The Highacres collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1956-????, May 06, 1955, Image 3

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    May 6, 1955
Have any of your friends or family ever asked you how they could get to see
our campus, that is the entire campus - inside and .out? be have had a ...ew requests
from students, who were asked such a question, if it were possible for an open
house or something similar- Our only solution right at the present time,
the buildings are locked on non-school days, is to invite_ your I’elatives and friends
to the May Day ceremony next Saturday afternoon % Tne buildings will be open and
they will be free to go about as they desire. «fe also feel that a request for an
open house is a very good idea, especially since our campus at Highacres. 3 s still
in its infant stages and since many area residents do not realize that we have a
College here. Since it is too late this year to plan for an open-house, we hope
that this suggestion will sink into the list of plans for next year.
Hi there,
Gosh, isn't this weather great? All T've been doing this week is sitting on
the lawn taking in the sun and watching students loafing, walking around, and^ playing
catch with a hug* round dine that once almost knocked me back into my hole., bell,
T've seen a lot of things these last few days, but it's so hot that my memory has
probably melted away. Ho hum, I'll just move under this blue spruce tree where
it's nice and shady and where no one will bother me.
That Woytek kid is quite a catcher. He, Pete and Max were throwing that big
thing that almost- knocked me down. Then some girl came along and asked if she
could 'fire a. few'. low IS That thing, I think X heard someone call it a ball,
really took a beating from those characters.
I took in a Pol, Sci, 10 class by the outside fountain and T guess my friend
the Bumblebee wanted to study footnotes too because ho was chasing the two girls
in the class from their seats.
As I was hopping down the road, I saw "Hou" pick some apple blossoms. X was
going to tell him not to do it, but when he said he was going to give them to his
Spanish teacher, T left him go. T heard that Miss grennan accepted the bouquet with
joy. The early bird catches the worm, out Yandell beat you all to it. You may
take the teacher an apple, but he took hor the apple blossoms. Clever, huh?
T heard a few boys talking madly about something that was printed in last
week's Collegian. But when T read that article on that Friday night dance, T
didn't interpret it to mean that those boys did any harm. I saw that gang that
came up from the bottom of the hill that night. There were only 4 of them, but the
four were not Steve, Danny, George, Arch and Steve. By golly that's 5, isn't itv
Then how could they be the ones. Anyway, these 5 guys didn't go to the dance
together, so how could they be the gang?
On Wednesday afternoon, I decided to go under the oak by the Chem Lab to take
a snooze. I was dreaming about the animal war with 'Ole Chippy' leading the other
'Chips 1 ' into combat. Explosions were being set off all around me. What a position
for me in be in. 'when I awoke from my dream, I saw smoke pouring out and test tubes
flying from the Chem Lab-, Here it wasn't a dream at all, but the Chem class having
a battle. They had six explosions in too hours with Eddie Ferko winning the new
FermaLlyhyde Medal of Honor for performing two.
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