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    See You
On Campus
Vol. XIII, No. 17.,
Dean Harold K. Misfit' Is Named 1951 Comation Speaker
Looking over the two-hundred and
one students who attended he Center
this semester, we've finally come up
with seventeen who really stood in
the limelight. That is, they either
headed an organization or offered
their services to an organization in
far greater measures than d'd most
of the other students. If it is felt
that some omissions have been made
when this little item reaches your
person, just ask yourself if you have
really contributed in any way in
making this semester's social season
the most successful in the history of
the Hazleton Penn State Center. If
your conscience answers in the af
firmative, then include your name in
the following roster and take it for
granted that the Collegian made
another mistake.
The following students comprise
the aforementioned roster:
Edward McGee—President of Stu
dent Council.
Jane Margwarth May Queen,
President of Women's Organiza
tion, Student Council.
William Deppe—Student Council.
Joseph Hastings—Student Council.
Mary Lou Gagliardi Student
Henry Giuliani—Student Council.
Benny Rachilla—Student Council.
Henry Daniels—Student who show
ed most interest in student acti-
Harold Filbert—President of Math-
Engineering Club, Collegian Pho
tographer, Most Co-operative of
all students.
John Prehatny Cadet Captain of
Air R.O.T.C.
Burt Hall—Cadet Captain of Army
Zack Taylor Captain of Basket
ball Team.
Emil Hutnyan
Paul Williams Leader in enter
Betty Harlor—Collegian, Secretary
of Women's Organization; Only
dean's list representative in ex
tra curricular activities.
Hughie Brennan Editor of Col
Broke record --
scored 48 points in 1
O frantic fortnight spent to cram,
At times I wonder who I am,
So twinkle, twinkle sweet exam,
Frankly I don't give a Damn.
Two mosquitos were resting on
Robinson Crusoe's arm. "I'm leav
ing," said one, "I'll meet you on
Wife: "Haven't you anything nice
to say about my mother ?"
Husband: "Yes, she objected to our
The two biggest wolves in the
country—Chase and Sanborn. They
date every bag.
" Say, you can't open that door with
a cigarette butt."
"My gosh, I've smoked my key!"
Gordon and Flartey Re
Master Sergeant Vincent C. Gordon
Master Sergeant Vincent C. Gor
don has been notified that next sem
ester his duties will take him to the
Erie Center of the Pennsylvania
State College where he will continue
as instructor in Army R.O.T.C. Gor
don's true home is in Owensboro,
Kentucky, but Erie, Pa. takes him
even farther away.
Like Master Sgt. Flartey, Gordon
entered the Army before Pearl Har
bor. As a member of Patton's 3rd
Army he served in England, France,
Belgium, Luxemberg, and Germany.
He has been an Army man for seven
Perna Appointed
Temporary Editor
The Collegian staff appointed Miss
Betty Perna to head next year's edi
torial staff for the first issue in early
October. After that, Miss Perna will
act as chairman at a meeting which
will determine who will be the per
manent editor-in-chief for the re
maining year.
Miss Perna will be shown the why's
and wherefores of turning out her
first issue before this year's staff per
manently disbands. Betty is an art
student with a lot of ideas which will
tend to improve the Collegian.
Dinner Dance Held
A group made up of 195 students,
their friends, and the faculty attend
ed the dinner dance, the final social
activity of the year, at Genetti's Ball
Room on May 27. Russ Andolaro's
orchestra furnished the entertain
ment. A full course dinner was serv
ed, with turkey and "it's dressings"
as the main dish. The affair lasted
from 7 to 12.
We're Sorry
In last month's issue we said
that 24 microscopes were sent to
the Erie Center when we meant to
say 9 were sent and 24 remain at
the Hazleton Center.
Teton Coll
The Students' Voice
Hazleton Center, Highacres, Hazleton, Pa
eive Transfers
Master Sergeant Joseph P. Flartey
Master Sergeant Joseph P. Flartey
received word that he is being trans
ferred to Tuft's Medical College in
Boston, Massachusetts and will con
tinue his duties as Air Force R.O.T.C.
Flartey entered the Air Force be
fore Pearl Harbor and was a member
of the 12th Air Force during the war.
