Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, November 21, 1950, Image 1

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Wendel, Gabriel Lensack, George Seid, Art Eshchenbacb, Nick Kramer, MiehaeD Ostroff,
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[gust 26, 1950.
inal Total Enrollment by Semester and Location, Ist Semester, 1950-51
1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem
graduates ....,1015: 327 24 21 1760 687
n 4 23 13 1 61 18
91, 36 9
65 4 15
109 21 10
97 15 20
100 -
170 165 16 . 8
93 6 22 3 72 7
175 47 15 4 -- --
1014 317 120 16 237 43
, - -iillazletoil - l'Coll
Mrs. Woodbridge
30 6
74 10
The Students' Voice
Hazleton Center, Highacres, Hazleton, Pa
Margaret Campbell, associate pro
fessor of speech and literat.ure at P.
S.C. was `married'~fo NaVi> I,ieu ren.-
ant Byron Woodbridge of tamaqua
at one o'clock, Sunday afternoon, No
vember 5, in the Christ Lutheran
Church of Hazleton. Pearl Garbrick,
formerly an intsructor of music at
the Hazleton Center and now an in
structor at the Ogontz Center, was
maid of honor. Allen Stewart of Alex
andria, Pa., cousin of the groom, was
best man.
Warren N. Stewart
The condition of Warren Stewart
is "pretty good", hospital officials re
ported last week. Stewart received a
fractured right knee cap and lacera
tions of the fact when his car hit a
bridge railing on the Ginther-Muds
ondale road near the Green Acres
airport November 12, at 9:45 p.m.
4 Sem 5 Sem
262 40 1861 531
9 1
9 1 1
32 2 2
~~ -'
6 Sem 1 Sem
243 39 1702 417
Students' Goal $2500: Koehler
McGee Asks Students' Support
William Koehler, student chairman for the Activities Building Cam
)aign, set the student's goal at $2500 at a student rally in the Botany
Building on Thursday. The funds will be raised over a period of 18
months to two years, he said.
Initial Gifts Committee
Starts Drive Rolling
The Hazleton Educational Council
of the Penn State Center at High
acres began a community drive yes
terday to raise funds for an $85,000
Activities building. The general chair
man for the campaign is Attorney
Louis Feldman of Hazleton. William
Koehler, a student at the Center, is
in charge of student participation in
the drive.
The proposed site for the Activities
building, which will seat 900 people,
is the plot of ground immediately be
low the present athletic field and on
the same side of the road.
Included in the floor plans of the
gymnasium are a basketball court,
100 by 80 feet, which can be made
into two practice courts. The bleach
ers will be removable—thus provid
ing space for student meetings, col
lege dances, and plays. Arranged a
round the front and right side of the
one-story building will be the foyer,
a conmbination office-cloakroom, and
mom to be used by the physical ed
ucation and ROTC classes, men's and
women's locker and shower rooms,
and a boiler room.
Delegates Return
Kate Midash, Bob Barrett, Ed Mc-
Gee and John Zamba represented the
Hazleton Center at the Inter-center
Council Conference held at the Erie
Center November 3, 4.
The purpose of these conferences,
held each year, is to encourage a bet
ter understanding of Inter-center
activities, and to foster more cooper
ation among the Centers. The I.C.C.
exchanges ideas and recommends the
best to all the Centers for inclusion
in their Student Government.
The list of suggestions as published
by the Conference has been posted
on the various bulletin boards. If you
haven't looked over them, do so; for
several suggestions apply to the Haz
leton Center.
8 Sem
423 73
7292 2135
201 42
100 36
112 10
119 22
200 26
100 -
186 174
197 17
190 51
1405 378
Third and. Grant .
Wednesday Nite
Tuesday, November 21, 1950
Koehler told the fifty-one students
and three faculty members at the ral
ly that the funds would be used "to
memorialize" a part of the Activities
Building (the foyer). A floor plan of
the building will be posted in the lob
by of the Main Building in the near
future, he said.
Pointing out the time and energy
that civic leaders are putting into the
drive, Edward McGee, Student Coun
cil president, asked the student body
to support the drive 100 per cent.
Victor Diehm, president of the Penn
State Center Educational Council,
outlined the history of the Center,
particularly the problems in estab
lishing the Center at Highacres.
Stressing the importance of stud
ent and faculty participation in the
campaign, Roland E. Edmunds, in
dustrial representative of the P.P. &
L., told the group that the eyes of
the community will be on them. "You
have a personal stake in Penn State
Center," he said. "You must not only
support this campaign with talk but
also with work and contributions
(money)," he added.
Snide Views
After the Student rally on Thurs
day, November 16, a Collegian report
er button-holed 16 students for their
opinions of the Activities Building
drive. Their views are reflected be
Erwin Sussman—"A good idea, but
there should have been more students
at the meeting".
Robert Matchick—"Should have
been started long before this. Approve
the idea heartily. We need an activi
ties building".
George Jonovich—"O.K., but too
much time has been wasted getting
the ball rolling."
Mildred Romanell "A good idea,
if all students will cooperate."
Rita Bradish—"Wonderful, if they
can do it".
Dolores Swenson—"No comment.
I'll wait to see what happens".
Dorothy Romanofski—"l think we
can do it, and we will".
Allan Rowland—"l think it's a good
idea and would like to see it work
"Willy" Kaschak—"l'm for it".
Clyde Bell—"I belive it will be a
great asset to the school and will
give my full support".
Frank Fellin—"lt's a great idea,
and I think the student body should
be behind it".
John Fedack—"l think the school
has grown to a stage where this
building is vitally needed".
Edgar Margan—"lt's a necessary
item for the curriculum".
Helen Honsberger—"lt's a good
idea, well organized, and should turn
out 0.K.".
Warren Rhodes—"l think it's good
idea and should be carried out".