Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, October 13, 1941, Image 2

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    Qct. io. r
With this issue, the staff of the
Hazleton "Collegian 11 presents a new
paper. By offering you a mimeographed
news sheet, we will be able to shorten
the time between the composing and pub
lication of the paper. Moreover, the
reduced cost of printing will enable us
to appear often enough to carry items of
genuine news interest—in other words to
become a newspaper in the literal sense
of the word.
Our present plans call for a bi
weekly issue. We have every reason to
believe, however, that with sufficient
interest and cooperation a regular
weekly appearance will be possible.
This issue of the "Collegian"
represents the work of a reduced staff.
There being several vacancies, we can
offer space to gossipers, sports dope
sters, artists, snoopers, or what can
you do. If interested, be in Room 4
tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:30. And
whether you plan to try out for the
staff of not, shoot along any ideas you
may get. Brickbats are as welcome as
Ear 'thd ,:s sacad: 1 r. op • ivr ,*• ,the, H •SU'C* ■
ping-pong team will take on the A.Z.A,
club next Thursday afternoon at 4
o'clock. The contest, which will be
played in the Game Room, will find two
former HUCster aces, Warshal and Gold
berg, playing against their former
team mates. With two wins and no losses
chalked up in contests with the A.Z.A.
club last year, the HUCsters will be
out to add a third victory.
In the local's * line-up will be the
following: Klemow, Maher, Charles
Bruch, Bonner, and McNelis. Klemow,
one of last year's aces,ms the winner
of the 1940-194 i Intra-Center Trophy
It's been rumored that Be Gatis is
so popular because she doesn't wear
stockings. .... • *
German seems to be a well-liked
subject this year. The girls are
Supplement to Webster's Collegiate:
those "Balance Room" colloquialisms
phem 20 students seem to be so spon
taneously concocting.
Is Jean BeMarco in mourning, or
does she have a special liking for
black hose?
Wanted: a name for this depart
ment. We trust you have gathered by
now what its content is to be. Adv.
Ereshman coeds are "supposed to be"
homely. Any objections?
Bid you know that Br, Pendeil is
awfully fond of oranges? Ask anyone
taking Econ 14.
Candidate for "Oomph Girl" of the
year: The Great Winnett.
'-That certain sophomore wishes he
were at State College?
Quoting Alice Yost: " I don't use
lipstick because it leaves incriminating
My, my, girls—don't rush. Robert
Taylor will be here all year.
Zelman's favorite musical number
is "Green Eyes".
P.S. Any similarity of names in
this column to students of H.U.C. is
purely intentional.
Guy Stover, College photographer,
will be at the Center this Thursday
morning to photograph freshman stu**.
dents. Mr, Herpel announced today
that all freshmen, together with other
new students, must be at the Center at
10:30 A.M. since all pictures must be
taken between that time and noon.