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The first signs of spring at Behrend isn't necessarily a robin.
Behrend Seeks
Academic Plan
In the search for the
development of 'an academic
master plan suitable for Behrend
Campus, a sub-committee of the
Academic Planning Committee
recently completed a ten-page
report entitled “General
Guidelines for the Academic
Development of the Behrend
The report, which was ap
proved by the Committee on
April 6, bases its guidelines oh a
balance of specialized training
and general education. It states:
“The unique demands made upon
the university from within and
without can only be met by
resisting, ontheoneband, the
demands for over generalization
and on the other hand, the
tendency towards over
specialization. To provide only
Penn Staters On the Move, a
magazine supplement for
Commonwealth Campus
newspapers, went to press April
12 for distribution by Com
monwealth Campus newspapers.
The Press Association of Com
monwealth Campuses will send
nearly 15,000 copies to the
Commonwealth campuses.
On the Move will carry 16 pages
of news and advertising of special
interest to students transferring
to University Park. Advertising
content centers on apartment
complexes in the State College
area. The news content includes
information on orientation ad
vising and registration at
University Park, student ac
tivities and student affairs
programs. s
Frederick Erb HI, president of
The Press Association, said On
the Move is a service to
newspapers which are members
of The Press Association. “But it
is also a service to Com
monwealth Campus students by
providing information which is
important toihem.”
Erb said that the profits from
the publication will help finance
programs of The Press
Association. Half of the profits
will be available for general
expenses and half will go to a
special fund under the direct
control of member newspaper
On the Move will be distributed
free during the week of April 19.
a general education fails to
meet the responsibility of the
university to society; stressing
specialization the university fails
to meet its commitment to the
Requested by. President
Oswald’s task force, the report,
which has already been sub
mitted to University Park
received the approval of the
Behrend Faculty Senate on April
8, but was turned down by the
Student Government Association
on April 7.
The plan went on to outline the
three specific types of study
programs that Behrend would
based, flexible liberal studies
curriculum tailored to the
educational and vocational needs
and desires of each individual
student; b. a more structured,
yet broadly based and flexible,
inter-disciplinary area study
program; c. the traditionally
structured and departmentally
oriented majors.”
Justifications, although
various and numbered, included
“a. provide the widest range of
educational options for individual
students at any stage of
Behrend’s development;. . . c.
most efficiently utilize the faculty
and facilities available at each
stage of Behrend’s development;
. . . h. enhance the cultural and
academic milieu of northwestern
The Faculty has scheduled a
special general Faculty meeting
for the purpose of discussing the
“Guidelines” and the plans for
the academic development of the
Behrend Campus. Students are
invited to attend this meeting on
Tuesday, April 20 during the
Common Hour.
NewsfflHHßd The
The U.S. command in Saigon re]
killed in Vietnam last week, and
reported that 320 North
largest death toll for Americans si
Cambodia last June 27.
Traditional Easter music like Hc V
place to the religious rock opera, isT~siipersrar- ~ rmg
year for many young people. A presentation of this rock opera took
place at the Lutheran Memorial Church, 225 W. 10th Street, and
drew a good crowd. The opera was also presented musically on Dan
Geary’s underground rode show on WWYN beginning at midnight
on Easter Sunday.
President Nixon announced last week that he will step up troop
withdrawals from Vietnam very slightly. His plan is to withdraw
100,000 men between May 1 and December 1, a rate of 14,000 a
month, while he is presently withdrawing 12,500 a month. This will
leave 184,000 Americans in Vietnam on December 1. Nixon refused
to set a definite date for an end to American involvement in the
Israeli Prime Minister Abba Eban said last Saturday that,
Student Input
For Academic
University Park, Pa., April'.
The President’s Commission on
Academic Planning, created last
year to develop a 30-year master
academic plan for The Penn
sylvania State University, has
called a special meeting for the
study body for Thursday, April
Initiated and sponsored by the
six student members of the 25-
member commission, the
meeting is designed to get more
student input and ideas into the
drawing up of short range,
middle range and long range
plans for the University.
“Our hope is to make students
more aware of what is happening
with the Commission on
Academic Planning and also to
get student reaction and input to
the current proceedings,” says
Dr. Thomas F. Bates, vice
president for planning, and
chairman of the special com
mission established by President
John W. Oswald.
The meeting is scheduled for 2
p.m. on Thursday in the main
lounge of the Hetzel Union
Building, with all students invited
to attend and participate.
