Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, October 02, 1953, Image 5

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nar ATROTC cadets have been put through drilling paces this past week
and. as usual are sweating it out until they get to learn the AIR FORCE methods
After they get three weeks 1 training they will get thair first big test in the
Mummer's parade in which all the cadets will march.
Most of the fellows are learning fast, and we know that they will make a :
showing on October 17, at the parade*
HAzing week will be held after the Student Council meets and decides to
what rules the first semester freshmen will have to adhere.
According to a sophomore's definition, " hazing week " consists of five
days of torture for underclassmen in which they are submitted to various stunti
and pranks.
The time is drawing nearer, freshmen. Enjoy your privileges while you ca:
The question the roving reporter asked this week was:
"What is your opinion of our new recreation hall? What are your suggestio:
Bill Morse- sophomore
"To me, the things are in the wrong rooms. Put the ping-pong table in thi
TV room."
Roy Atherholt- sophomore and ping-pong champ of last semester
"Let's get my work table where I can play my game without injury* in that
room ping- pong is a dangerous pastime."
Gene Charney sophomore
"My opinion is that the TV room is fine* but the ping-pong room is really
to small to play a good game. I also suggest that the sofas should be put bad
in the main lounge*"
"I think it's good to have a place to relax. But it should be a little
bigger," Nancy Maue—— freshman
"It's terrific. Only they should play more polkas on the television set,
Nick Dobrovolsky sophmore
"The rec Hall is a good idea, but there should have more room for the
ping-pong table," Evelyn Tomasko- freshman
"The Rec Hall is a fine place to get acquainted with your classmates,
but I do think the Ping-pong table is in the wrong place." Virginia Muscavitch
"I tink the ping-pong table is inthe wrong place." Lilly Junas
After examining the results of the poll. It appears that most
students aren't keen about the Ping-Pong cell.
The Zoo Lab is jumping. Yes, man-15> live frogs have recently been
added to the Zoology departments exhibits.
In a day or two no one will recognize Mr, Steel's "Iron Horse"
there is a rumor that he is simonizing it,-
Senors—Hugh McGeehan and Jack Donovan called off their secret
iJ G t
Phys Sci students were examining heavenly bodies Tuesday evening,
Mary Donish squinted into the telescope and gave out a blood-chilling scream.
"A man from Marsl" It was only Norm Hall with ear muffs* it was a
chilly night.
It has been rumored that there will be some tremendous prizes award'
ed to the winner of the Name' the Building Contest-The prizes will not be annou:
ed until after the contest.
Since all the Political signs have been put up all over the place,
most of the instructors have to use scissors to get into the class rooms,
A few ambitious music lovers are inthe early stages of forming a
vocal quintet.
Reserved seats inthe TV room during the series, can be acquired
by applying at Mr, Krecker's office. Prices are moderate* ORITR NOWlli