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Vol. I—No. 3
John Barnes
Where Will The Center
Students Go Next Year?
That’s a burning question that
we’re all interested in. So the “Colle
gian” runs the following information.
The following will continue their
collegiate career at Penn State:
Marie Somers, Leon Stepanick, Fred
MacDowell, Moses Sirotkin, Nicholas
Saras, Gordon Novotnie, Frank Gor
mley, Ruth Bachman, Walter Snyder,
Joseph Mattiek, Arthur Fogel, John
Dushanko, Herman Stewart, Emer
Flounders, Pershing Jones, Margaret
Lucash, Harvey Fisher, Earl Seybert,
Ellis Warner, Wallace Gerhardt,
Charles Watkins, Harry Hein, Ste
phen Zayach, Ann Greshko, Allan Gal
lagher, Marian Quick, Alice McGrory,
Lawrence Tarleton, Stanley Steciw,
Kermit Laßose, Stanley Glabick, An
thony Fillapone, Leonard Herring,
Gertrude Hecht, Donald Hess, Robert
Miller, Robert Marks, Claire Foley.
Hazleton Penn State Undergraduate
Joseph Gentilini, Edward Audaki
mow, Betty Jane Newell, Mary Ann
McClintock, Albert Eagler, Josephine
Zogby, John Ogrydziak.
Ross Blyler—University of Penn
sylvania; John Timko—University of
Miami; Cletus Dougherty—University
of Miami; Irene E. Sherrock —Julliard
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Leaves School
Just a few weeks back, Pershing
Jones lost his roommate, Student
Council lost a member, and Penn
State lost a popular student when Bill
Savitz was forced to leave school for
reasons beyond his control. Even
though he has not finished his second
semester here, he will still be re
membered for his consistent and ef
ficient guarding as a member of the
Center cage team and his spectacular
long shots.
All the students are looking for
ward toward seeing Bill at the third
annual banquet at the Hotel Altmont,
Two Outstanding Sophomores
The Hazleton Collegian has no costly
silver trophy to present, but it gives two of
our outstanding sophomores due recogni
tion by featuring them in this issue. John
Barnes and Ruth Bachman, as leaders of
the student government, have executed
their duties admirably. John, as president,
ran the bi-monthly council meetings and
Center Students To End Second Semester of Study on Friday
With Annual All-Day Picnic at Lakewood Park and
Annual Banquet Tuesday, June 7.
Approximately sixty Center stu
dents will culminate their first year in
the Broad street school building iby
dining and dancing on Tuesday, June
7, at the Third Annual Center Dinner-
Dance in the Hotel Altamont ball
room. Besides the Center students
Center alumni will augment the num
ber present to about 150.
The day after the final exam, Fri
day, June 3, the students will travel
to Lakewood Park where they will
enjoy their annual picnic.
Franklin Penn, vice-president of
the sophomore class, has been selected
as toastmaster. Speakers at the ban
quet will include John Barnes, Mr.
Pugh, Mr. Eiche, and R. Michael Cap
parell, president of the Center Alumni
After the banquet the Alumni As
sociation will hold its annual meeting.
Labor Class Argues
On Economic Problems
Arguments have been flying thick
and fast in Mr. Janssen’s Labor Pro
blems class where three debates have
been conducted in the past few weeks.
The first forensic battle was staged
between John Timko and Frank Gor
mley on the closed shop issue. Timko
was aided on the affirmative by John
Dushanko and Gormley’s partner was
Franklin Penn.
-The second debate on the unemploy
ment insurance question was fought
between Kenneth Smiley and Nicholas
The final argument was on the child
labor amendment. Gordon Novotnie
upheld the affirmative and Frank
Gormley preached against the amend
The debaters had worked, or were
supposed to have worked, the entire
semester in gathering material for
their arguments. The debates were
rTfOTiTijiiiii li i i>r i I ter
Penn State
is head chairman of the
As secretary-treasurer, Ruth has taken
care ot the school’s finances and kept
minutes of all the council meetings. Be
sides this she has managed to secure a
straight three average in her spare time.
The Collegian congratulates the two
outstanding sophomore Centerites!
Present Center sophomores are re
quested to attend this meeting.
For this annual climactic affair
President John Barnes acted as gen
eral chairman. The following Council
members were chairmen of the re
spective committees:
Betty Jane Newell, decorations; Earl
Seybert, attendance; Ruth Bachman,
food for picnic; Pershing Jones, ban
quet food; 'Larry Tarleton, picnic
transportaion; Walter E. Organist,
Center students are admitted free
of charge to these two affairs; alumni
and friends will be charged $1.25. The
picnic, however, is for Center students
The banquet will begin at 6:30 and
will last until 9 when the dance will
start —but nobody knows when it will
First Center Alumni
Finish College Careers
Time certainly does fly! It was only
four years ago that the Hazleton
Center opened up its office and class
rooms in the Markle Bank building;
and now the first class is going to
graduate—quite conspicuously too, for
who knows better than the reader
the above-average calibre of the Ha
zleton Center product.
Here is a list of the “grand-dads
and grand-moms” (no insult to your
age, girls) and their records:
Those graduating from Penn State
Rebecca Baskin, who, with a B. A.
in Arts and letters, plans to teach her
major, political science; Robert Boone,
who graduates with a B. S. in me
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non-decision contests; but in all cases
the class, after a detailed discussion,
decided iii the affirmative.
Last week Mr. Eiche’s education
class had as a lecturer Lambert Broad,
head of the Freeland Mining and
Mechanical Institute. Mr. Broad lec
tured on an all-year school calendar
at Aliquippa and the progressive
movement in education. Having been
a teacher at Aliquippa for seven
years, he had a wealth of material
showing the advantages of making
use of the school building the year
round instead of allowing it to re
main deserted during the summer
months. .
Former Centerites
Organize Campus Club
Approximately 120 campus students
who formerly attended one of the four
Penn State Centers have banded to
gether and formed the Center Campus
Club. The purpose of this organiza
tion is to offer means of orientation
for transfer students from the four
Centers. It also will promote many
social functions for the Center alumni.
This new club will aid the regular
Hazleton Center Alumni Association,
which was organized last year and is
composed of alumni in all the colleges,
in maintaining a close relationship
between the former Center students
and the present one. The Hazleton
Collegian offers the Campus Club its
best wishes for success.
New Solon
A solon has been officially initiated
into the hallowed hall (our assembly
room) of our student government.
The new Council member is the Hon
orable Larry Tarleton, dully elected
by the freshmen class to fill the recent
vacancy created in Student Council by
the regrettable departure of Legisla
tor Bill Savitz.
The new freshman representative
is quite a “red” in liberal tendencies.
However, he won’t get much of a
chance; the year is about over and
Larry has already secured a room for
next year’s residence on the campus.
May, 1938,