Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, December 10, 1954, Image 2

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    December 10, 19
Thou shall not
Thou shall not
taker do it).
Thou shall not
to do).
Thou shall not skip school (Just walk out quietly).
Thou shall not eat during class (Go over to Rossi's if you're hungry)
Thou shall not rush to the cafeteria (You get the same "stuff" if
you're first or last), t
Thou shall not copy from some one else’s paper during a test (Use
your book, you xton't get eye strain).
Thou shall not come to class i\nprepared (Don't ever forget your
food, funny-books, noise makers, and everything that makes you
prepared for any situation), . .
Thou shall not crack gum during class (Blowing bubbles is the style).
Thou shall not give his or her teacher high blood pressure (Just
work on the nerves).
Randall Gras ley's two-toned nexitral shoes?
Mary Jane's new blue trimmed glasses?
Art's yellow knitted 'pull-over'?
Emil Adams' pink shirt?
Tan Swick's new transparent top Ford?
Jack Burggraf's pipe?
Barbara's 'color array' of knee socks?
Miss Garbrick's haircut?
Bob Yori's pin line mustache?
Don Kellner's crew cut?
Paul Augustine's new corduroy hat?
Stan’s blank tooth?
Jack Amentler's dimples?
Bette's white sweater with red and blue stripes?
This week we bring you the last jingle of our mystery person,
Campus Click. Next week we will publish the answer to our mystery.
Here is the final jinglej
A crew cut and a "famous" hat,
Well-built physique but is not fat.
White on top and sometimes below,
Gives a pen name - now do you know?
Here are the first three parts of our mysie:? jingle:
Some just say nineteen
But some may say eighteen,
Mot a prize, but a fee
That both could it be?
come late (Take the whole day off).
drive his or her teacher to the grave (Let
bore others by talking (Leave that for the
A nifty little Chevie car
But most days "thumbs” from valley far.
From a town of workers, so they say
That reminds us of a holiday.
A nickname quite well known
High marks had earned to own,
Six more trends plus some
Then a job or a gun.
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