Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, February 28, 1942, Image 4

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Sprechen Sie Deutch? That is what
the night classes taught by Mr. Chase
are asking each other* "Military German'
or "How to Understand the World Situ
ation" is"the subject for consideration
and.study• A fundamental knowledge of
German is advisable although not a ne
cessary requisite for the course.
The popular language Spanish has
been a night course subject for some
time. The twelve students under the tyt<
lags of Mr. Brentin at® rapidly absorb
ing advanced conversational Spanish*
Maybe you think three hours one night'a
week: are not enough to learn anything,
but they seem to be doing it- * and
quite ably too.
Continuing the first semester's
work in E.S.M.D.T., we now have thirtee;
courses of three and one half hours eac
Over three hundred and fifty men have
enrolled in the various courses which
include Elementary and Advanced Engin
eering Drafting, Foundations of Engin
eering 1 and 2, ‘Metallurgical Inspectio:
and many others.
All of these offered courses are
valuable in Defense Work} the Center is
doing its share in preparing individ
uals to fill the necessary positions.
The classes are not all held in the
Center building, but are scattered .
throughout the city in various conven
ient buildings including the Hazleton
High School.
The Center Fraternity, the Phi
Delta Phi, has seventeen pledgees who
will be issued initiations this evening
at a meeting which will be held at the
Y.M.C.A. beginning at 7joo P.M. The'
frat "Hell Week" is to be next week,
from March 9-13 inclusive. The initiate
ceremony will bo concluded by A dinner
party on the evening of Friday, March 1
Penn State Cei
er, Hazleton
Dear Uncle Peter, .
I have a problem, but good. You no
doubt have heard that many people have
suffered from the national emergency,but
Imust' have hit the jackpot* You see,first
the navy .took one of my boy-friends and
just last week my main heart-throb was
drafted. What should I do?
Jean Banks
Dear" Jean Dunks,
I personally don't know how to solv.®
your problem, but I will b® glad to furn
ish a list of. eligible bachelers who are
exempt, or too ypung to be drafted. It
is better to be a cradle-robber than to
be an old maid.
"When God gave out hoses
I thouht he said hoses
And I said give me a red
When God gave out ears
I thought he said beers
And I said give m@ & big
When God gave out brains
I thought h 4 said trains
And I missed mine.
Ain't-I a mess?"
stringent' than those of any other state*
Nevada marriage laws are so radically
different that Reno has become the
clearing house for derelict marriages., A
drivers license cost twenty-five cents
in Georgia'and is free in lowa, while
Pennsylvania charges one dollar. These
social evidences of our disunity certain
ly won't hamper our war effort directly,
but they contribute to the national pic
ture; and taey have a telling effect dn,
the morale of many of us.
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