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Vol. No."*.
ROTC Completes
Rifle Firing Tests
For the past several, weeks fresh
men and sophomore members of the
Center's Reserve Officers Training
Corps have been undergoing rifle fir
ing tests under the supervision of
Sergeants Vincent Gordon and Jo
seph Flaherty, instructors for the lo
cal unit.
The tests, which were in accor
dance with the requirements that are
set up by the ROTC unit on the cam
pus, were restricted exclusively to
the use of light weapons with special
emphasis being placed on the official
military 22 caliber rifle and its oper
The tests were held on the private
firing range of Mr. Elmer Geissler lo
cated in his factory building on west
Tamarack street.
Because of the limitations of space
the entire reserve unit was divided
into several squads, and each squad
was taken individually to the firing
range for their firing period.
The tests included firing rounds
from three .different positions, stan
ding, sitting and kneeling. The
scores of each were determined by a
graduated numeral system with the
area surrounding the center recei
ving the highest credit. From these
individual scores the total score was
then computed.
In a statement made following the
testing period Sergeant Gordon said
that these tests would probably be
the only opportunity that the reserve
group will have for rifle practice on
a properly recognized firing range.
The highest score registered by
any trainee was made by Bernard
Carr, a sophomore member, who fired
a total of 68 out of a possible 15.
Varied Program
At Music Fete
Students who accompanied Miss
Pearl Garbrick to the Music Edu
cators National Conference of March
6-9 report there were many varied
and entertaining projects planned for
the affair.
Monday evening, the first day of
the conference, featured the All
Maryland State Orchestra and Choral
Concert conducted by Doctor Lara
Haggard of Fred Waring's Pennsyl
vanians. Tuesday the opera, "Flying
Dutchman" by Richard Wagner, was
presented by the Peabody Conserva
tory of Music to a fairly laige and
appreciative audience of Music
lovers. Also on the program for
Tuesday was a demonstration, of the
new long-playing records produced
by Victor , and Columbia.
Wednesday a band concert given
by the United States Air Force Band
was well attended as was the All-Stu
dent Chorus which featured some
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Collegian reporter Ernest Denke is shown above (standine
interviewing the three council members when they met prior
to last Council meeting at which there was no quorum present.
They are seated left to right : Bill Baran, Michael Doddo, and
Joe Olivia.
Attivities Board
Submits Report
The Activities Board announced
their sanctioning of a combination
social and square dance on April 22
to be held by the Engineering club.
The board also passed a resolution
authorizing a May Day Coronation
on May 6 to be followed by a ball.
The coronation shall be in charge of
the Woman's Association, and the
ball in charge of the board.
Plans are also in the formative
stage for the Commencement Dance.
The following is the Activities
Board Treasury Report .•submit i ped to
the Collegian for publication.
Get-acquainted Dance $147.20
Petty-cash 20.00
Thanksgiving Dance 76.40
Snow-ball Dance 144.00
Valentine Dance 93.00
Roller-skating Rink 13.20
Pottsville Reception 56.38•
Material for Publicity Signs 2.35
All-college Social Functions 26.62
Typewriter Repair 9.50
Grand Total
Here's encouraging news for stu
dents planning to attend summer ses
sions at Highacres. Plans for remod
eling at the new Center are on the
draftsman's board at Penn State Col
WITH 1;40
Last week the sophomore student
body elected William Baran presid
ent of the sophomore class. Also
elected to serve with Baran on the
Council were Michael Doddo and Jo
seph Olivia. The three electees are
fourth semester students.
The balloting , for the officers was
so close that no one candidate was
able to receive a margin of more
than four votes over his nearest op
ponent. The teller committee for the
election consisted of John Wersin
ger, acting president for the Council,
David Snell, sophomore class repre
sentative, and Syd Rudman, faculty
advisor of the Council.
At the regular scheduled meeting
on Monday evening not enough
members were present for a quorum.
As a result the newly elected council
men were not officially installed. An
thony Stanziola, who appeared on
behalf of the Amateur Egyptologists
Society (Mummy club), changed his
plans for submitting the club's peti
tion requesting funds because the
quorum was not present.
Again the Council welcomes stu
dents and faculty at their regular
meetings held every other Monday in
the library.
Deadline For Textbooks
Mr. Richard Mattern, manager of
the bookstore, has announced that
Monday, March 28, will be the final
date on which students will be able
to obtain the textbooks for this se
mester which they have not as yet
All students concerned by this no
tice are urged to purchase these
books before that date. •
.. -- .As , i'ArlA`o'N'y, 7 .- ItEAD ABOUT
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Erie Takes Miss
Penn State Title
Center Guests Treated Royally
On Campus Visit
The winner in the quest for Miss
Penn State Freshman, believed by
many to be the first real beauty con
test held at the college, was Rose
mary Larsen from Erie Center.
Hazleton's entry, Mary Lou Pol
lock, was accompanied by Miss Lois
Neifert and June Reinmiller of the
Collegian. The three women spent
two days on the campus and were en
tertained the entire time they were
They arrived at the Women's Buil
ding at noon, Thursday, and were in
formed by Dean Weston that all the
guests for the occasion would occupy
the west wing of that dormitory.
Soon the representatives from the
other centers came in, and a busy
prearranged schedule of events be
gan to take shape.
During the course of the two days
the girls ate at the most popular res
taurants of State College escorted by
different members of the Daily Colle
gian staff who conducted the con
test. Thursday night the Dean invited
the guests to a party held for them in
her apartment and took the group to
breakfast Friday morning in the di
ning room of Mac Allister Hall.
The -judging took place Thursday
afternoon and the judges accompa
nied the girls in formal attire to din
ner at the • Allenerest. After dinner
the girls rode to the Chataum theatre
in convertible automobiles led by a
27 piece ROTC band. Miss Larsen
was crowned following introduction
of all the girls by Hank Glass, and
the movie, Mother Is a Freshman,
was shown. An interview of the girls;
at the local broadcasting station was
the last number on the schedule for
Friday morning the staff took the
girls on an extended tour of the cam
pus. Probably the event the girls will
remember the longest was their visit
to "Hotel" Simmons, one of the new
est dormitories. Furnished through
out in blond mahogany it has a tele
phone in every room and an automat
ic elevator. One of the lounges has
six ping pong tables, and _two have
an RCA. Victor combination radio
Other subjects that drew ah's and
ooh's from the group were the new
TUB (Temporary Union Building),
the totem-like monument constructed
of all the 'different stones of the buil
dings on the 'campus, the library, Nit
tany Lion shrine, trailer camp, and
Miss Pollack received a chic leath
er bag from her sponsor, and two
gold pencil tubes of lipstick from an
other. She was 'personally conducted
through the chemistry laboratories
and Collegian office in the Carnegie
March 25, 1949