Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, December 19, 1941, Image 2

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Our America is at v*ar. he are at
r by the overwhelming decision ox Con
•ess after the. deadly, cowardly, pre
idi-tated,. unorovokeb attack of a wanton
.greasor on our Pacific outposts. Ve
X'q locked in full-scale combat with the
11-minded leaders of Germany, Italy,
id Japan in a war whose combatants ai~
>r.dy number thirty-six of the nations of
i€ globe; u war that will decide' the
ito of all free nations.
V/e have become galvanised overnight
to unity•by that rain of.bombs that
ill on fellow Americans in the Pacixic.
at a triuwrh of democracy, that unityl
■are further fortified by the know
dge that our defense efforts are 'far
Ivanced, that ve have a navy second to
me, and that our army is rapidly grow
ig in strength and. efficiency, out
iis is no time for blind optimism or
_ck of x ealisa. i, long far is ahead
• us, and whipping Japan is only the
•ginning. V® must meet and b-'at total
arianism wherever it appears.
To be in a state of war is u no
for most of ut. The last war
,s somewhat ahead of our time-.
•r, though, hov wo, individually, might
:st aid. our country in. this supreme
t. Only the other day Mr. Horp-ol set
•is question before us in a striking
inner. Hs advised that we, each of us,
lould think seriously about it since
}' must answer it ourselves. A].though.
3 is quite affirmative in his belief
iat,' for most of us, college training
LIL result in the greatest long-range
sn tr ibution toward the national of fort,
acknowledged the fact that some of
may decide we can .contribute more ,
rom within the ranks of industry’ or thu j
'igating forces during the current, tiau- j
•ency. Such words from an educator of :
[r. Herpel ’ s c&iibr : , .-who, one might !
.hi.ik, would favor the quest for know-. :
,fid;.e above all, ts us to thinking |
.nd to brooding nor-: and more about about;
jur status as individuals and the out- i
Om Center frrteroity, the Phi
D'-itci Phi, rec-rrtly celebrated its
fir it nnhivorec.ry. On this occasion
officers vert; elected und nor members
The following offi-
?re ini tic. ted.
cere were
Big—Gnok'.y McNeils
tHr. Bunn^rup —Ario Brennui
••■h » Scribbler —T"-d Alex
Br. Mic-’-r —Dr. Mcllv&im
Although the officers a?-?-, veil
satisfied i.ith the number of now’ mem-
ber s, they feel that there would h-.v
been more of them is laws an cl rogu—
lotions of the f'jaternity woreund"-r stood
by the Irishmen, The most general c;u~s
tior. raised \/a.s, "How much '/'ill it cost
The officers assur’d us that thsrs
whatsooner and that the only
cost is a portion of the total cost of
no due?
each social function. In other words,
the members "chip in". All regular
meetings arc held on Friday evenings at
the y.M.C.A ~ while special- meetings uiv
held an the Center during lunch hour.
All mon enrolled ct H.U.C. are
eligible at t.riy time for consideration
to become members of the fraternity.
The officers suggest, therefore, that
interested should give his name
the Phi Delta Phi.
e won-
to any menu:
of the chan lab was effected the other
flay vrhon four- fluorescent fixtures were
installed. The lamps are of the latest
'industrial type and have been placed in
such a. wanner as to obtain the maximum
en lighting on the working surface?.
Each of' the fixtures uses two 40-watt
daylight lamps. The ballast equipment
gives a power factor better than 90/?
and the entire working surface is iliu-
jmins. ted with 15 to 20 foot candles of
'■ Loot'd:
an improvement in the utility
V ‘ r