Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 27, 1956, Image 1

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    ,Vol. 1, No. 13
Three Solanco
Youths Named
Essay Winners
“Rural families all over this
(great land of pur depend on bus
transportation to get to school, to
go on field traps and educational
• demonstrations, and as a means
• of leaving and returning to isolat
ed places for pleasure and busi
■ ness -These saine people use the
• truck because it is economical,
fast, flexible, mobile, and con
, vement—ready to provide ser
vice easily adapted to 'the land
• and its resources.”
This conclusion won for Robert
'Bucher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paid
'Bucher, HM. I Pealdh (Bottom, first
place in the essay contest for vo
ag students at Southern Lancas
ter ‘County Joint Community
High Sdhopl. His 'prize was the
'choice of one feeding c teer or
-heifer, value, up to £l5O, from
Herr’s Motor Express, Quarry-
Ville Beniamin Herr made the
Second dace winner
Marion Findley,, son of Mr. and
(Mrs Edgar Findley, R 3 Quarry:
ville, who received 5:75 from Les
ter Warfei of B- S. Warfei & Sons,
to be used in a proiect of his own
choice under direct supervision
of Jack Owens head of the vo-ag
department Third place winner
under, similar con-
cnurteW-‘ 'of, l "David
“Stonv” Eshba’ch, Jr, He was Wil
liam Cross, 7r. son of Mr and
Mrs- William Gross. KVkwood.
During two assemblies Wed
nesday, Uhe 'high school students
saw Lt. Carl S. (“i&arge”) Pike
give Ms Magic Shaw.”
George Wolf of the farm division,
Pennsylvania Motor Truckers As
sociation, (presented a citation to
Amos “(Marty” Boyd for out
standing cooperation with the
association’s safety patrol. He is
'driver-trainer and road- patrol
man for Herr’s Motor Express.
Saturday morning more than
1,000 employes -of the New Hol
land Machine C. toured the new
baler assembly plant in an open
house that featured also an in
formal, brief talk by George
Help, company president. The
New Holland Machine Co Chorus
also siang.
Lancaster County Church Goers
Let ir blow, let it snow, said Mil. and
Mfs> Harold L. (Hack) Groff of R 2 Quarry
ville Sunday morning. Not to b ( e stumped '
by the weather, they hitched up| their one
horse sleigh' glided over the snow from
Winter Strikes
Hard; Drifting
Roads Opened „
Winter tossed one of its stiffe'st
punches on Lancaster County
during the past week, depositing
several inches of snow that sev
eral days later kicked up under
(high winds and drifted several
■rural roads shut.
Highways Friday n ght (became
(sheets of- ice following snow that
fell Thursday afternoon and even
ing. During the weekend, sleighs
were put into use, and many just
(gave up use of the family auto
until Hie weather moderated.
There was some thawing Sunday,
Jbut another cold snap turped this
slush into ice.
Breezy weather Monday brush
ed snow over highways -and clos
ed several roads that had been
(opened just a short time before.
Snow fences in many cases (heck
led the flow of snow, (but too
often snow fencing was still lying
m rolls.
In Southern Lancaster County,
almost a foot cf snow fell during
the week and forced closing of
several schools two days. Out
(came the sleds, tobaggons, skis,
and snow saucers- Cinder crews
and snow plows were on the joh
early, hut at presstime the frosty
toudh remains, and slowly melt
ing Snows are adding to the
needed ground moisture supply.
Quarryville, Pa., Friday* January- 27, 1956
Results of recent feeding
/tests with stilbestrol at the
Agricultural Research Center,
Md, confirm" pre
vious indications that this
hormone-like chemical, used
in 'approved amounts in fin
ishing rations for beef Cat
tle, can save feed but _ does
not shorten the time re
quired to give steers the de
sired of fatness, the
U S. Department of Agricul
ture reported Tuesday
What Shall We
Grow? Topic at
Beef-Lamb Meet
“What Shall We Grow will
be the'subject of an address by
J. Collins McSparren, Pennsyl
vania Grange secretary, before
the annual Red Rose Baby Beef
and Lamb Club Feb. 3.
The banquet, beginning at 6:30
p- m., will be in the Armstrong
Cork Co. Auditorium, Lancaster.
Banquet committee members
are: Walter Augsburger, Rl
Remholdsj Jane Greiner, R 4 Man
heim; Marian Graybill, R 3 Man
heim, and RI Stras
Three prominent Lancaster
County agriculturalists have
been named judges to select
Lancaster Countys Outstanding
Young Farmer of 1955, sponsor
ed by the Lancaster Junior Cham
ber of Commerce. They are F. S.
“Dutch” Bucher, former County
agricultural agent; A. G. Bucher,
farm relation's manager of the
Lancaster County National Bank,
and Levi H. Brubaker, president
of the Lancaster County Poultry
their farm into town, sang in the choir,
Memorial and headed for home.
