Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, November 11, 1941, Image 2

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    floveraber IX, 1941 __
Student Opinion
A survey of student opinion has
shown that the printed newspaper is
preferred to the present form of the
Of course the "slide" has its ad
vantages. It is more popular with
the students because it looks more
collegiate - more like a grown-up
production. It is possible to use cuts
in a slick, while only caricatures
can be mimeographed. Also, a printed
paper is in booklet form; the pages
are like those of a real newspaper.
A slick also makes possible real head
lines because of various sizes of
type. i
However, the mimeographed paper has
several advantages over the slick.
First of all, it is very economical.
Another point in its favor is the
fact that the new.s is fresh when it
reaches the student, - it is "hot off
the press". The issues can come out
more often, too. The mimeographed
paper also requires less time from the
staff; for with it no one has to run
around trying to get advertisements.
Upon weighing both sides carefully,
the staff has come to the following
decision: we plan to have two or three
issues of the slick, which wilt appear
intermittently throughout the year, in
addition to the mimeographed issues.
Editorial Board-
Ass't Editors
Bastascheck Danks Long
Berg DeMaf'co Lewis
Breisch Bilbert Marusak
Brennan Kistler Pinger
Miss Saby
Mr. Chase
Mr. Taylor
Hazleton C
Bernard L. Zelman
Irr R. Weinberg
Haney J. Yost
George E. Sholtis
"I had a date with a dream" is Sid
Klemow's favorite expression. We’re
still trying to find out who the dream
Danville hods special interest for
Vic Martini. From what we hear she’s
plenty hot all right.
Jean Danks roots for Penn instead of
Penn State. Two years is a long time to
stick to one guyl
Have you noticed the "howling" that
comes from the game room? Smokey McNelis
has it down to perfection.
Chuck Cowell escorted a cute blond to
the Hallowe'en party. But where did he
hide her? Maybe she was afraid of the
Center wolves!
Lois' party costume captured quite a
few hearts at the Hallowe'en party -
especially Birke's - he even took her
A 1 Bishop is commonly known as "the
Great Lover". Who is she, Al?
Have you noticed that Barney Feich
ard never looks at a girl? We hear Kay
has spies in town.
That Pottsville trip certainly affect,
ed Jaqueline. She was enraptured with
the results of the student dance.
Have you heard rumors of a party to
be held at the home of Miss DeFina?
From what we've heard it's to be rather
exclusive. But definitely!
Andrew Marusak likes to live at home.
We Bet(ty) a certain Weber is the reason
Said one student to the other, "Vlho
do you have for English, 'Pearls of Y J .u
dom'?" Said the other student to the one
"Wo, I have a 'hunk of heaven.'"
Bill Adkins does a lot of sighing
over a certain little valley lass. Coni
petition for Maderick.
Did You Know
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