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    VoI.XVII No* 20
Approximately 80 alumni, and students of Highacres, gathered in our
main lounge and cafeteria on Tuesday evening to listen to the 100th
anniversary program that was transmitted by telephone from the newly
dedicated HetzsO. Uni an Building on the main campus. After listening to
speeches by Gov. George Leader, Speaker Hiram Andrews, and President
Milton Eisenhower, those attending joined with our College Community
Chorus in singing the favorite songs of Penn State and the Alma Mater.
The Center provided refreshments to conclude the evening.
Fisw students here at Highacres ever see the inside of Mr* Sard's
Physics Lab and so miss all the interesting (and complicated) contrivances
that are used there. One of these was recently assembled by Mr, Ward -
a device known as a tuning fork calibrator
The Fhysics classes use tuning forks in scone of their experiments
and naturally must know the exact number of vibrations-per-second of
each fork. Tbie number'is stamped on the fork, but (according
Ward) since the students carOf take anyone : s word for anything, they
have to find cut whether or not the given number of vibrations is
accurate with the number stamped on the fork.
The set—up for obtaining the information includes a revolving disk
punctured by concentric rows of holes * In the experiment, a beam of light
is directed on one row of holes as the disk turns. The light then makes
regular pulses as it shines through one hole after another, and when this
succession of light rays falls on a photoelectric cell it produces a an
pulsating current of electricity. When amplified, this pulsating current
tone. The frequency of the vibrations of this tone can be
increased or decreased by changing the speed at which ohe disk rotates*
If the tuning fork is struck ana held in front of a microphone, it will
produce a tone simultaneously with the other,. If the fork is vibrating
at not quite the same rata as the tone produced by the photoelectric
cell, a definite, regular 'beat' will be audible. This 'beat’ proves that
the tuning fork is not vibrating at the perscribed <rata. Then, by certain
mysterious mathematical computations involving slide rules and long
columns of figures,' the fork's actual number of vibrations-per-second
can be determined. Simple, but interesting l
On Monday, March 7, a film entitled Volpone, will be shown at
Highacres. This is a French film based on Ben Jonson's comedy, with Harry
Bauer as Volpone and Louis Jouvet as his all too shrewd servant.
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