Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, December 19, 1941, Image 1

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    V No. 5
4 - ''
'Twas the night before Christmas
and it was cold as all January# Not
even the beggars were out. Only one
solitary figure could be seen on the
snow—swept corner of Broad and Laurel.
It was a poor little match girl.
But even she was no match for the
elements, so she decided to go home.
Inch hy inch she groped her way in the
direction of the Heights. But Before
she was far on her way, however, she
suddenly stopped cold, remembering that
she had no home,
How, that was a fine pre
dicament for any lass to he in,
let alone a poor little match
girl. What was she to do? To
whom could she appeal? Where
could she turn?-•-To the right ?-
that only led to the poorhouse.
To the left? —that was the way
to the river. Ah, yes, the
river! A gleam of"hope flashed
upon her frost-bitten face. If
only she could succeed in get
ting to the river, all her
troubles would be over.
With renewed courage and \
with lightened step the hap- i.Mfc-u) fo.tir
less maid once more resumed her weary i tie served to r
way. The snow lay before her in moun- 1 dancing and ..
tainous drifts, the hitter, harsh wind } he mistletoe.
roared at her heels with Hitler—like
abandon, she slipped, she faltered, she
stumbled, she fell, she arose, she
shivered, she groaned, she fell again,
she picked herself up with difficulty,
she clutched her numb and frozen fingers
to her bosom, she—aw, what the dickens,
she thought, I*ll get there eventually!
the gods can't cheat me of my goal*
100 yards more to go i Now only <
SO, 70, 60, 50, 40—but why con
tinue, can't you count?
teit .»•. I J'A
Tonight is the night of the Xmas r
Party, hoys and girls 1 Yes, I said hoys
and girls, for tonight Santa will he at
the Center to entertain all you children
between the ages of 4 and 44* Come and
share in the fun he has planned for you*
smiles and smallest feet ’cause both are
going to "be measured. And save your
breath for you’ll find you'll need it in
some of the hilarious revels. There
will be a ping-pong tournament —without
paddles—as well as several exciting
contests. Also, since Christmas is the
logical time for surprises, we
are going to go on a treasure
i| Vt'V irlS
■x' \ -
.Y / / ■
$/> y.ivo':
merry XXXXXmas
information on the current war. In the
chem la"b last Monday he explained to his
fellow students the trend of events and
took an hour and a half to do it, "When
he concluded with "That’s the situa- ,a ; -
tion in a nutshell," Alice Yost ex
claimed, "Heavens 1 Some nut I"
Be sure to put on your "broadest
After all of you have tried
your luck at games of skill,
there will "be a contest "between
two of the winners. The type
of contest? Well, that is
being kept a deep, dark secret
by the committee.
An added feature of the eve
ning will be carol-singing, so
take good care of your throats,
all you guys and gals.
.turally, refreshments will
etrieve our vitality for
..well, there’s going to
So here’s hoping for a
We’ll be Xpecting you 1
Apparently Maher has the inside