Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, February 28, 1942, Image 2

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    5,, 10.8
- - v 1
Monsieur, Signor, or. whatever
you want to call him, Brentin, was
once: born in Bessemer, Pa. where he
grew up.
He also once went to college
Youngstown, Ohio, where after a time
the profs got tired of him. So he
went to Penn State where the same thing
happened. There was seemingly nothing
left for him to do, so he became a
teacher that's how we got him.
At present, of course, we know
that he is knee-deep in language
courses, but ho once, as many students
know, taught English Comp. In fact
this is the first semester he has not
been teaching it. Perhaps that is
why a few more students are managing
to ge6 3's in the Comp, courses.
When asked what his favorite
food was, he said, "Well, I'm still
English-enough to enjoy a good beef
roast." His favorite sport, if it
can be ref :?rred to as such, is
sled ping and his hobbies are Beet
hoven and "Blues",
His pet hate is Fuehrer Hitler
As for the everlasting question
of what languages he speaks fluently,
he said that he knows more, than he care
to enumerate.
He does not care for Lana Tur
ner but believes that Greer Gar-son is
one of the few movie actresses who
are both attractive and accomplished.
(Possible conclusions we need a red
head -in the school.)
One of his main desires is to
travel abroad. Wars already have
several times prevented him from
carrying out his plans, but we wish
him luck the next time, Till then we
hope he'll keep adding those clever
touches to our parties.
Penn State Center, Hazleton
v :
Are you feeling spiritual? How's
your quota of whythm? If. you'.re in
the mood, then come -along 'for some spiri
tual rhythm enlightenment.
Wo sir, that isn't the last "Zom
bie" you. drank that put those’ dreamy
colors and odd-shaped figures before
your eyas as you entered the library.
You wore gazing at the masterpieces
of non-objective, art displayed•the re.
Won-objactive? Masterpiece? Art?
Oh, well! That's a matter of opinion,
says the non-appro dative person. Note
I said non-uppreciative.
"The highly developed taste, the.
most refined cultural' expression. of art
can be acouired by anyone who is able
to feel beauty," He who cannot feel
beauty; he who does not want to under
stand art is not of the elite ofa nation
therefore, he is not endowed with the
special gift of appreciation.
Kaudinsky, an artistic creator
in the true sense of the word, pro
duced the pleasing picture "Lighter".
The picture is a striking collection ff
vrarm colors.. The rose background seems
to integrate every minute detail. The.
black strokes of genius' here and th*re
add the necessary centrist of light
with dark, A hdavon-bLue triangle, a
chalk white circle, multi-colored an
gles and semi-circle;:, and dashes of
vivid colors here and there make this
truly a masterpiece.
Symphony by p. .Eauor
is another favorite. The solid black
triangle that first meets the eye gives
•the onlooker t feeling of good style
in solid form. Around the triangle
;■ .y..;,, ‘ , ■ < oric figures
and tile'objects are colored in every
conceivable chad©.
''Those aon-objf.-ct.ive master-
Pi oces are influential on ail those .who
give- time to their- spirituality. Like
music, they need contemplation in ord
der to enjoy their rhythm, balance
of spacing, motifs, color, and forms.
The progress 0 f humanity must be
tively developed. Anything lacking in
spirituality is usually doomed. It is
spirituality, cosmic order-, anticipations
of beauty which originate the uork of