Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, March 20, 1953, Image 4

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    March 20, 1953
"MR. MONEY BAGS" (continued)
deposited every week by the fraternity members.
Jack, assumed the duties vacated by Stove Warner, former Mu Sigma
treasurer, who secured a job working nights in Karas' thus preventing him from
being present * , tthc Frat's meetings.
The Fraternity is certain Jack vriLll fulfill his obligations in much the same
desirable pattern laid down by his predecessor* Our congratulations arc warmly
extended to the newly elected fraternity officer—Jack Groraniak*
The sport of wrestling has been causing a sensation at the Main Campus for
a long time. The big event of the season will be the National Wrestling Champion
ships sponsored by the National College Athletic Association to be held March
27 and 28 at Recreation Hall, Main Campus* The preliminary matches will begin
Friday at 1:20 p.m,, and the final match will begin Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
The favored team is Oklahoma University* Traditionally the Midwestern
States have been winning the championships* This year the Eastern teams are
strong, and they hope to win,
Penn State, a member of the Eastern Inter-Collegiate league, has won 2b
straight matches under the coaching of Charlie Speided, who has been coaching
since 1927*
Joe Lemyre, a 165 lb* PennStatc champion, trill defend his national title
won last year*
Other members of the Penn State teams are Doug and Don Frey, identical twinsj
Dick Lemyre (Joe’s brother), Jerry Maurcy, third member of the Maurcy family
to win an Eastern title *
Let's hope that Penn State will win and bring the championship back to the
Eastern States*
"CHIPPY CHATTER" by The Campus Chipmunk
Spring is almost here and I've just come out to gather some nuts*
I SQcig to be seeing loss and less of : Paul Bain, Pete Korutis,, Dave Landau,
Dave Sdwards,’Tony-Nash, Manny BarbeitO, Pat Tomsho, Buddy Robins on, Mary Sidsdl,
and John "Mopse" Sharkcrwicz* Could it be that all of them arc studying this
Potc Zablocki became one old r this r
to have another year added Pete? ;
Stem "Buttercup" Hiller and Clarence "Sugarplum" Shipman "re t3-&\fearths
two most descriptive nicknames on the campus»
Is it true that Pete Pavuk was catching 20 winks in Ed. class this Tuesday?
Jim Kobrick seems to be falling for vanilla ice cream—-what strange attract
ion does it have over you Jim?
I must say the tie Hugh McGeehan wore on St* Patrick's Day proves his
loyalty* A sharp tic you have Hugh*
Ilkic Evnncho believes quiet people (those who don't make as much noise as
he) aren’t gotting much fun out of life. Bo you agree with him?
This place is getting pretty popular—beside the addition of Kelvin the
arc have Babbit* Perhaps Harriet (Rabbit) Tulin could tell us more about this
strange appearance or maybe Nick (Light Bulb) Pelick could* TVhil- Nick’s at it,
he could tell us about his trip back to Highacres from New York.
Well, now that I have gathered all of the nuts, I must be getting home,
•S o-long for now*
John Misodd Mary Bissol Nick Skimbo Jane Trcsslcr Jean Haegcl'
Janice iia.gavich Harriet Tulin Mary Donish Beverl;' - Wizdo ’’Chippy”
Josephßelovich Mabel Lenis Sally Rarich
Hot; it fool.
’’Chippy Chipmunk”
Pago k