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    Vol* rn, No# z
In one of the liveliest elections over held at Highacres, avov 90% of
the registered students cast their ballots so evenly that the margin between
vict -ry and dcf.nt for s me candidates proved to be a natter of a few votes,#
Hr, Hatter, faculty advisor for the student c uncil, and the otecafcthn'
b nrd, released th results of the Oct,let olccti n t thu C llcgian at %:ZO
Thursday of tom- n* ..lee rding t.• Hr, Hattern the v ting for Preshnan Councilors
was so cl sc that the olccti n hard* consisting of Mary D nish, George Hastrian,
The d ■re Horvath, William P lgrean, Hauro Walker and Hatthew Galatha, was forced
t rcc-unt the ballot's t.> rule ut the p ssibility :f err - «
The Soph 'more nominees f r class officers wore unc ntested, therefore
Clarence' Shipman was elected president of the class;James Griesing,vice-president
and Jean Hacglc, secretary-treasurer* For the. sophomore Student C uncil,h-wever,
the c ntest was cl-scr with Jack Taluskie, Pat T nsho, Ry Atherfc-lt and Bill
Burcin erne -ging the victors*
Freshman ball ting pr;vcd t- be a real headache f r the election b-ard as
n- less 'than nineteen candidates were actively campaigning for the six freshman
•ffines, -1 rcc unt was necessary bef re the b -ard c uld release the results
N man Hall 07a s elect.d president f the Freshman class; Robert Faliak,
vice-president and Terry Flynn, secrctary-trcasuror to c aplctc the slate of
class 'ffleers. The freshman c uncil members were finally f ound t be Ellen
Iffortj,Jack. Don van and Jack Burggraf, only after the roc unt by the elect! n
b ard.
The C llcgian staff wishes t*- c ngratulato ur new student and
extend sincere wishes for success in fulfilling their offices faithful to the
trust 'and c onfidcnc- placed in them by th- students of the Hazleton Center,
A major problem for our new student government is whether or not the
Hazleton Center is to be represented in the Pennsylvania Junior College Basket
ball League this season* The success of the varsity basketball, as in any
college activity, is greatly dependent upon student support YOUR support,
iho Possibilities for a winning team this coming season are brighter this year
chan for aovoral years# The return to Highacres of many of last yca& votcrans
pJ us the enrollment of many outstanding players in the freshman class give the
center a potential team of surprising power. Due to the tine and sizeable
budget expenditure. ncccssaiy to support a Varsity team it is important that the
majority of students actively support and take interest in the team if it is to
be worth the effort.
Hake it a point to express your opinion to your student council member^.
Student Council has requested a budget from each student organization by
Tuesday , October 7* It should be submitted to the president Cal Shipman,
Weekly Newsletter Edition
The Pennsylvania State College Center
October 2, 1953