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    May 27, 1971
Oswald Meets
With Presidents
John W. Oswald has issued an invitation to all SGA Presidents to
meet with him at a luncheon meeting to be held in 204 Hetzel Union
Bldg., at 11:30 a.m. on May 29. A 1 Quinlan, newly elected SGA
President will head the Behrend delegation. Discussion will take
place on how the commonwealth campus student governments
might best deal with his office and the various university com
mittees that benefit from commonwealth campus representation.
Effective immediately, the hours at the main RUB desk will be 9-
5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The hours in The Back Room
will be 9:30-10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, 10:00-10:00 p.m.,
Saturday, and 2-10:00 p.m. on Sunday. After 5:00 p.m., all check
cashing will move to The Back Room with a maximum of $5.00 per
check at a 10 cent per check fee. The desk help will reserve the right
to cash any check depending on the cash reserve on hand. Stamps,
magazines, etc., will not be available at the main desk after 5:00
Commencing in the Fall Term, 1971, the student I.D. cards will be
of solid plastic with a color photograph and two lines of embossing
(name and number). Also included on the front of the card will be
two areas where validation stickers will be placed to indicate
current student status and food service privileges, if applicable.
These stickers will replace the Certificate of Registration and the
meal ticket. A designated representative from Behrend Campus
will photograph returning students in the Fall before they leave the
Campus for the summer.
Mr. Woerner, Behrend Campus librarian, has announced that the
first lecture on the Behrend Library Lecture Series will take place
in Room 120 of the Otto Behrend Building on June 1. Dr. Archie Loss
will present a version of his paper that he delivered at the last
meeting of the Modern Language Association of American, “The
Girl With Long Flowing Hair in the Earlier Work of Irish Author
James Joyce.” Dr. Loss will use a visual aid approach in presen
ting his paper and preface it with some general remarks on the
study of literature and other arts
There is currently a Joyce exhibit in the display case of the
Library and bibliographies of works by and about Joyce are
available at the Circulation Desk. Mr. Woemer encourages
everyone to attend and to suggest topics for inclusion in next year’s
Kochel Announces
Council Formation
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said that he would not start the
development of such an
organization if the members of
the campus community did not
feel that it was needed. He added
that he feared that it would
become merely another level to
go through that would hinder
communication on campus
rather than help it.
If Behrend were to develop
such an organization, it would
probably contain nine members,
with three representatives from
each segment of the campus
community. Kochel suggested
that perhaps Benjamin A. Lane,
Dean of Student Affairs, John R.
Claridge, Assistant Director for
Academic Affairs, and himself
could represent the ad
ministration while the Executive
Committee for the Faculty
Senate could represent the
Behrend faculty. The student
population of Behrend could be
represented by a commuting
Illegal entry resulted in the
theft of an estimated $4OO worth
of electronics equipment
belonging to Terry Smith and Bob
Keay, both students at Behrend
Campus. The theft took place
during the weekend of May 15 and
16 in Perry Hall.
The equipment was recovered
on campus and intact by
Security, two days after the in
cident was reported. DeForest
Halberg, head of the Security
Department, said they do have
suspects and investigations will
continue. Halberg also said he
believed the room was entered
with a key, as there were no
marks indicating a break and
Among the equipment taken
were cassette tapes, headphones,
and a television set. An in
stamatic camera which was
stolen earlier, was found in the
Bulletin Board
New Rub Desk Hours
New ID’s
Library Series Scheduled.
student and resident student and
perhaps an elected represen
tative from the SGA. Kochel
added that this would not
necessarily be the exact
representation, and was only a
suggestion for its membership.
Kochel said that it would
probably meet at least once a
month if formulated, and went on
to add that, ‘‘Hopefully the SGA
will endorse this concept and be
enthusiastic about it.”
WRC Names
The Women’s Residence
Council recently held
nominations for the positions of
officers in the women’s dorm.
They are as follows: For
President: Elaine Chandler, Kim
Anderson and Marilyn Gracon;
for Vice President: Sudee Potter
and Leslie Rosin; for Secretary:
Jan Johnson and Carol
Turkington; and for Treasurer:
Linda Juliano and Pat Henry.
Best of luck to all involved.
Cwens Hold
Cwens recently held elections
for officers. Results are as
follows: President, Karen Gill;
Vice President, Alice Chura;
Secretary, Karen Bundy; and
Treasurer, Nancy Sphahn.
Congratulations to all.
June 15,
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Signed . ffletf&i
The Nittany Cub
Senate/ Administration
Issue Joint Statement
The Behrend Faculty Senate
and Administration have jointly
issued the following statement on
Individual Rights and Privileges
in the Academic Community.
