The Highacres collegian. (Hazleton, PA) 1956-????, March 11, 1955, Image 2

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    March 11, 1955
To those of you who are in doubt about four-week warning grades, here
is a little explanation. Those grades, available at your advisor s office,
tend to show a weakness In some particular subject. If any of you any
of these warning grades, it is advisable to see your instructor to determine
just what the trouble might be.
Tn spite of all tha snow that has fceen falling the past week, spring is
definitely herei rroof of this may be sSeen in the bookstore. For on the
window sill are lilac and forsythia plants ready to burst into bloom, and
on their branches are tiny birds of all sorts. Burgess Faux, one of our able
custodians, gets the credit for all this.
A campaign for 'Keep Your Cafeteria Clean' is on
platform are!
Return all dishes to the kitchen.
Keep the tables clean.
Throw away all lunch bags and papers.
So let's get on the bandwagon and give Trane and
So many new history books have been acquired by the library, that it has
become necessary to add a new rack in the 900 room. Students should have
little trouble finding an interesting book for a history report now.
The library has been kept busy this semester. Tt seems that book reports
are an important part of several courses including Comp 5> Soc, Lit 21, and
as usual History. So, if you need a book for a report, come in and see us.
Human beings are funny things. They always want something different from
what they have. This is even true of names. Many people don't really like the
names given them by their parents, .that name a person would give himself and
why reveals something about his character, .jhat it reveals, wo don't knowj but
since psychologists find something revealing in everything, it's sure to reveal
something interesting. Since this is such an interesting question, we asked a
few of the students what name they would choose for themselves and why. Here are
the results!
Marlene Haegele - Cynthia, because it's not very common and it sounds nice.
Dale jilalker - Marilyn, after Marilyn Monroe. At least I'd be in better shape
than I'm in right now.
Joe Fierro - T'm happy with the name I've got.
Mike Ohl - Rob Roy - I want to get even with the Irish.(Me don't get the connection)
Mary Jane Skoff - Cynthia, because it sounds so sophisticated. (There's been no
consulting on these answere, so what's wHh the name Cynthia that
makes it so popular?)
Convinced now?
The principles of the
Mrs. Smith our support.
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