He saw action in Mediterranean
area during the North African, Sicil
ian, and Italian campaigns. In 1945
he was discharged only to reenlist in
Longo Plans
Summer Wedding
Miss Mary Margaret Wood
It has been announced that Mr.
John A. Longo, instructor in business
and accounting at the Center, and
Miss Mary Margaret Wood, ex-math.
instructor at Highacres, are engaged
to be married this summer.
Mr. Longo attended Bloomsburg
State Teachers College and the Grad
uate School of Columbia University.
Along with his teaching duties Mr.
Longo holds a position as public ac
Miss Wood was graduated from the
College of Mount St. Vincent-on-the-
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The annual Convocation of the Hazleton Center will be held on Friday,
June 3, at 2:00 P.M. in the garden at Highacres. In case of rain, the program
will be held in the West Hazleton Senior High School auditorium.
The main speaker for Convocation will be Dr. Harold K. Wilson, Dean
of Men of the Pennsylvania State College. Mr. Wilson has chosen as his
speech, "Youth Seeks the Golden Fleece." Mr. Wilson received his Bachelor
of Science degree from lowa State College in 1924. The next year he re
ceived his Master's degree from the University of Illinois, and in 1927 he
received his Ph.D. from the same school. Dr. Wilson was formerly Vice-
Dean and Director of Resident Instruction in the School of Agriculture. At
the present time Wilson is Dean of Men, Director of the Division of Inter
mediate Registration and holds the rank of Professor of Agronomy.
The Faculty Committee has announced the following program for Con
Prelude Fred Houser at the organ
"America the Beautiful"
Group singing
Invocation Monsignor Dennis J. Kane
Welcome Merle E. Campbell, Administrative Head
"Youth Seeks the Golden Fleece" by Harold K. Wilson, Ph. D.,
Dean of Men at the Pennsylvania State College
Solo Michael Belgio
Academic Awards Frank C. Kostos, Assistant Administrative head
Biological Sciences
Extra-Curricular Activity Awards—Edward McGee, Pres. of Student Council
Boys' Basketball
Girls' Basketball
Student Council
Solo M. Jane Margwarth
Presentation of candidates for certificates upon completion of 60 required
credits—Merle E. Campbell, Administrative Head
Group singing Alma Mater
Benediction Monsignor Dennis J. Kane
Postlude Fred Houser at the organ
The students who will have completed 60 credits at the end of the
spring semester comprise the following list:
Bass, Barton Di
Betley, Stanley
Billig, Joseph D.
Bobowski, Walter J
Boyle, Thomas J.
Bradish, Rita C.
Bradish, Thomas R
Brennan, Hugh J.
Brogan, Edward J
Croop, Dale W.
Daniels, Henry J
Decker, John J.
DiSilverio, Robert E
Evancho, Steve Jr.
Filbert, Harold C.
Fraser, John D.
Gilroy, Telfert W.
Giuliani, Leris B.
Hall, Clarence V.
Harlor, Elizabeth A.
Hoffman, Charles D.
Honsberger, Helen A
Hough, Wayne E.
Hutnyan, Emil M.
Jonovich, George J.
Kapes, Francis A.
Kaschak, John J.
Kowalski, Walter J
Kozacheck, John J.
Krause, John L
Good Luck
On Exams
Friday, June 1, 1951
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences
Lel kowitz, Leon J.
McGee, Edward J.
McHale, Joseph M.
Margwarth, Martha J.
Matchick, Robert P.
Miskevich, Edwin W. Nash
Nash, Donald W
O'Donnell, John
Oleksa, John B.
Phillips, Lloyd L.
Planutis, James R.
Prehatny, John
Rachilla, Bernard C.
Reinsmith, William J.
Roberts, Arthur W.
Romanell, Mildred C.
Romanofsty, Dorothy A
Rowland, Alan D.
Russo, James J.
Schneider, Elwood W
Schwartz, Olin W.
Setzer, Herbert
Surgent, Emil P.
Taylor, James L.
Thomsen, Frank R.
Troy, Gerald V.
Warfel, John
Williams, Arthur L
Yackshaw, John S
Yeninas, Joseph F
O'Brien, Richard