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    Vol. 1, No. 11
Farm Womeij
Elect Officers
At Harrisburg
HARRISBURG Newly elect
ed officers of the Society of
Farm Women of Pennsylvania
are. treasurer, Mrs Milton Eber
ly, RD 3. Lancaster, (to succeed
Mrs Samuel Moyer, RD 2, Her
shey; and director, Mrs. D L
Howard, RD- 2, HummeJstown,
Dauphin County, to succeed Mrs
Oren McCaleb, RD 6, Carlisle.
Mrs, Charles Shriver, RD 3,
Waynesburg,- Greene County,
was elected president at (the 1955
convention for a term of two
years; 'also, first vice president,
Mrs. Mark Herr, 2, College
ville, Montgomery County; sec
ond vice president, Mrs. Fred
Bikle, RD I,•'Fayetteville, Frank
lin County; and secretary," Mrs.
Edwarct Boyd,' Sioystown, Som
erset County.
Seventeen counties now have
membership in (the Society with
total membership exceeding TJ,-
000, it was announced at the
Farm . Show meeting County
presidents reported cash and ma
terial donations were made to
welfare find health agencies and
drives, to-hospitals for new equip
ment, and-' for expenses' of 4-H
Club members to club week and
leadership school- Moneyunakmg
activities, ranged -from bake sales
to lunch stands at sales and auc
tions to the sale of greeting cards
and small household articles. ,
Resolutions adopted at its busi
ness session included a recom
mendation for necessary legisla
tion making mandatory the re
moval of doors, hinges, or lids
from 'unused, refrigeratros or, ice,
boxes as soon as possible to safe
guard the lives of young chil
dren; to stress the value of re
gular church attendance; to urge
(that family planning, of activi
ties inelude~the' young people;
a recommendation for a State
law prohibiting the - disposal of
trash along the highways
The Society also adopted a
resolution “to extend to our
'President wishes for continued
good health and to pledge 'our
support to his -efforts in guiding
our people.”
Homsher Farm
Sells, $60,100
To R. H. Rohrer
Raymond H- Rdhrer, R 7 Lan
caster, l«te last week purchased
the 135-acre farm of the late
Jdhn in Strasiburg Twp,
tor $60,100.
Offered at public sale by Mrs.
Esther B. Homsher, the improved
arm includes a two and one-half
story brick dwelling, stone and
frame tenant [house, a large bam
with stable capacity for 75 cows
or steers, a brick garage, milk
house and other buildings
Mr. Homsher, weU known feed
manufacturer, died last year.
Auctioneer was Stanley H Deiter-
Ground was broken Saturday morning
for the new Lancaster Poultry Center.
Here, meinbers of the Lancaster Poultry
Association and the Lancaster Poultry Ex-
Robert Welk Outstanding FFA Boy of
Year; His Holstein Places Third
-HARRISBURG A plaque de
signating him as the “outstand
ing FFA boy of the year” was
presented to Robert L. Welk,
Strasburg, RD-1, Lancaster Coun
ty, at the close of the Future
Farmers of America - mid-winter
meeting in the Forum
Welk, who is'State president
of the FFA, has a distinguished
record as a farm boy. He operates
a 75-acre farm, helps his father
on the family’s 85-acre farm, and
has a part-time job with an im
plement dealer His farming pro
gram in his senior year includ
ed 1500 broilers, 4 dairy'calves,
4 dairy cows, 6 brood sows, 20
fattening hogs, 10 acres of corn,
10 acres of hay, 5 acres of wheat,
and 3 acres of barley. He was
president of his class, FFA presi
dent of his chapter and county,
won the Keystone Farmer de
gree in 1954 and was elected
State president last June.
Holstein Calf Places
The hoy" plaque
is being donated by the Penn
sylvania Farm Bureau Coopera
tive Association
A Holstein calf Robert showed
won a prize in judgings at the
1956 State Farm Show Entered
in the vocational class of the
dairy department of the Show,
young Welk’s animal won the $6
third prize for heifers one year
and under 18 months. Robert is
an FFA member at Lampeter-
Strasburg Union High School,
Lancaster County
Quarryville, Pa., Friday, January 13, 1956
Ground Breaking Ceremonies
i More than 1,000 public school
vocational agriculture students
who are members of the Future
Farmers of Anierica were here
for the annual Farm Show con
vention of the FFA’s Pennsyl
vania Association.
Following a meeting of the
FFA State officers, and executive
committee m the morning, blue
jacketed FFA - members from
every corner of the Common
wealth crowded into the Forum
of the. Education Building that
to join, in' bestowing
the highest honors which the
farm-boy organization can con
fer at the State level.
Keystone Degrees to 244
“Keystone Farmer” degrees for
244 FFA boys, honorary Key
stone Farmer titles for 49 busi
ness and professional men, and
citations to 26 newspapers, ra
dio and television stations and
other organizations vtere confer
The 100-piece FFA State Band
and the FFA 'Chorus furnished
music for their fellow members’
change gather in front of the sign erected
at the proposed site at the intersection of
Highway 230 Bypass and Roseville Road.
