Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 20, 1956, Image 1

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    Vol. 1, No. 12 ~
4-H Beeves at
Farm Show Sell
For $40,089.06
baby beeves -exhibited at the Farm
Show were sold Friday afternoon
for a total of $40,089.06 for an
average of 29.56 cents per pound.
They weighed a total of 135,580
pounds. Without the grand
champion and the reserve grand
champion the per pound average
was 28.04 cents a pound.
Twenty-seven open class steers
were sold following the 4-H sale.
The open class steers weighed a
total of 26.675 pounds and sold
for $6,452 02. for an average of
2418 cents per pound
, Large buyers Included:
Susquettiannla Frozen Food
Center, Sunbury, 14; Schluder
burg-Kurdle, Baltimore, 11; Sea
chnst Bros., York, 8;. Leesport
Livestock Market, Leesport, 8;
J, F. Fisher & Son, York, 6;
Armour & Co., Reading, 5; Med
fords, Inc., Cheater. 6; Acme
Market, 5; Spungin Abattoir Co.,
Harrisburg, 4; Crystal Restaurant,
Reading, 4; Hershey Abattoir,
Hersheyr 3
The following took two steers
each: _
William BE. Peters, Harrisburg;
M C Barnhart, New Kingston;
Buy Rite Market, Lancaster;
Charles A. B- Heinz, Carlisle;
Krocks Garage, Nazareth; John
Frey, Stonersville; Economy
Meat Market, York; El Central
Restaurant, Harrisburg, Penn
Hams Hotel; S. H- Rothermel,
Lewistown; Leo S. Schmidt,
Harnsbhrg; Steinbacher Packing
Co, Elizabeth, N. J; J- Earl-
Mengel, W. W- Snavely & C. C.
Snavely, Harrisburg; J A Shil
low, Columbia; C. W. Heffner,
Schuylkill Haven.
These buyers took one steer
each: '
Marysville Super Market,
Marysville; Patterson Meat -Mar
ket, Littlestown; Markles Meat
Market, Hanover; Keystone Meat
Store (Armour & Co.), Reading;
Hess Store, Mt. Joy; Wagner
Farms, Krolls Meat Market, Mt.
Joy, Harry L- Scott, Gettysburg;
Iceland, Inc., Elizabethtown;
George Washington Tavern, Leb
anon; Arthur C. Klmg, Landis
burg, Brillharts Meat Market,
Hanover; Meadow Valley Ab
batoir, Gettysburg; Joe Weisser,
Columbia;' Clearview Diner, Lan
caster; Howard Johnson’s Res
taurant, Richies Market, Hunt
ingdon; Ferguson" and Hassler,
Quarryville; Paul E. Sanger, Leb
anon, . Lerner. Allentown; and
S S Pomeroy, Harrisburg.
Buyers of the steers in the
open class ait the Farm Show
included: "
Medford’s Inc, Chester, 7
Etcers; C- OB- Yost, Loganville,
and Arbegast and Bastian, 5
steers each; William, H. Peters,
Harrisburg; S- H- Rothennel,
Lewistowrj, and William H.
Peters, Harrisburg, 2 steers each.
Monday night's snow stormy ’yhidh
blanketed Lancaster Conty, .might Jhave
reproduced this scene froth-the front door
of Grant Heilman’s home near Lititz. The
Harry Lee Hoar’s
Champion Steer
Brings $1,639.37
HARRISBURG _ — “Champ”
1075-pound Hereford, grand
champion 4-H baby beef of the
Pennsylvania Farm Show, sold
for $1.52 -% a pound Friday at
the Uvetock auction that conclud
ed the 1956 expoition. This
amounted to a total of $1,639 37
Shown by Harry Lee Hoar, 14,
of Gap, RD 1, “Champ” was
brought by Howard Johnson
Restaurants Last year’s grand
champion sold for $l5l per lb-
The reserve grand champion,
“Amos.” 1020-lb Angus shown
by Kenneth Miller, 18, Nazareth,
RD 1, sold for $l.OO per lb for a
total of $1,020.' The buyer was
Crystal Restaurant, - Reading
Last year’s reserve grand cham
pion sold for $1.05 per lb
Other Sales
Other top 4-H Club baby beeves
sold as follows.
Champion Shorthorn, shown by
Margaret Ann Hoar, Gap, RD 1,
.Lancaster County, 1070 lbs, sold
at 50 cents a lb to Susquehanna
Frozen Food Center, Sunbury,
total price $535.
Reserve champion Hereford,
shown by Peggy Hackman, Eliza
bethtown, RD 3, Lancaster Coun
ty, 1215 lbs. sold at 36 cents a
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Quarryville, Pa., Friday, January 20, 1956
February - Lancaster Farming
County Awards 485
Lancaster County upheld
agricultural tradition by re
turning from the 1956 State
Farm Show with 45 chara
ionship trophies and 485 rib
Kenneth Rutt. Peach Bot
tom, was named champion of
the 4-H showmanship con
Dr. Henning
To Speak on
Beef Outlook
Prospects facmmg the producer
of beef will be discussed by Penn
sylvania’s State Secretary of Ag
riculture, Dr. William L Henning
at a Wednesday, Feb 1 meeting
in the'Guernsey sale ,Pavihon
east of Lancaster- The meeting
opens at 10 a- m.
Cooperating as sponsors of the
program are Farm Bureau co
operatives ip. Lancaster, Chester,
Lebanon and Delaware Counties-
W- C. Fish, agricultural re
presentative of Eli Lilly & Co-,
Indianapolis, will discuss the con
troversial stilbestrol (dlietlhylstil
bestrol) and new developments
m thatr line of cattle feeding.