. “The area of academic plan
ning is of major concern to all
and - therefore-all
students are encouraged to take
part,” says Dr. Bates.
Prior to general discussion,
informational reports will be
given by the Commission’s sub
committee and task force
chairmen. They will include Dr.
Robert J. Scamell, chairman of
the subcommittee dealing with
the Mission of the University; Dr.
Robert E. Dunham, chairman of
the subcommittee on Con
figuration dealing with
distribution of effort and future
makeup of the campuses; Dr.
Robert F. Schmalz, chairman of
the subcommittee on Growth and
Enrollment; and Dr. Betty Van
der Smissen, director of the task
force on Mid-Range Planning.
“It is imperative that all
elements of the University be
aware of the work of the Com
mission and be able to contribute
significantly to the formation
of the master plan,” wrote
student member Kathleen A.
Rittner, representative of the
Graduate Student Association in
a letter to student organizations
on campus, urging their support
and attendence at the meeting.
“The meeting will give
students an opportunity to voice
their ideas and views on the
University’s future.”
In addition to Miss Rittner,
other student members on the
Commission include James R.
Antoniono, president of the
Undergraduate Student
Government: Steven R. Arkans,
vice president of the Liberal Arts
Student Council; Patrick J.
Changes Again
By next year, pre-registration
at Behrend may entail no more
than one trip to a student’s
academic advisor to sign-up for
up to nine terms of courses.
This will allow for adequate
future planning by the resident
instruction staff, the student, and
the student’s instructors. Ac
cording to Mr. Kenneth Goetz, co
ordinator of the plan, the student
will be'more' assured of getting
the courses that he wants and
To make it easier to enroll in a
course the number of sections
will be expanded in some areas.
This will be made possible by the
addition of instructors in
sociology, speech, and
Another innovation in the
system is the elimination of the
need for the student to report
before the beginning of classes to
register. A student will be
allowed to fill out registration
cards at home and to return them
by mail. This will cut down on the
amount of time and money that is
currently used for registration in
Erie Hall.
Mr. Goetz, who has already
conferred with officials from
other campuses, is interested in
the reactions of Behrend students
to the new plan. He was pleased
that registration for Spring Term
through acts such as trying to reopen the Suez Canal, the Arab
world is searching for peace realistically. Eban also said that the
opening of the Suez Canal could work if it was approached properly
by both sides.
Even though a radical measure to split Berkeley’s police force
into three departments was rejected, the young activists cheered
last week. Their candidate for mayor, Warren Widener, 32, a very
liberal black attorney, became the first to become mayor of
Widener stated that he doesn’t endorse the police amendment,
which was conceived by Black Panther’s leader, Bobby Seale, but
that he will make his own police reforms. Seale’s plan called for
three police departments for black, white and University of
California campus districts
Richard Daley ran away to win a fifth term as mayor of Chicago.
Daley’s opponent, Richard E. Friedman, was an independant who
ran as a Republican only to stop the Democratic machine politics in
Daley won almost 70 percent of the vote, and lost only two of the
city’s fifty wards.
Keaveny, president of the
Organization of Students
Government Associations; Alice
M. Riedman, secretary of the
Organization of Student
Government Associations; and
Neal H. Simpson, departmental
representative of the Graduate
Student Association.
President Oswald has ascribed
the “highest priority” to the task
of the Commission and has
directed that its proposals be
completed for presentation to the
Board of Trustees by September.
ran as smoothly as it did. He also
noted that the number of drop
adds was cut down.
The Joint Resident Council is
sponsoring its annual All-Night
Party, this Saturday night in the
Reed Union Building from 10:00
p.m. to 6:00 a.m. It will feature
continuous entertainment with
something to offer for everyone.
Activities will include such
things as: free refreshments for
everyone, Doug Adams and his
band, a talent show made Tip
from local people, and a record
jammy to fill in any gaps in the
There will be many door prizes
given away, including a gift
certificate for the Record Bar in
Several movies will be shown
continuously including the James
Bond spoof “Casino Royale”, a
zany spy thriller starring Peter
Sellers as a souped-up spy, “The
Wrecking Crew”, starring Dean
Martin as a man without fear,
and as many loves to match, and
the final movie to feature James
Cobum as he is run in circles in,
“Dead Heat On A Merry-Go-
Tickets for this solid night of
fun will be sold at the door, and
will cost $1.50 per person, or $2.50
a couple.