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14—Lancaster Farming, Friday, November 4, 1955
Uncle Mike's 80-Year Collection
Going, Going! Far from Gone
- Slackwater, Pa Michael
-Bonder, when he died in Febru
aiy 1955 at 79,pel haps knew his
lifetime collection of odds and
nr>endsv and antiques might throw
any auctioneer into a spin
bn; Today, perhaps it has From the
- 12-room double house, from two
huge basement rooms, is flowing
an endless assortment of items.
When Parke Shaub, the auc
tioneer, wrote the sale bill, he
was modest Parke listed 25 guns
So far, 165 have been lound and
sold. How many more I’emain m
frooms stacked to the ceilings’ No
’one’s willing to guess. Already
threepubhc sales have made only
.dent in the mountains of what
Tarke can call but “lots and lots
not mentioned ”
fWall to Wall Floor to Ceiling
Mike, according to his nephew,
;David C Lefever, executor of the
Restate, once made the statemnt
|“1 hop you have as much fun
Idisposing of this as I did collect
ing it ” By the time he passed
laway, his collections reached
fevery wall, stretched to every
feeding In some roome, a pas
sage-way was lelt thers, UKe one
Your Purina
| . Dealer
Wengers Feed MSI
Ph. Elizabethtown 71195
! Thursday, Nov. 10 Starting at 11 A. M.
flntersection, Manheim and Harrisburg Pikes Rt, 72 and 230
I We Sell on Commission—Private Daily
i Lunch at Sale—Closed Sundays
New Holland Phone 4*0951
Open Thursday and Saturday Till 9. Closed Wed. Noon
upstairs room, can be entered only
by a ladder from the backyard
The backyard has been cleared,
for the overflow of collections
grass, into- outbuildings, into
sperad like an avalanche into the
Mike’s old blacksmith shop
Staffordshire chine; dishes,
bureau knobs and countless other
items of milk glass, pieces match
ed and’ unmatched, swords, bayo
nets, arrowheads an arsenal
from primitive and modern war
is seeing the light of day
again for the first time in de
cades Even a periscope has been
In the first sale, 864 sales were
listed, the second totaled 810, the
third 79, and perhaps three more
sales, the next ct 29, will be
necessary before the 12 rooms
are cleared.
“Check Every Cigar Box”
Buyers are coming from near
and far One lady from New
Jersey is coming back for the
next sale One buyer is satisfied,
but his curiosity may be challeng
ed again, although his half dozen
tulip goblets aie complete now
after finding two at the Bender
sale. “Sold' at $8 apiece'”
“Check every ugar box,” Uncle
Mike warned his nephews and
the number of cigar boxes is ap
parently endless Boxes of but
tons, boxes of bullets, boxes of
arrowheads,-oxes of thmgamajigs
Uncle Mike picked up as one of
thebest “nickel bidders” in Lan
caster County sale history today
are selling fast.
But Parke’s finding there’s
more to come What he first listed
as a “mystery sale” is becoming a
even a deeper mystery. He is
as surprised as any bidder when
he appears at each sale, to_take
his place atop a stand 6 feet wide,
60 feet long, that is loaded with
-Has His Prediction Come True?
David, meanwhile, is itemizing
other items in this endless strange
collection by the nickel bidder:
Already 150 pocket knives, 25 or
30 watches, 30 revolvers many
tme antiques. But today the
nickel’s not worth as much as it in Uncle Mike’s day, and
some-items that might have cost
Mike a nickel are selling for that
sum a thousandfold.
J . , -M,
4'* ** w j
Wenger Ayrshires
Go On Honor Roll
Two registered Ayrshire cows
owned by Noah W & Elma K.
Wenger at Manheim recently
completed 305-day records that
placed them m the National
honor Roll. The total of these
records equals 11,716 quarts of
Four-year-old Home-Ayr Bel-
Belle led the group by producing
pounds of buttertat
33,353 pounds of milk and 516
Accross the road, the old race
of Slackwater Creek rolls on The
creek and the nearby covered
br dge alone might be- able to
i ell what Uncle Mike had in
rnmd, building up an inhertitance
of relics into one of Lancaster
t ounty’s most fabulous, most
voluminous collections.
Uncle Mike‘> -He’s probably
smiling that his prediction has
come true, providing Lancaster
County with one ot its longest,
most extended, most astounding
4 Peach Alley, Household
Goods. Elizabethtown.
5 Aaron Good Holstein
disp. one mile east of Maytown,
two mile south Donegal Springs
5 - Sarah Lindemuth, houes
hold goods, antiques, 12:30 p m,
252 N. Market, Elizabethtown
5 New, 1 used "farm equip
ment, Atglen Farm Supply, West
Valley Ave -12 Noon.
