Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, May 08, 1953, Image 3

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    May 8, Is>£3
The first person our roving reporter saw this week was Highacrcs' own Latin
Lover-Tony Pccone, but this week he was not giving dancing lessons, lout was toll
ing everyone how to get dates. Potter listen you boys who don't have a date for
the May Day Dance*##Tho next people she saw were Ralph Whitmer and --rtic Maxwell
studying their French in the lounge. It's a wonder that they coulds tudy with
all the noise. In one corner were Ray Schultz and Bill Coll arguing about—
well you know what—-politics, of course! In another corner she saw Butch Pardee
and Bill Morse. She tried to hear what they wero saying, but all that was
caught were "...tonic" and "country..,"##*ln the same corner wore "Versatile"
Ust3moski and Hike "Evanch" discussing their dart-shooting ability. I hear
they get a lot’-of practice in at the Broadview# What is this Broadview—a resort?
Sprawled out on the couch wero Norm Hall and Bob Penney, Wonder wlrr they looked
so tired? Also looking dead was John Carr—Re ally J ohn i-;:-::-::-Shc next went into
the cafeteria and saw Anna Petrushka sitting by herself, --re you an introvert
Pam? She then saw Nick Yankoski, Nick used to seem like the quiet typo, but
not anymore.-SHf-alt looks as if Marv Edclstcin has taken over Cal Shipman's position
as Demon of the School.-JHHfWell, that's all for now. If you'd like to see your
name in print next week, just be different.
Bob Prochko, president of the Glider Club, has announccdthe acceptance of
two members to the club: Jack Taluskic and Roy ethcrholt.
The members of the organization have been eager to finish the repairing of
Captain Carper's ship in order that they might fly it soon.
Inspection reveals that as soon as one wing and the fuselage will be covered
with material, and the parts assembled, the ship will be in flying condition.
All the men involved, including Captain Carper, are really enthusiastic about
their venture.
The last meeting of the IV Dynasty of Mummies
at 7:30 in S-101, Big times have been planned and
Joe Scarcella s car wont a whole week without
riding on the rims Joe?
Joe Belovich has so much studying to catch up on he has asked if he could
do some of it during the summer—ls that possible Mr, Kostos?
When Mike Evancho pulls into a gas station and says, "Change the oil,"
ho puts his head out the window—Serious ly, I like t is number 30 oil better for
hair than number 20?
Andy Karpinski needs someone to help him carry his tray at lunch time—
Where do you put it all u.ndy?
Pete "Zany" Zablocki claims he hasn't felt a touch of spring fever yct--he
only "CUT" three classes in the past week, I guess he hasn't felt it -^ct.
Harry Hoiscr has been seen studying in his car at the parking lot~it's
cooler down there isn't it, Harry?
Jack Donovan chased Harry Truman all the ?/ay to Florida to got that flashy
"banana bunch" shirt he wears.
Nicky Tannuzzi passed a barber shop the other day—The barber put his head
out the door and shouted, "Nick do you want an estimate?"
Jim Ustynoski can speak Spanish as fluently as Hiss Dißubbo—hllj 1 almost,
Billy Coll has given his oath that he will bring a lunch before the end of
the semester——(l hope I'm present at the time*)
Ray "I love girls" Schultz is having trouble getting a date for the May Day
will be held next Thursday,
all Hurnmios are cashed to
getting a flat—" How is it
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