-(Lancaster .Farming Staff -Photo).
Baby Beeves in
4-H Classes Go
On Sale Friday
baby beeves that paraded through
the judging ring Thursday at
the' Farm Show will go on the
auction block there Friday aft
ernoon They tip the scales at a
total of 135,580 lbs nearly 70
tons of beef on the hoof when
This was an average of 1085
lbs. They were judged Thursday
by Byron Good, of Michigan Sjate
State University
Seventy of the steers are An
gus, 45 Herefords, and 10 Short
Weighed in also were the 50
pens of lambs that complete the
4-H livestock part of the show.
The lambs are of six breeds
Hampshire, Shropshire, South
dawn, Dorset, Chevoit, and Suf
folk- They tipped the scales at
a total of 16,507 lbs
In charge of the weighing in
wtere E. G. Hamill, ~ Hollidays
burg, county agent of Blair coun
ty, and Prof. Monroe J- Armes,
extension farm management spe
cialist, the Pennsylvania State
University- Henry Shields, weigh
master for Swift & Co., Harris
burg, operated the scales.
Sale of the 4-H steers and
iambs, along with open class
animals, will start ait 1 o’clock
Friday The sale will be in the
large arena. Col. Guy L. Pettit,
Bloofhfield, lowa, will .be auc
Lauxmont Admiral Lucifer, one
of the best known hulls in artifi
cial breeding service in (the Unit
ed States died Tuesday at the
Southeastern Pennsylvania Arti
ficial Breeding Cooperative. He
had been bred, during his life
time, artificially to 45,190 cows.
Several of his sons remain -in
service at- SEPABC.
$2 Per Year
County Tobacco
Cops 92 of 94
Prizes at Show
By LF Staff Reporter
County, contributing $lO million
to the Keystone State’s annual
sll-million tobacco business,
■walked off with 92 of 94 awards
in the Cigar Leaf Tobacco show
at the 1956 Pennsylvania Farm
Promises of “typical Farm
Show weather” held too true on
opening day, as ice glazed high
ways in many sections of the
State and cut attendance to 60,-
000, compared to 1954’s opening
day of 80,000 when heavy snow
blanketed the State-
Roads Conditions Improve
Road conditions improved
Monday night
, Grand champion wrapper in
the cigar leaf tobacco division
for Pennsylvania Seedleaf or
Broadleaf, went to George Webb,
Jr-, R 1 Elizabethtown, while
grand champion filler was shown
by Abram Bollinger, R 4, Lititz.
Clinton county was the sole chal
lenger to the Garden Spot, but
placed seventh in one division,
ninth in another against 12 en.
tries from Lancaster County.
Here are other Lancaster
County awards:
FFA Swine
Hampshire - 10, Kenneth B.
Garber, HI Willow Street.
Yorkshire: 2, Gerald C. Rohr
er, Smoketown.
Vocational Swine Awards
Berkshire, junior sow pigs:
(6 shown): 4, Richard Heagy, Rl
Mount Joy.
Yorkshire, junior sow pigs (6
shown); 2, Gerald C Rohrer.
Shropshire fat lambs class 183,
1, Larry Falco, Rl i Millersville;
class 184,' 1, Samuel Long, R 4
(Manheim; 2, Dorothy Stehman,
R 3 Lancaster; 3, Gloria Brubak*
er, Rl Ephrata.
Hampshire fat lambs, class 187,
1, Mary Ellen Hess, Rl Bare
ville; 3, Henry Gnsiner, Man
Southdown fat lambs class 189,
2, Lorraine Hackman, R 3 Eliza
bethtown; 3, June Greiner, R 4
Manheim; Class 190. 1, Leona
Augsberger, Rl Reinholds; 3,
Lorraine Hackman, R 3 Elizabeth
From Lancaster County
FAT SHEEP (Wethers)
Shropshire, Samuel Long,. Man
Hampshiite, Mary Ellen Hess,
Southdown, Leona Augsberger,
Grand champion wether. South
down, Leona Augsberger.
Reserve grand champion weth
er, Hampshire, (Mary Ellen Hess.
Corn Award List
4-H Club Classes
Class 13- (District 1) Hybrid
Dent (10 tears): 1, James R.
Groff, R 7 Lancaster; 2, John A.
Wagner, Quarryville; 3, G. A.
Brubaker, R 1 Ephrata; 4, Clyde
Brubaker, R 1 Ephrata.
Class 6 (State-wide) 10 ear
open pollinated Dent or Flint:
5, Daniel A- Brubaker, R 1 Eph
rata; Class 7 (District 1) 30 ear
hybrid Dent, 4, Daniel A. Bru
baker; 5, A H, Weidman, R 1
Manheim; class 9 (state-wide) 30
ear open pollinated Dent or
Flint, 1, D- M. Landis, Lancas
ter; 3, Clyde Brubaker, R 1 Eph
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