Other facets of beef feeding
will be discussed by two Farm
Bureau feed specialists, J. F.
Smith, feeding urea to cattle, and
L. C Fogel on results of fattening
itests- ' ' _
Concluding the all-day program
will be a carcass grading demon
stration and a question-answer
Employes of'the New Holland
Machine Co-, and their families
will inspect the company’s new
baler assembly plant Saturday in
an “open house” from 10 a. m.
to noon.
above photo Is of the February Variety,
but the snow closed many Lancaster Coun
ty schools and blocked several rural roads.
More Snow
Is Expected
Over County
Prospects that Lancaster Coun
ty will have more snow seem
evident with a storm brewing on
the west Gulf Coast, according
to the U S Weather Bureau of
fice m Lancaster. It could be
that several inches of snow may
fall, to add to two weeks of win
try weather that has put records
on pretty much a normal basis.
In Lancaster last week, -6 of
an inch of moisture resulted from
the Farm Show opening ice
storm, and other parts of the
County reported a needed -6 to .7
Of an inch. Snows Monday night
clogged several Southern Lancas
ter County roads and forced one
day school holidays at Quar
ryville and Strasburg, as well as
elementary 1 schools in Martic and
Pequea Townships.
The Monday night snow net
ted as much as five inches in
parts of Southern Lancaster
County. Safe Harbor recorded
three, Holtwood 3%. Drifts were
common, driving was hazardous,
but cinder trucks and plows were
on the job early.
Five new directors for the Lan
cater Poultry Exchange were
elected Wedneday night in a
meeting at the Rohrerstown Elem
entary School. They are Glen H-
Herr, R 1 Manheim; Noah W.
Kreider, R 3 Manheim; Dr. E. I.
Robertson of Lancaster; William
C. Schultz, Fairfield, and Jacob
N. Eshelman, R 2 Mount Joy.
About ’IS attended. Wayne Rent
schler, M. M- Smith, A. G. Bucher
all gave words of commendation
for the Exchange.
$2 Per Year
Methods for
Poultry Center
Volunteer workers whose inter
est is m the poultry industry will
erect the new Lancaster Poultry
Center Iby the time-honored “'bam
raising” method 1 so typical of the
Pennsylvania Dutch.
Dr. E- I. 'Robertson, president
of the Lancaster County Pouilltry
Association will head the fund
raising campaign with an initial
goal of $30,000. Cooperating is
Levi Brubaker, president of the
iLan caster County Poultry Ex
Fund drive chairmen have been
named by townships as follows:
Bart—Chris Beiler, Paradise Rl;
Brecknock—David Hurst, Bow
mansville; Caernarvon Ira
Nissley, Morgantown; Clay—Leon
Wmgenroth, Stevens Rl; Oole
irain—Carroll Barton, (Lancaster;
Conestoga—Carl Hamish, (Lan
caster R 6; Conoy—Paul Hnestand,
Maneta-Rl; Drumore—John Mus
ser, Qularryville Rl;
Earl George Weaver, New
Holland R 2; East Cooalico—Mar
vin Sweigart, Stevens Rl; East
Donegal—Martin K. -Miller,
Florin; East Drulmore Loren
Bucher, QuairryviMe RD; Bast
Earl—Harry Weaver, Blue Ball;
East Hemip'ield Raymond N.
-Miller, Lancaster; East (Lampeter
—Phares Landis, Lancaster R 4;
Eden—John Landis, Strasburg;
Elizabeth'—Dr. C. L. Wentsdx,
Lititz;- Eohrata —Robert Euipers,
New Holland; Fulton—lra Root,
Peach Bottom R 2; Lancaster—
R 5; Leacock—Richard, MeUinger,
Bird-In-itland Rl; Little Britain
—Laverne Pownall QuarryvtiMe
Rl; Manheim—Willi aim A Fore*
•man, Lancaster;
Manor—Robert Parr, Mailers*
ville Rl; Martic—Harry T- Bos
sier, Holtwood R 2: Mt. Joy—Oas
sel C. Mummau, Mt Joy Rl; Pa
radise—O. WdiH'iam Skethway, Pa J .
radise Rl; Penn—Noab W. Krei
der, Manlheim R 3; Pequea —•
Wilson Scott. Willow Street Rl;
Providence —Jack Michael, Stras
iburg Rl;
Rapho—Eugene Cassel, Landis
ville; ©adsbury—-G Walter Jack
son, Christiana; Salisbury—Jona
ithan Lafpp, Gap Rl; .Strasburg—
Earl Hershey. Lancaster, Upper
Leacdok F- W. Fisher, Lea
cock; Warwick Ray Colvin,
Lancaster; West Cocalico—lrvin
Grayibdl, Stevens Rl;
West" Donegal—Jay R. Greider,
Elizabethtown; West Earl —•
George Zeiset. Browns town; West
Hemp field—Daniel Good, Colum
bia Rl; and West Lampeter—-
Jdhn H. Herr, and Roy F. Herr.
Lancaster R 7.
Log Sawing Title
At Farm Show to
Millville Pair
Jacob Suit, brother from Mill
ville, RD 2, Columbia County, won
by default in the annual Farm
Show log sawing contest. Two
(other teams entered in the event
did not appear, reportedly be
cause of illness and injury.
To give the crowd a thrill the
Suits, with a two-man cross-cut
saw, ripped through a 20-inch
square oak log in 51.2 seconds.
The Farm Show record of 29.2
seconds on round oak logs was
set last year by the Kojanic Bro
thers, McKean County- Top prize
was $25.