Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 23, 1955, Image 2

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    2—Lancaster, Frida;
Barrows, Gilts
Steady; Cattle
Supplies Small
By' David S. Lorenson, Reporter
USD A Market New* Bureau
Lancaster, Pa- (Wednesday
to Wednesday Livestock Market
■Review)—Cattle: 1847. week ago
8236 Compared with last Wed
nesday: Slaughter steers 1200 'lbs
(and lighter and (grading average
(Choice and better steady, others
elow weak, to 50c lower Most de
(onne on good averaging 1250 lbs
land over. Heifers scarce, slow
steady to weak. Canner, cutter
land utilitv cows fu’lv 25c higher,
Commercia steady Bulls in small
(supply, (mostly steady. Stockers
land feeders slow, about steady.
Supplies smallest for a three
day period this year. Around €5
per cent were stackers and feed
ers, ancroxlmately 10 percent
cows Bulk choice fed steers 1200
ttbs and lighter $2O-00-2150, a
few head to $22 50 Good 950-
1300-lb steers $l7 50-19 00, some
commercial $l5 00-17 00 Com
mercial and good heifers $l4 50-
17.50. Utility and commercial
cows mostly $ll5O-13-00: oanners
and cutters $8 50-1150 a few high
yielding cutters to $l2 00. Utility
and comlmercial bulls $14.50-17-
50; enters $l3 50- 14 00. Numer"
tms ingd's medium a iTl d iffood 600-
900-lb stacker and feeder steers
$l5 00-$lB 00. ta«d 980-th good
and choice feeder steers $lB-50.
Part loads 575-875 lb good and
(choice feeder steers $l9 50-2000
jSeve ral loads common 600-750
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■/, December 23, 1955
lbs $l2 00-14.00 Load (good and
choice 483-lb stock steer calves
$l9 50.
(Oalves; 972 week ago 757.
Vealers around $24)0 lower than
last Wednesday. Most decline on
good and law choice- Late sales
good and choice vealers' $22-00-
274)0, a few to $28.00, Prime
early from $30.00-34-00, a few -to
$35 00. Utility and commercial
$l4 00-21-00 cull down to ,$l2OO
-- 1164, week ago 1612.
Compared with last Wednesday:
Barrows and (gilts mostly steady.
sows scarce all week, unchanged.
Wednesday’s sales (barrows and
gilts U. S. 1-3. 180-250 lbs $l2-50-
13.00 A few lots mostly U- S- 1
end 2 to local small killers, 180-
220 lbs 818-25-13 50 A few a
-round 270 lb down to $1225.
Sows this week $114)0-1150 for
weights 400 lbs and lighter, over
400 lbs $lO 00-10-75.
fiheetp. 257. week ago 226.
Cnrovared with last Wednesday
l-langhter lambs mostly steady.!
Bulk good and 'Choice wooled |
(slaughter lambs $lBOO-20.00, a
ieiw high (choice to low prime)
$2O 50; utility' and low good
$l4 00-1700; cull down to $104)0.
Can’t Resist Posters.
Louisville, .Ky.—Cant. John S.
•Bromley admits he never could
resist a recruiting (poster. At 17,
he saw a poster urging him to
“Join the Navy.” He did, after
four vears with the Navy and Ma
rine Corps, he - was discharged.
The next vear, he joined the Air
Force, ending his hitch in Japan
in 1949 Before being discharged,-
however, Bromley saw another
■poster, which urged, “Join the
Army.” His transfer was ararng
ed and after ‘Officer-candidate
school, he was sent to Korea for
eighteen months- Now, he’s at
Fort Enox, test-flymg wrecked
airolanes—after they’ve (been re
, ) pi v
Thursday Sale
Of Poultry at
Seasonal Lows
Lancaster 'Poultry Exchange
—Robrersitown, Pa. - Sales Re
port, Sale 108, Thursday, Dec. IS.
1055) Prices moved to seasonr
al lows in ithe Thursday auction
of poultry here, with a low of
17% and a high of 19%. Twenity
<bwo lots of 37;125 birds were iis
fted 21 lots of 33.725 offered and
14 lots of 23,725 sold- Thirteen
lots of (broilers totaling 23.524
averaged 19.11. One lot of 300
•heavy fowl sold at 28 cents.