5 Calra E. Miley, householo
goods, Lititz, 12 30 p m
5 Mrs Annie H. Musselman
122 No Roberts Ave, New Hol
land, oral estate, personal prop
erty, 1 p. m.
5 Stella Heinaman, Talmage,
real estate, personal property,
Talmage 12:30 p. m.
5 Mrs. Rebecca Stauffer, 5
Donegal Street, Mount Joy, per
sonal property, home, 2 p. m.
5 Louis J Kilby, two tracts
of land, household goods, Vt mile
west of Rawimsville, 1 p. tm.
7 E. R. Kraybill, 55 acres,
mile west of Donegal Springs.
8 R. F. Sterling, 65 acres,
Back Rim School (House five mile
west of Man'heim.
6 Ivan >H. Nolt, 48 acres, 1-4
mile north Voganvile 2 p. m.
(10 Leroy Landis, Laura K.
Landis, 22 acres, between Elm
and Penryn 2 p. m.
10 Darnel G. Eshelman, 35
acres, between Route 241 and.
Maniheim Road.
110 Clyde E. Keener, Inter
iseotion 72 and 230, Lancaster 11
91, m.,
11 Morris G. Spickler, pure
bred Holstein cow-heifer disper
sal, one mile east of Bheems,
near Landis Stone Meal Plant.
11 George A. iStyer, 67 acres,
one mi el south Ohurchitown 1
p. m.
11 C. P. Brantly, 60 x 120
lot, 212 N. Pitt St., Maniheim 7
p. m,
11 Mrs N. H. Smith 224 Col
lege Ave., Elizabethtown, carpen
ter tools, paper hanging, paint
ing outfits, 6:80 p. m.
11 R. C. Shea, White Horse,
general hardware and welding
equipment, 10:30 a .m.
12 Norman E. Hershey,
(household goods-antiques, Florin
12 Alice Z. Hoover, 1 mile
iso.uth of The Willows, household
goods, 12:30 p. m.
12 Frank A. Showalter Est,
Grace C. Duck, adm., 531 W.
Main, New Holland, personal
property 12:302'p. m., real estate
2 p. m.
12 Annual Auction, ‘Lancas
ter Chapter, American Business
Club, benefit of cerebarl palsy.
Complete list of household
goods,' equipment, furniture, elec
trical goods, etc., Lampeter Sales
Bam, Lampeter, 12:30 p. m.
12 Landis Budhen Est..
woodworking equipment, tools,
lumber, furniture, etc.. Farmers
ville 10 a. m.
17 William Juzi, sale mgr
for PGBA, Guernsey Sale pavi
lion, Lancaster.
■’illllßß ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■
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USDA Offices
Combine; New
Weather Man
Bernard N. White, 51, meteoro
logist who has served with weath
er stations atNew Orleans and Mil
wakee, has moved to second floor
offices at 144-150 North Duke St,
(Lancaster. Here he has set up
the new agricultural weather sta
Soon a moderate amount of
equipment will be moved m, en
abling Mi. White to record local
weather and to interpret Harris
burg and Washington weather re
poits as they apply to' the Lan
caster County farm situation. He
will make no original forecasts,
tout will issue special storm warn
ings for the local area, and will
maintain weather records.
Two offices of the United States
Department of Agriculture in
Lancaster are now combined at
Union Stock Yards today as a
result of establishment' of-the
U. S. weather station to serve
Lancaster County agriculture.
Frank-G. Fitzroy, supervisor of
the Lancaster district office of the
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The A-C “WD4S” and 3 or 4
bottom plow featuring "Snap
Coupler,” Traction Booster,
Power Shift Wheels and Bullit-
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per hour with less fuel and less
labor required. More time to
work with livestock and still get
crops planted in time.
Ask For Demonstrations of These and
Other Profitable Farming Tools From Your
AUTHOKIZtP fllllS'CHfllMEßS DlAlt*
Lancaster R. D. No. 4
We Sell To Serve
Packers and Stockyards Branch,
USD A, has moved into a new of.,
fxce at the Yards with David S j
Lorenson, reporter for the USDAj
federal-state livestock market'
news office I
A full time clerk will serve
both the market news and Packei
Stockyards offices.
1906 Willow St Pike
The A-C 2 Row Mounted PickerC'|
will get your crop in the cnb.Nj
fast, economically. No opening jj
lands or special dividers neces-|?
sary. Very few ears left in theffj
field. More time for hunting,'Si
fishing dr “loafing. * ij
The A-C “CA” and Subsoiler'4
also utilize Traction Boostei.J
Power Shitt Wheels ana bnap-|J
Coupler features to help water jffl
soak in, preventing erosion and|s
holding precious water-tor crop||
development. Shattered hardpanfl
allows plant roots to penetrate ||
deeper for water and food, J
lititz R. D. No. 3
Serve To Sell