Hazleton collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1937-1956, April 01, 1939, Image 1

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Staff Returns
From Faculty Confab
The faculty of the Hazleton
Undergraduate Center returned Sun
day, April 16, from Dußois where
they spent three days at the first
Inter-Center Faculty Conference.
The purpose of the conference was
to study undergraduate procedures in
academic and extra-curricular activ
ities and to promote a better feeling
of understanding between the faculty
members of the Undergraduate Cent
ers. The group discussed common aims
and analyzed problems that were rel
ative to the accomplishment of these
The conference was attended also by
Mr. David B. Pugh, Supervisor of
Undergraduate Centers. Dr. Herbert
L. Spencer, President of the Pennsyl
vania College for Women, addressed
the assembled educators on the sub
ject: "How Education Promotes
Security in a Modern World.” If this
year’s conference is judged a success,
it is planned to make it an annual
one. The faculties engaged in general
meetings Friday and Saturday and
were guests at dinner and a party on
Saturday evening.
On account of the date of the con
ference, the Easter vacations of the
four Centers were extended to ten
Petruzzi Wins
Muhlenberg Honors
Daniel J. Petruzzi, a former student
at the Hazleton Undergraduate Cent
er and now enrolled at Muhlenberg
college where he has won several
honors, is a member of the debating
team that left Friday, April 15, on a
3,000 mile trip through the middle
west and will visit many cities in
debate before returning to Muhlenberg
on April 23.
The team will visit Carnegie Tech,
Western Reserve, Indiana University,
Dayton College, University of Detroit,
Wayne University, University of Ak
ron, and Franklin College; the trip
will carry them through Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.
Mr. Petruzzi has also recently been
elected editor of the Muhlenberg
Weekly, student newspaper.
Campus Appoints
New Instructor
At the start of the second semester
a new instructor was added to the
staff of the Hazleton, Center. Mr.
W. Lewis Shetler came here from State
College to teach the Psychology and
Education courses that are offered
during the last half.
Mr. Shetler is a graduate of Penn
sylvania State College and taught col
lege physics for three years before
coming to Hazleton. Listed in his
previous experience is three years
spent with the Civilian Conservation
Corps as Educational Advisor; he was
statistician for the Adult School in
Williamsport; and he has also been
associated with the Department of
Public Instruction of Flarrisburg. Be
sides being able to teach the subjects
already mentioned, Mr. Shetler is also
qualified to teach high school mathe
matics, chemistry and general science.
He was one of a group of thirty
seven members of the Penn State
Glee Club that toured abroad in 1928.
Since coming here Mr. Shetler has
become actively associated with the
Glee Club of the Hazleton Center and
has ably assisted Mr. Isenberg in that
At the present time Mr. Shetler is
working on his doctoral dissertation,
having his bachelor’s and master’s
degrees in science and also his bach
elor of arts degree. Mr. Shetler is a
charter member of Phi Delta Kappa,
honorary fraternity in graduate edu
cation, and Pu Mu Epsilon, honorary
fraternity in mathematics; he is also
a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, honor
ary fraternity in physics and of Kappa
Phi Kappa.
Students Complete
Plans for Fair Trip
A trip to New York was planned
by last year’s class at the Center but
the journey failed to materialize
However prospects for the trip this
year are enhanced by the opening of
the New York World’s Fair. The
students who are making the trip will
have an opportunity to see a stage
presentation, the Fair and any other
sights of interest that time permits.
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Srra&ftt Forum
A representative group from the
out-of-town students recently met
with a few of the resident students
and members of the faculty to dis
cuss problems of boarding students.
Among those things discussed were
visiting hours, and general rules of
conduct. The suggestions made to
remedy these problems were in the
nature of recommendations rather
than rules. These recommendations
will hold from house to house with
minor variations.
Stoddart-Pugh Visit
Postponed Until May 10
The proposed visit of Dean Stod
dart of the School of Liberal Arts of
the Pennsylvania State College and
Mr. David B. Pugh, Supervisor of the
Undergraduate Centers, planned for
April 18, has been postponed until
May 10.
When they arrive, the educators
will address the student body and also
hold conferences with those students
who desire to discuss individual prob
lems with them.
Leaving Hazleton, the visitors in
tend to continue to Pottsville Center
where they will also address the
student body.
Center Girls Organize
Although meeting previously as a
group, the girls of the Center organ
ized recently as a club for the first
time in the history of the Center.
This group, the Salmagundi Club, is
purely a girls’ organization formed for
recreational purposes on a 'do as you
please’ basis. At each meeting the
girls engage in an activity suggested
by a fellow member.
The club met on March 22, at
which time an ice-cream party was
held. On Saturday, April 22 the Salm
agundians will hold their monthly
meeting. Miss Emily Sperber will be
in charge and the group plans to make
artificial flowers.
Miss Margaret A. Yotter, faculty
advisor to the Dramatics Club, also
acts in that capacity for the Salm
agundi Club.
April 28 Date
For Center’s
Spring Dance
The Penn State Undergraduate
Center of Hazleton will hold its
annual Spring Dance, Friday, April
28, in the Altamont ballroom. Danc
ing will start at nine o’clock to the
music of Eddie Kahn’s Ambassadors
and will continue until one.
This is the second of three semi
formal affairs sponsored by the student
body of the Center this year and is
open to public attendance. Tickets
are on sale at the Center offices and
also at Hicks’ Drug Store in the
Altamont building.
The committees in charge of the
affair are as follows, General: John
Ogrydziak, Neil Brislin, David Yeakel,
and Martha Clewell; Publicity: Mary
Ann McCliri|tock, Emily Sperber,
Florence Rowse, Russell Chianelli and
Paul Hayes; Decorations: Joseph Gas
per, Jean Davis, Robert Golden, David
Stewart, Elizabeth Puckey and Rob
ert Wilson; Tickets: Robert Miller
and John Feeley.
Center Instructors
Announce Engagement
The engagement of Miss Margaret
A. Yotter and Mr. Coleman Herpel,
both instructors at the Hazleton
Undergraduate Center, was announced
last week. No definite date has been
set for the wedding.
Miss Yotter joined the staff at the
Center in 1934 and since then has
taught French and English Compos
ition. She is also faculty advisor of
the Dramatics Club and is in general
charge of the girls’ extra-curricular
Mr. Herpel came here from Harvard
in 1936 and is instructor in the math
ematics and physics courses. He is
Center librarian and works with the
Publications group as advisor.