A year .ago on the correspon
ding day, Thursday, Dec. 16. 1954,
12 lots of 42,275 including two
lots of 75 turkeys, were offered*
•eight- 'lots of 25,075 birds Isold at
18% to 19%. averaging 189.
Thursday sales by seller & gro
wer, amount and breed, buyer and
price follow;
Wenger’s Mill (Joseph Deitz)
1500 White Cross to Victor F-
Weaver Inc- 18; Ephraim M. Her
nley 300 Cornish Cross fowls to
Walter B Lehman 28; Paul K
(Shoemaker 1200 White Vant
resis to S- E Davis 19%: James P
Eendiig 2300 Red Vantress, no
sole, 18H bid; Jonas K. Pisiher
325 (Silver Haiwps to Rov E- Ream
18%; Rodney Miller 650 Silver
Cross Cockerels canonized, no
Sale. 19 bid;
I Robert Bollinger 200 White
Rock Cross to Grimes & Hauer
17%. 'Arlene Funk 500 Meat
paopers, no sale, 18% hid; Roy
'M. Good, 800 Red and White
I Vantress, no sale 16% bid; St eg’
'menten’s Farm 3000 ’Hhite Cross
aio safe. 16% hid; and same con
signor, -2000 Indian River Cross,
oio sale, 16% bid; Miller & Bush
ting (Stanley Carpenter) 4500
Red and White Vantress to Gri
mes and Hauer 19;
Miller & Bushong (Stanley
Carpenter) '3400 Red Vantrp'ss to
Grimes & Hauer 18%; Miller &
Bushong - (Joshua King) 2600
White Van tress to Grimes &
Bauer 19%; Miller & Bushong
(J. Irvin Benlinger) 3400 White
Cross, withdrawn prior to sale;
Miller & Bushong .(Paul Livin
good) 1150 ‘Bed Vantress to Vic
tod F. Weaver. Inc. 18%; Miller
and Bushong (Paul Livingood)
650 Red Vantress to Victor F.
Weaver. Inc. 18% had; Carl B
Zeager. 500 Red Vantress to
Walter C. Mellmger 18% H. H-
Fitz & Son, 1000 Wttrte Van.trp-ss,
to Producers Coop xc- 18%;
Miller & Bushong (Walter Kin
sey) 3400 White Cross to Man da
ta Poultry 19%; Miller & Bushoni?
(Glenn Deardorff) 3000 Red anl
Wihite Vantress to Mandata Poui
try 19%.
Philadelphia Dec
unsettled. Most classes were an
more than ample supply for the
fair but very selective demand.
Large White rock caponettes 33-
35,'bylines 39-32, corsses 30-32 c,
reds 30c. Caponetted cross fryers
25-26. caponetted reds 27, van
fresa reds 23-25 c. Turkeys steady
to firm on heavy type (but weak
on small type. Supplies of heavy
type were short of the very good
demand. Bronze young hens 48-
50c few lots 52c. young toms 35-
38c, few lots higher White Hol
land young toms 35c- Without
clearing. IBePsviile young hens
40-45 c with talk unsold- Receipts
Dec- 20 included del 25,800 ibs
md. 14,600 lbs va- 7,500 lbs.
2 05
Wholesale (selling prices No. 1
>and fancy Quality Ibro iers or fry*
ers 'heavy type lbs 23*27.
Hens heavy tvye 19*28 type
18-21 old roosters Id Ducks:
Turkeys young hens 40-52. young
toms 35-38.
(Philadelphia. Dec. 21—Market
steady to firm- Demand good for
'all 'grades. Supplies were barely
sufficient-for immediate require
Wholesale selling prices- min.
10 pet AA quality. Large 45-50#
wlhite 28-50, 'brown 56-57, med
ium white 54-55, brown 53-54.
Extras, min. 60 pet a qual. Large
45-50# white 56-57. torown nene,
mixed 55-56, medium white 52-
53, brown, none, mixed 50-51.
Standard 50-SJ, current receipts
none, checks 85-39.
Receipts Dec. 20—5.280 cases
Muscovy none. Pekins 25 : 32
'ail-by trucks, - ' -
Farm Equipment
Dealers Hold
Christmas Meet
„ By Staff Reporter
In a complete Christmas set
ting, 160 members family mem
bers and guests of the Lancaster
County Farm Equipment Dealers
met Thursday night last week at
Hostetter’s Dining Boom in Mount
Joy-for their annual Christmas
meeting and Ladies’ Night.