. Sleigh hells "Jingled, adding to'the novelty
and practicality of this mode of trans
portation. (Lancaster Farming Photo).
Groundhogs to
Have Day Soon
In Quarryville
Three new. members have been
selected by the Slumbering
Groundhog of Quarryville, to par
ticipate for the first time in fest
ivities Feb 2 that honor the
prognosticator of the weather
Named were Michael Deßer
dme, chef extraordinary; Harry
K. Gerlach, school supervising
principal, and Herbert B. Valen
tine, restaurateur-jeweler-justice
oif the peace.
For honorary membership, J.
Edgar Hoover, chief of the FBI
has been selected, and “For
their violation of the Spirit of
Gejieva and the lies they told on
their trip through the Bast, the
Lodge is happy to confer Dis
honorary degrees on. Nikita
Kruschhev and Nicolai Bulganin-”
Television Cameras will record
the festivities, according to the
officers, William Hensel
111, secretary and bondless trea
surer; . Dr. Robert B. Hess, ex
alted hibernator; Calvin Herr
Mowrer, defender of the three
hibernating governors, Albert
Hess Fritz, Carl Reynolds and
Chas. Frederick Hess
Early assembly will be at the
Hensel and Trout Hardware
Store for the 48th 'observance.
The Ladies Aid Society of St.
Paul’s Evangelical and Reformed
Church, Quarryville, will serve
the banquet.
Consolidated Cigar Corp. this
week announced in New York it
has purchased cigar assets of
/the P. Loriilard Co. Included in
the sale were Lorillard’s cigar
/factory in Richmond, Va.,' the
brand names off Muriel, Muriel
Babies, Headline and Vanßibbler-
$2 Per Year
County Four-H
(Members Lauded
On Achievements
Twenty-nine Lancaster County
Four-H Club members last night
were honored for outstanding
accomplishments in a banquet at
Hotel Brunswick, Lancaster, by
the Lancaster County Bankers
Fourteen boys and 15 girls were
nlamed for the annual honor,
which they may receive but once,
and their club leader accomp
anied them at the-banquet.
- Honored Thursday "night for
participation in 4-H activities,
interest in particular projects,
participation in community,
church and school .activities, were
the following, listed by club
le'ader, boy and girl representing
each community:
Blainspont Mrs Norman
Lausch, R 1 Denver, Troy
Schantz, R 1 Ephrata, Josephine
Lausch, Rl Denver
Clay-Ephrata Mrs- Harold
Stuber. Lincoln; Carl Bollinger,
Rl Lititz; Phyllis Rutt, Rl
> Columbia Miss Grace Nolt,
Columbia Rl; *Glen Bushong, R 2
Columbia; Mary Jlane Butzer, Rl
Drumore Martin Eshteman,
Drumore; Donald Moore, HI
Quarryville; Nancy Aument, R 1
Elizabethtown Mrs. Ben
Shank, RJ Elizabethtown; George
Webb Jr., R 1 Elizabethtown;
Carol Ann Seider, R 1 Elizabeth
Kirkwood Fred Frey, R 1
Quarryville; Ida'ac Hershey Jr.,
R 2 Quarryville; Mane Groff, R 2
Lampeter Mrs Ellis Landis,
48 Greenfield Rond, Lancaster;
James Hess, R 1 Strasburg, Joanne
Denlinger, Lancaster R 5
Lancaster Edgar Porter, R 1
Washington Boro; Linda Mamma,
Landisville; Trevena Stehimn,
2817 Marietta Ave, Lancaster.
Lititz Mrs- Arthur Beist,
1050 Eden Road, Lancaster; C.
Edward Graybill, R 2 Lititz; Mary
Lou Thom'as, R 3 Lititz.
Little Britain Mrs Charles
Woods, R 2 Nottingham; Kenneth
Rutt, R 2 Peach Bottom; Susan
Wood, R 2 Nottingham.-
Manheim Clarence Keener,
R 3 Manheim; Luke Wenger, R 3
Manheim; Pat Shonk, R 4 Man
Mount Joy Mrs. Robert Bru
baker, Salunga;. Milton Martin,
R 1 Mount Joy; "Eileen Miller, Rl
Mount Joy.
New Holland Lester M.
We'aver, Rl New Holland; James
Wolgemuth, Rl Bareville; Nancy
Zimmerman, Rl East Earl.
Oregon Mrs. Edward Hess,
Rl Bareville; Leroy Esbenshade,
1631 Esbenshade -Road, Lan
caster, Florence OBowmbn, Roths
Paradise Mrs. Willis Her
shey, Kinzers; Sally Hershey,
Charles C Stoner & Son,
Quarryville, Pa., have just pur
chased the Guernsey sire, Oak
ryn Royal, from Noris J. Kirk,
Lancaster, Pa. according to the
American Guernsey Cattle Club.
This bull is out of the cow, Oak
ryn Paitsy, and is sired by Llan
[Fair Royal Valor.