Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, January 28, 1948, Image 1

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    Center's Greatest Need:
Vol. X. No. 8
Mr. Amos Goss, Administrative
Head of HUC, has announced the in
itiation of a "Leisure Time Night
Training Program" to begin on the
evening of February 16, 1948 in the
Walnut Street School Building, un
der the direction of HUC instructors.
Miss Anna Erlemann is the chairman
of the committee for the preparation
of this school.
A tentative list of courses to be
offered are: English Usage for
Adults, Radio Script Writing, Begin
ning Spanish, Beginning German,
Pennsylvania Geology, Survey of
Botany, Survey of Chemistry, and
Survey of Mathematics.
The fee is three dollar's a course,
each course lasting eight weeks.
Classes will be held two evenings a
week, Monday and Wednesday, seven
to nine o'clock, in the scheduled
rooms of the registrants.
Instructors for these courses will
be: Miss Anna Erlemanu, Miss Mae
Fauth, Miss Emma Phillips, Miss
Grace Thomas, Miss Margaret Camp
bell, Mr. Arthur Seibel, Mr. Arthur
Carpenter, Mr. Hobson Zerbe and
Mr. John Carr.
HUC Students
In Community Drama
Several HUC students will be fea
tured in "MR. AND MRS. NORTH",
the next major production of the Ha
zleton Little Theatre, which will be
presented at the West Hazleton High
School Auditorium on North Street
in the borough on Tuesday and Wed
nesday, February 3 and 4.
Jack Wagner, Chemistry major,
will portray Inspector O'Malley who
is annoyed because a cat is involved
in a possible solution to a murder
mystery. The high pressure Fuller
Brush man who argues with Mrs.
North about the difference between
the stiffness of a brush and a broom
will be played by Al Christie, a
George Gorda, who will complete
his studies at HUC this semester, will
be seen in the role of Ben Wilson,
a mysterious friend of Mr and Mrs.
North. A policeman and a medical
examiner will be played by Daniel
Alampi and Siegmund Knies respect
ively, while Dan Wargo will portray
the title role of Mr. North.
Other HUC students who are as-
sisting in the production are Eugene
Bogdon, Clarence Sipple, Dick
Evans„ John Perna and Wilbur
Smith, as well as E. Wallace Mac-
Mullen of the faculty
The five members of the COLLEGIAN Staff leaving HUC after
the first semester are shown in the newspaper office. Pictured,
standing left to right are : Guy O'Hazza, Ray Saul. Seated, Francis
Fatsie, Marguerite Rondish and Bernard Dvcrscak.
On January 30 the Student Activ
ities Board is going to sponsor a
dance in honor of the students who
are leaving at the end of this semes
ter. Each student may invite one
guest to the affair, which will be free
and informal. It has been arranged
for Art Wendel's orchestra to play
for it at St. John's Hall. Let's have
a good turnout to make this dance
one these cadets won't forget.
Girls' Bowling
Meeting this Wednesday night at
the Playhouse Bowling Alleys, the
coeds of H.U.C. will organize a
bowling league. The girls plan to
meet each Wednesday thereafter
with each team competing for top
honors. Anyone interested in bowl
ing in the league is asked to be pres
ent at the meeting.
Art Exhibition
Mr. Carpenter wishes to announce
an, art exhibition being held in Room
1 at Broad Street.
0 4 0 Center's Greatest Asset:
~e 4,3;) C ti egtan VITAL PROGRESSIVE
HUC Physics
Laboratory Complete
Making its debut with the Chem
istry Laboratory ten years ago, the
Physics Laboratory, located in the
Broad Street Section of HUC, is by
far one of the most complete of its
kind had by any Junior College in
Pennsylvania. In its present state
the lab is capable of accomodating
approximately 125 students. Unlike
the equipment of the Chemistry Lab,
the Physics Lab equipment is of a
more permanent type. In a single
experiment, one student alone may
utilize equipment totaling two or
three hundred dollars.
Adequate equipment will be had
by this department to handle all
students desirous of taking this
course, when the supplies on order
Commensurate with the high stan
dards of this laboratory are our very
competent instructors: Mr. Mattern,
Mr. Levine and Mr. Coburn.
From the laboratory's formation,
up until the present time, it has kept
its status quo, never lowering its
January 28, 1948
Fifty-Two Engineers
Apply For Transfer
The end of the fall term will wit
ness the largest single complement
of students leaving HUC and trans
fering to the main campus at State
College. From the list of eighty
nine applicants there are a total of
fifty-two engineers.
The break-down of this group re
veals electrical engineering as the
field considered most desirable with
nineteen students registered. Next in
line is mechanical with sixteen. Civil,
industrial, chemical and aeronautical
engineering follow in that order with
seven, five, three, and two students
In the field of liberal arts the situ
ation is similar. The largest single
division of liberal artists is registered
as LD. There are twenty in number.
Journalism boasts of two enthusiasts.
Commerce and finance has seven;
psychology PV and DH has one each.
In the field of medicine there is
one medical technician for each of
our two doctors to be.
Topping the list of engineers is
Ralph Pecora whose scholastic abili
ty is matched only by that of Olemn
Krauss. Krauss, a chein physicist,
will remain at HUC another semes
ter. Other outstanding engineers are
Michael Romanelli, John Boyes, Jo
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Art Instructor
Is Honored
Arthur Carpenter, HUC art in
structor received word that his oil
painting, "Gethsemane", was repre
sented in the Thirteenth Annual New
Year Show, conducted by the Butler
Art Institute in Youngstown, Ohio.
Carpenter's painting was one of
209 chosen from 1,398 submitted by
535 artists.
The_ following is an exerpt from
the Exhibit Manual: "Members of
the Selection Committee, Zolton
Eephesy and Philip. Evergood, were
impressed with the fact that it at
tracted entries from the best artists
of a seven-state area. Their unani
mous conviction that this 1948 re
gional annual is a powerful show
needs no comment."
Literary Magazine
Any third or fourth semester stu
dent who is transfering to the Cam
pus in February and is interested in
contributing to the Literary Maga
zine, which is being planned for the
Spring Semester, please contact Mr.
McMullin before January 31st.
educational standards. During the
five retarding years of war when ma
terial was at a premium, these
standards were maintained, another
proverbial feather in HUC's hat.