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    October 30, 1953
Chippy Chipmunk (Continued)
Penn State Girls.
fishy to one !
Did you see the picture of a big grizzly bear? Some fcllas say its a
snapshot of Jim Kobricks
I've heard it said that Charity is a virtue, and charity is just what
the Penn State girls are uo to when they are knitting. These girls arc send—
int their 7roducts to Korea because the Penn State boys are to scarce.
That influence can a small town like Berwick have on Herri Lu Lotito.
Is his name like?
'4hat does Johnnic: Crim havL, that puts that glum in Margie. Brchms cyt?
Yesterday I en - L.red the rec. hall and noticed Sally Rarich and Joe
Dougherty jitter-bugging. Someon,, suggested that they should become partners
for life, What do you think, Sal?
I hear that ITorm Hall is conductin guidance classes for the freshman
girls, How do I qualify?
Tily is it thr , .tev , erytime a certain freshman lass alks by our friend
l 3 :ndall Grassley she lights up.
Bob Stauffer and Larry Yannes are also interested in the freshman girls.
Our gal, Turry Flynn, is the only girl who gets early morning calls.
It seems on, of our fullas disturbed her last S ,, turday morning.
Mary Danish just can't act like a lady in Botany I lc - ss. the
matter 1 - ry 7.re the c7.ctus_s bothering you?
- _,l.tman is ar rick f - n. I N. , ond r how conic?
G,org- Mastroi - Inni is 7 h, -- t-b.,./1 1 s.r, b, c r,ful
Soracc , nc s - .id th_y thought N-mcy7'--uc w s Chippy. cy's to c2ui,t to
notice; sum., of the. things Chippy notices .
Fm - ging Editor: CuorgL linstrim
Copy Editir: DI TM 11.111
J^ ckic C - fian
Lilli ?n Jun^.s
He claims it Jake and Al Ripas fault. Looks mighty
Chipps is 7. swot youn mm;
Hor fico is ilk_ frying
His nose is long hor mouth is swot:
Ho may bo sitting nt your foot.
Sho hid-s in Tmlls md on coilins3
Ho hurts .'lll of th,: stucLnts
Sho misses trick or try.. it;
Ho is tho ono who cnit bo ho-,t.
If you'r_ —undorin who CHI 22Y is,
77 , Jutr., wond-rin bout a ps7ch - logy quiz.
r . .yb, by the: sua.stors end,
gLt t icaLu our little friend,
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