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    Volume XXII N0. 2z3&
More Springtime Recreation
Construction is presently underway for the addition of two new
tennis courts. The new courts will be located aside the presently
existing courts along the driveway to the parking lots.
Student Marshals
Purpose Restated
By Carol Turkington
News Reporter
The regulations for the Student
Marshals of Behrend Campus
have been revised during a
recent meeting of the Students
Marshals May 3. ' - -
From the resulting list of ideas/
these are the main points: /
1) Dismissal will result UDon
review if a Student Marshal
is involved in violence,
damage to property or per
son, or if he is found using or
possessing drugs.
2) Student Marshals can aid in
directing traffic in case of
emergencies; they are able to
ticket cars, and will take
money from fines during the
8:00 A.M.-5:00P.M. shift.
3) Presently ordered badges will
be worn while on duty and ID
cards will be in their
4) Complaints of any kind will be
given to Student Marshal
Officers of the Inter-Marshal
Monitoring Board. This Board
will be chosen by Marshals
themselves and duties will be
defined on supplemental
5) Officers will have an increase
in pay as compared to other
Dr. Grubb
Visits at
Richard E. Grubb, an assistant
to President Oswald, attended
several meetings at Behrend
Campus last Wednesday, May 5.~
Grubb has been appointed by
John W. Oswald, President of The
Pennsylvania State University,
to develop policies and
procedures to provide a system of
semi-autonomous Com
monwealth Campuses that will be
managed locally. This will
permit each campus to develop
according to its own strengths
and characteristics.
During Grubb’s visit he held
three closed meetings with
representatives from the ad
ministration, faculty, and student
Grubb is also meeting at all
-other Commonwealth Campuses
.to draw up procedures and
policies which Oswald hopes to
implement before Fall Term
‘Ntttmuj (EMM
Student Marshals; titles (Lt.,
Sgt., and Cp,.) will be used in
an administrative seise only.
Karen Maker, student' mar
shal, said, “Changes were made
to the regulations to make them
more specific. With the new
'regulations - there 'can""''be~ no
debate over what a student
marshal is to do.” It should be
noted that the new regulations
are not permanent, and will be
revised as needed.
Speakers Host
Behrend May Day
May Day activities at Behrend
Campus were quiet and peaceful
in contrast to those in
Washington.-“ The Kent State
Moratorium” was the title en
compassing the two days of
activities planned by the Student
Union Board.
Speaking to the student body,
Benjamin A. Lane, dean of
student affairs talked of the
impact the Kent ‘ State tragedy
had on society and how it was
affected students on a national
Bishop Crittenden, Arch-
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocesan
of Erie, spoke to the students and
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By Jim Lyons
News Reporter
Published by Students of Behrend Campus
of the Pennsylvania State University
Station Road, Erie, Pa. 16510
Uhiversity Council Meets;
Doily Collegian Reviewed
University Park, Pa.; May
6 The University spent
almost its entire session last
Thursday in a question
answer period with three
representatives of the Daily
Collegian as an integral part
of the study of the
newspaper’s relation 'to the
University community.
Meeting with the Council
were Teresa A. Borio,
president of Collegian, Inc.,
the publisher of the Daily
Collegian; Robert J.
McHugh, editor; and Drue E.
Haydt, Business manager.
Much discussion centered
on the question of how the
University could supply funds
necessary for the Collegian to
remain solvent without in
terfering with its autonomy
or incurring liability for
actions of the newspaper staff
or Board of Directors.
Miss Borio discussed a
number of steps the Board of
Directors is considering
relating to accuracy and fair
play, grievance procedures,
and matters that are not
clearly dealt with in the by
laws of the Corporation.
staff on “Religion and the
Cultural Revolution.” Bishop
Crittendon, a former college
professor, is well known for his
long standing criticism of the-
Vietnam War.
In his presentation, Bishop
Crittenden touched on the War,
youth alienation in society and
the role of the clergy in this
changing society. He encouraged
active involvement of the clergy
in solving social' problems and
thought they should take a stand
on contemporary issues.
During the question and an
swer period that followed, Bishop
Crittenden fielded questions on
moral and immoral aspects of
war and the sociological causes
of discontent among young
people towards the church and
Reverend Reed McFarlane,
Unitarian Minister of The First
Unitarian Society of Erie, spoke
on civil disobedience in the Reed
Lecture Hall the next evening.
Reverend McFarlane em
phasized the need for change in
society starting at the local level.
He said a utopian society should
be based on humanity. Ideally
there would be no laws for people
would .voluntarily live morally
and be humanistic toward each
other. Reverend McFarlane
stressed. non-violence in the
revolutionary change and added
if all else fails, violence and
anarchy could be employed as
instruments of change.
Council Chairman Paul M.
Althouse appointed a sub
committee to report to the
Council on the financing
options that would allow the
Collegian to be more
autonomous without severing
its relationship to the
Named to the Committee
were Margaret B. Matson,
professor of sociology, Peter
O’Donnell, student member
of the Council, and Dixon
Johnson, director of public
information. Johnson is not a
Vandalism Play
Proves Costly
By Steve Green
Copy Editor
Vandals inflicted an estimated
$l2OO damage to University and
private property at Behrend
Campus between 12 and 3 Sunday
morning. -
Investigation into the
University property damage is
being handled by Behrend
Campus Security, while State
Police are looking into vandalism
incurred on the construction
equipment owned by Mr.
Onorato estimated the damage
done to his equipment to range
between $4OO to $6OO. The bulk of
the cost lies in the dump truck
which was being used in the
construction of the new picnic
grove. DeForest Halberg, head of
the security department said, the
keys had been left in the ignition
making it easy to break into.
Halberg said the list of suspects
was long and all were Behrend
students. He believed the incident
occurred as a result of a kegger
which took place prior to it.
Various buildings on campus
were broken into. Windows were
broken in both the Nick and
Administration buildings. The
North Cottage and cafeteria were
also broken into. Security does
not know when or how the
cafeteria was entered, but said a
Betsy S.ea nor Comes Home
Betsy Seanor, assistant professor of journalism at Shenango
Valley Campus returned to Behrend two weeks ago. to meet with
members of the Women’s Residence Council. On the left of Miss
Seanor is Sandy Kosko, WRC secretary. Miss Seanor will return to
Behrend as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs,.as of July 1.
Thursday; May 13,1971
member of the Council but
was asked to serve on the sub
Althouse informed the
Council that University
President John W. Oswald
had accepted its recom
mendations on the University
calendar through Spring,
1973, and the calendar is
Recommendations made
by the Council to stagger the
terms of office members have
also been approved by the
President, Althouse told the
number of chairs had been
Onorato said completion of the
picnic shelter will be hindered
until necessary repairs are made
on his equipment.
Sea nor
Miss Berry Seanor is returning
to Behrend Campus in the
position of Assistant Dean of
Student Affairs, effective July 1,
1971. She previously held this
position last year.
Miss Ellyn Carroll, present
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
will be moved to a new per
manent position as Assistant to
the Dean of Student Affairs.
Miss Seanor is presently at the
Shenango Valley Campus as an
assistant professor of journalism
and was a former Behrend
Dean of Student Affairs.
Benjamin A. Lane, said the
added position will take a great
load off the Office of Student
Affairs and Miss Seanor will be
concerned primarily with
discipline and the resident halls.