Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, January 24, 1942, Image 2

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Agnes Greshko intends to be a nurse
A nertz? No, foolish, a nurse.
Mel fine is trying to see(lia)
about getting a 3 average. Fine work,
Elvira's dream man didn't bother
to use mistletoe at Christmas time.
Priorities, you knowl
Jerry Kalbach vs. National De
fense...... The LcAdoo road vs. tires..
Genevieve and Vic are getting
along fine. Waltz me around again,
Ario Brennan woes and wishes he
woos every nightl
Lois —dqn't worry if Stan leaves..
Larry will still be here
Frank Zadra is a school teacherl
You can tell by the pupils in his ejjes.
Vitabile —Danks--Vazquez -
Why does Jacqueline leave the im
print of lipstick on her Chem blue
that K; ?icMisfe y ßusiness
thos° "Three Feathers".
Charlie whistled; Marion danced.,.
She's not going to the Bucknell con-
ference .
Spencer and his sun-tan lotion..
Made exclusively in the Chem lab.
Clinton gave Nancy a ping-pong
paddle before he went away. If Mike
finds out the result will be just a
plain paddle.
The curtain was drawn; there was
Rhett Bishop of H.U.C. and Scarlett
Early of g.U.C where they were
looking at the stage.....where they
were looking.......whore they .......
It all adds up to Wolf*..
Yes, Sir, H.U.C. has certainly
turned out some fine "dribbles"...
Among our notable stars are "Legs"
McNelis and "peeVee" Cheppa...Mahanoy
City invaded the H.U.C. gym only to be
turned back by the score of 53-27....
The J.V.'s are some stuff—when they
come out on the floor, the crowd turns
red-hot--or is that the reflection froi
Mulhall' s locks .............
Now to the most exciting game of
season —meaning the H.U.C.-S.U.C. game
We won 37-25...80th teams fought "toot:
to nail" but old H.U.C. came through
in the last few seconds bf the game...
The same evening there were rumors
of a unique "boxing team", but when
"Hippy" Hoovis trucked his carcass aero
the floor in the J.V. game, there came
news of a "wrestling team".... Wheat 1
Crujachl Plop! that's not Wheaties,
that's Hoovis another interesting
spectacle occurred when Earl Kuntz yell
"We want Pollock." There was a loud >
crash--someone threw in the bench.
Even with all our power and Hoovis'
weight advantage, the J.V.'s lost 29-
22. .Speaking of "dribbles", did you se
Koenigsberg and his New York style of
playing? He certainly does tear up
the floor
On the other hand. well on a
hand..to be specific, a handball team
has been organized in which six' mem
bers are officially accounted for..
Exhibit A —" Bob" Taylor using a stiff
arm swing past everything, even the
breeze... .His apology, and I quote,
"That ain't the way we done it at Stat
...The team admits Taylor is g00d,...
but as for "Shorty" Chase and his abil;
ties--that's a tall story...
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