern Manheim Township and
Rohrerstown Fire Companies.
The building, 130'feet by 75 feet
containing 18,000 square feet,
was of stucco and frame, and
was used by New Holland as a
final assembly plant for forage
blowers and forage harvester
harvester sickle bar attachments.
Value of the building was esti
mated at $75,000, contents $35.-
Some hoses were strung at
least 2,000 feet to assist in fight
ing the fire.
son, is shown leaving the laying house with
jtwo baskets of eggs. Dick operates the farm
with his father, mother and sister.
Refusal to
Give Up Phone
Line Probed
No arrests are planned in the
investigation conducted by state
police at Ephrata where two
women were charged with re
fusing to give up conversation
on a nine-party line so a third
could report a fire m the Den
ver area
Mi’s Allison Messner reported
that when she tried to call the
fire department twice, the two
were talking on the nine-party
line Readings telephone opera
tors said they have a record of a
call made by Mrs. Messner when
she dialed that office by mis
take in her confusion following
(two attempts. Meanwhile, her
brother-in-law, Walter Wenrich,
had started to Denver to notify
DeLongs Purchase
Guernsey Sire
Peach Bottom, Penna., have just
Harry S & O. Lorene DeLong,
purchased the Guernsey sire,
Highland Toni Victor, from J,
Thomas Carman, Glen Rock,
Penna, according to the Ameri
can Guernsey Cattle Club-
This richly bred bull is out
of the high-producing cow, High
land Chief’s Idabelle, that has
once been classified Very Good
for type, and has two production
records of 11,996 lbs of milk and
604 lbs of fait, made on two times
daily milking for 365 days, as a
junior two-year-old in the Herd
Improvement Register, and 14,-
419 lbs of milk and 747 lbs of
fat, made on three times daily
milking for 365 days as a junior
four-year-old in the Herd Im
provement Register. He is sired
by Highland Chief’s Toni.
$2 Per Year
Minor Floods
Add to Rough
Winter Winds
Minor floods poured over low
lands in scattered sections of
Lancaster County this week*
closnig the month otf January
that was abnormally dry In the
month just closed, fhe Bphrata
Weather Station reports total
precipitation in January of 1.83,
against a normal 307 Winds
were strong and biting
Sunday morning churchgoers
faced a sheet of ice—and many
stayed home Those who did
drive found Saturday night’s
sleet and rain on top of old snow
no combination for safe driving.
Rains Sunday Morning
Rams came Sunday night and
Monday morning again, and by
Monday afternoon many streams
and runs were spreading flood
waters over lowlying lands. Be
ween Quarryville and Christiana,
near Green Tree, 'water was re
ported bumper deep Elsewhere
on the same road, nearer Chris
tiana, water overflowed the
highway, providing slick spots
Tuesday morning
There was a paradox in the
flooding, following a month so
dry. Pequea Creek left its banks
on the west end-of -'Paradise.
Bellmont Run at Intercourse
covered the New Holland-Inter
course road. Mill Creek jumped
four feet to overflow a bridge
between Monterrey and Bird-in-
Six Above Saturday •*
Saturday night and Sunday
morning’s storm was an after
math of one that caused sleet
and glazing from the middle
west east. In the midwest high
ways too were treacherous, and
numerous accidents were re
ported all over the country The
sole cheering note on the weather
situation "was that a snow and
sleet storm predicted for Monday
night encountered a strong, high
pressure area and missed Lan
caster County.
Elverson Girl Wins
Holstein Citation
Miss Esther Eileen Stoltzfus
of Elverson, Chester County, was
recently awarded a certificate-by
the Holstem-Friesian Association
of America when her 4-H calf.
Elm Becca L Tilhe, was nomi
nated for Junior All American.
Her calf was selected by three
top Holstein judges in Lacona,
N. Y., seeking the best six ani
mals of each age' group from
those exhibited in the United
States during 1955. •
L Tillie is by a daughter*of
the Tillre cow, a three-times
grand champion in 1952, milked
100 lbs of milk a day on a twice
daily milking for 60 days in the
Elm Becca herd- The sire’s dam
is Colantha Lady Monogram (Ex)
who recently made a record of
21,408 lbs of milk with 1,012 lbs
butterfat milked twice daily for
365 days.
Farm product prices moved up
one per cent at the start of 1956,
following a seven per cent de
cline last year, the United States
Department of Agriculture re
ports. Improvements in hog and
cattle prices were noted Voting
is expected Saturday on the pro
posed “Soil-Bank” program.