Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, February 28, 1942, Image 1

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Are you coming to our roller -
skating party tonight ? If you ain’t,
better not come to school Monday, or
you’ll get mauled* So what if you can’t
skate ? Columbus took a chance - look
where he is now* In oase you still don’t
know, it’s being held at the Comet Rink
near the Hersker Theater* Anything we
can do on skates or on our anatomy will
be done there and afterwards at the
Center an Oprn Hause will be the vogue
with dancing and refreshments. The plaoe
is supposed to close up early ( in the
morning, maybe) so that you school -
children oan Borne beauty sleep get.
Bring your best girl er fellow without
charge exoept for an amusement tax of
twenty-five cents * You are guaranteed
to have a geod time or your money will
be cheerfully unrefunded*
' Mr, Brent in will pass out —— lini
ment for aohing feet, and so on, while
800 Kieft will do seme figure-skating*.
Those who attended last year remember
the spills, thrills, chills, and fills
tibey got and it promises to be another
affair like that this year. The dancing
will commence after the roller-skating
and refreshments will be served during
and after the struggle (dance).
Penn State Con'
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* ' /
:er, Hazleton
" Prepare to produce, to protect
liberty, " So reads the placard advertis
ing the defense courses now being offered
at the Hazleton Undergraduate enter. In
this striding manner the urgency of the
current national emergency is boang
brought home to each of us* Our resoourses
of materials, production facilities, man;**
power, and trained people aro being taxed
to the limit in order to surmount the
greatest obstacle that haaever questioned
our idea of that is right and our way of
•t-. :,.l: W* are'-salvaging, utilizing, substit
uting, mashalling, saving everything that
will enable us to overocme our national
Of course this is a cooperative enter
prise, and no matter how much skin half of
us wear off our fingers, if the other half
w lay down oh the job M , the results will
be nullified, at least in part. This, apr
parently, is exaetly what is happening in
one aspect of our struggle, both economi
cally and sooially, That aspect conoems
unity. We ore still not unitied ehough to
put forth the maximum effort despite the
seeming proximity of our federal govern
ment* It is an established fact that some
of ou s govermont shipments to army oamps
are being stopped at state lines and held,,
up for as much as a week, until schedules
for passage arrive. More than that, Alaba
ma is charging the government over a hund
red dollars per truckload of military sup
plies that travel its roads. What kind of
unity is that ?
Interstate trade is more rigid now
than it ever was , even though we are ex
periencing shortages of many essential,
articles. Proper distribution without re
gard for state lines is a possible means
of easing these shortages. The oity and
the country have_ maintained a balanoe with
out barriers since our republio began. Why
oan T t the rural and urban states do like
wise ?
Sooially our several unities states
haven*t shown much semblance of unity.
We I re inclined to hire the Hew York law
yer beoause his bar examinations are more
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