“Like any educational in
stitution worthy of its name, the
Behrend Campus is dedicated to
the total development of its
students and seeks to promote an
atmosphere conducive to all
aspects of higher education. A
community so dedicated can
succeed only when it
acknowledges and pursues its
commitment to the personal
freedoms and dignity of its in
dividual members.
No system can truly guarantee
such freedoms; the best can only
encourage them. A basic step in
this process is to insure that those
SUB Sponsors
All Night Bust
By Debbi Guilford
News Reporter
The Student Union Board of
Behrend Campus is presenting an
“All Night Bust” from 1 a.m. to 5
a.m. June 5. Ticket prices are
$4.00 for singles and $6.00 for
couples or $3.00 for singles and
$5.00 for couples with Activity
The evening’s, activities will
take place at the Sara Coyne
Circle K
Run Ragged
For Fun
By Carolyn Beck
News Reporter
.Circle K field a picnic May 22 on
campus for '27 children from St.
Joseph's Home and 5 children who
helped with Behrend's entry in the
Plumpton Buick Paint-In. The
children, ranging in age from 4 to 14,
began the afternoon with a splash
party at the pool, followed by games in
front of the dorms. The picnic supper
consisting of hot dogs, potato chips,
and coke ended the eventful day.
Circle K president/ Bill Starn
(3,LA), termed the picnic as very
successful because both the kids and
the helpers had a lot of fun. This is the
fourth time that Circle K has
organized an afternoon for the
children from the Home. Bill also
mentioned that this will probably be
the last such outing due to the closing
of St. Joseph's Home. But Circle K will
continue to perform other service
projects, including a book sale before
thefall term and a concession stand at
the rock festival. Circle K will also be
represented at the International
Convention in Chicago in August by
Bill Johnson (3,Bioch), the new
president. Jack Richebacher
(6,Engr), Pennsylvania District
Secretary, and Bill Starn, Lieutenant
Governor of Pennsylvania.
Bill Starn expressed his thanks to
the Circle K members who helped
with the picnic, and special thanks to
the girls in the dorms who were
responsible for food preparation. He
added that the Circle K is trying to
recruit female members due to a
change in the national constitution
which allows girls to join for the first
2607 Buffalo Rd.
“Senvinq- £nie
iittcc 1946"
actions which threaten the liberty
or diminish the dignity of others
will not be tolerated; the Behrend
Campus. Faculty Senate and
Administration reaffirms its
determination to promote the
personal rights and privileges of
all members of this academic
Such a commitment, however,
gains validity only when it is
tested. For problems to be met
and overcome, members of the
Behrend community —students,
faculty, and administrators —
must re-examine existing
channels and make use of them to
resolve conflicts before in-
dividual rights are abused.
Where new channels are needed,
they must be created, thought
fully and in good faith. Only
Restaurant where a smorgasbord
dinner will be served. The
musical entertainment will be
C.J. Bri. A “bring your own”
beach party will follow from 8
a.m. to ?, so the evening’s attire
will be casual. Tickets can be
obtained at the RUB desk.
Hell’s End Coming
The Student Union Board will
close the year by presenting a
day of activities titled Hell’s End.
The entire day of June 9 will be
filled with a multitude of ac
tivities. There will be a dunking
booth containing willing faculty
members (any faculty members
or administration who would be
willing to sit at the booth, please
leave your name at the RUB
desk). Body painting will take
place in the afternoon with a
prize given for the best work. An
Ice Cream Thing will also be at
this time. There will be a Pool
Party with music by the
American Legion from 9 to 12
p.m. and an outdoor grill selling
hamburgs and hotdogs will open
at 8:30 p.m.
SminJs of America
When Only the Best Will Do
U| A ) va guitars
Wl KBhB ® GRETSCH micro-frets
*-*-■ „, 2631 WEST BTH
under circumstances like these
will be the Behrend Campus offer
the opportunity for real learning
to all members of its community.
The role of a university should
be to permit the faculty and
student body to combine in the
pursuit of knowledge. This can be
done with maximum efficiency
only if one never loses sight of the
necessity for mutual respect,
which includes a tolerant un
derstanding of each other as
human beings. All facets of an
issue must be examined in
tellectually and all views must be
evaluated with dignity.
. Should any . grievance occur,
using proper channels and
established procedures makes it
possible to reveal and rectify the
source of distress. Imprudent,
unacceptable actions of a few
must not be misconstrued as in
dicative representation of the
opinions of all—or even of the
Mir 'mm
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