Chairman of the program com
mittee was Leroy Wenger of
Wenger of Buck-
Willis Nolt led the group in
singing familiar Christmas car
ols during the meeting that was
marked with music. Accompanist
was Mrs. Roy Brubaker, Litit*,
whose husband is president or
the association-
Entertainment was also pro
vided by a brass quarted, Howard
Erb, Martin Moore, Kenneth
Kauffman and Roy Bomberger.
Mrs. Howard Erb sang several
traditional Christmas soloes.
Dr. Ernest E. Miller, super
visor of personnel of the Men
nonite Centra). Committee, Akron>
was speaker. A former "mission
ary to India, he was in relief ser
vice many years in Turkey, serv
ed 16 years in India -and for 14
years he was in college work.
His topic was “The Greatest
Christmas Ever Known ”
At the conclusion of-the dinner,
a gift exchange was held-
Officers of the association are:
President, Roy Brubaker, Lititz,
Pa; .Ist Vice-President, Leroy
Wenger, Buck, Pa„ Quarryville,
R D.; 2nd Vice-President, Ivan
Nolt, Farmersville, Pa-; Sec’y-
Treasurer. Arthur S. Young,
Kinzers, Pa.;, and Ass’t Secretary,
Harold Keneagy, Paradise, Pa.
Directors are Ben' Snavelyr
New Holland; L, B- Herr, Jr.,
West Willow; Rankin Wiley,
Peach Bottom and Robert Bru
baker, Salunga.
Mrs. Rein hold is
New President for
Farm Society 10
In a Christmas dinner party
at the home of Mrs- Charles F.
Stauffer, Lime Springs Farm,
Rohrerstown, recently, Mrs. C- H.
Reinhold was installed as presi
dent of Farm Women’s Society
No- 10-
Two delegates and two alter
nates to the Jan. 9 state conven
tion in Harrisburg were named.
Delegates are the new president
and Mrs- Wayne Brubaker- Alter
natesjare iMrs Harry Shuman and
Mrs- Edward Bowser.
Other officers installed at the
party included Mrs. Elam Buck.-
walter, first vice president; Mrs-
Cliff C- Shoemaker, second vice
president; Mrs. John Habeeker,
recording (Secretary; Mrs- Henry
Hershey, corresponding secretary
and Miss Eliza Esbenshade, trea
Devotions were led by Mrs. C.
M- Neff.
A total of $4O was contributed
by the Soqjety, ten dollars'going
to .each of the -following: United
Community Campaign, Water
Street Rescue Mission, Salvation.
Array and the Lancaster County
Tuberculosis Society.
Sees Family First Time
Columbia Ohio.—As -a result of
an operation (performed on Iher
eyes several weeks ago, Mrs.
Ludwina Rankle, blind for 23
years saw her husband and eight
oMldtren for the first time. A vic
tim of a severe attack -of scarlet
jeer at three years of age and. two
subsequent automobile, accidents,
Mrs. BunMe lost <her vision.
Tuesday Broiler
Prices Near Low
Point for Year
Lancaster Poultry Exchange
(Rohrerstown, Pa.) (Sales Re
port 109, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1955)
—Sales were slow on the Tues
day auction at the Lancaster
Poultry Exchange, and prices
nwjved 'lower to average near the
low point for the year.
Purchases paid 17% to 19% on
four lots of 8050 birds. There
were eight lots of 22,350 birds
offered Average price was 19
Here are'Tuesday sales, listed
by seller and grower, amount and
breed, buyer and price: Paul F.
Miller, 450 White Cornish to Carl
B. Risser, 18; Robert M- Myhn,
900 Indian River Cross to Victor
F. Weaver, Inc, 17%; O. Ken
neth McCracken (Elvin. High),
5000 - White Cross to Mandata
Poultry at 19%; O- Kenneth
McCracken (Rudy Forry), 1700
White Cross to -Mandata Poultry,
18%; Edwin L. Funk, 3800 White
Vantress, no bid, and 4000 Red
Vantress, no sale. Arlene Funk,
500 Meat Packers, no sale, 16%
bid, Indian River Poultry (Harry
H- Rudy), 6000 Lancaster Pullets,
no sale, 18% bid.
Voice of
Lancaster Farms
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it very much- Hope I’m not too
late for the dollar offer. Pleasa
send it for one year. Glenn B.
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Lancaster Farming. I’ve enjoyed
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W. Hoover-
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