The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, March 11, 1971, Image 1

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New University
Faculty Senate
MAR.—A constitution for a new
faculty organization to be known
as the University Faculty Senate
has been approved at the Penn
sylvania State University by the
University Senate and now
awaits approval by the faculty at
The constitution provides for
ten undergraduates, one from
each of the ten colleges, and four
graduate students, to hold
membership with full voting
Students currently hold
positions on committees of the
University Senate but have no
voting rights.
Membership in the new group
would total 144 as compared to
211 who now compose the
University Senate. They would be
elected to four-year terms by the
faculty of their academic voting
unit, such unit comprising a
college at University Park; the
Milton S. Hershey Medical
Center; and the King of Prussia
Graduate Center.
The designation of each of the
Commonwealth Canpuses as an
academic voting unit assures
each campus representation in
the new organization.
One senator will be elected for'
each twenty faculty members
and major fraction thereof in an
academic voting unit.
There also is a provision for ex
officio and appointed members,
the total not to exceed ten per
cent of the elected faculty
JRC Plans On
Swinging Night
The Joint Residence Council
(JRC) closed up this term looking
towards the future. Plans were
discussed for a variety of
programs for the spring term and
the rest of this term. ,
Discussions were held on the
college bowl which was on March
Discussed next was the JRC All
Night Party in which a tentative
schedule was laid out. The
schedule looks like this:
10:00 P.M.
Record Jam —till 12:00
11:00 P.M. '
First movie, “I Love You Alice B
Toklas”-till 12:30 A.M.
12:45 A.M.
Variety Show
1:45 A.M.
Second movie, “Casino Royale”
till 3:15 A.M.
2:00 A.M.
Live Jam—till 5:00 A.M.
4:15 A.M.
Third movie, “Wrecking Crew”
till 6:00 A.M.
There will also be a door prize.
Tickets will cost $1.50 per person
and $2.00 a couple (Activity
Cards Are No Good).
They hope to make about $5OO.
on . the party* to put into other
activities for the spring, such as
The Behrend Arts Festival which
developed as the next discussion
The festival will be free to
everyone, students, adults and
children. It will hopefully feature
two afternoons of ; Rock Concert
(6. groups), two days of Art
exhibits and booths, a free'.play,
and an evening concert by the
Behrend Band and Choir and a
sty? ffIHS
The ten undergraduate
members are elected by the
undergraduates of their college
with the four graduate student
members chosen by the graduate
student body.
The University Faculty Senate
was organized in response to a
policy on University governance
adopted by the Board of Trustees
of the University last June.
The policy directed that “the
Faculty, as appropriately
organized shall establish
policy concerning the approval
and supervision of the in
structural programs, including
courses and curriculums
academic admissions standards,
graduation requirements, and
scholarships and honors.”
It also stated that, “the Faculty
shall be consulted by the
President concerning student
affairs, educational policy and
planning, academic personnel,
and any other matter upon the
request of the President.”
Dr. John W. Oswald, president
of the University, and Dr.
Thomas F. Magner, chairman of
the University Senate, last
September announced the ap
pointment of a faculty task force
to consider various forms of
faculty organization and make
The University Faculty Senate
organization, overwhelmingly
approved this week when
presented to the University
Senate, is the recommendation of
the 18-man task force.
well-known jazz group.
The; proposed location for the
Rock concert is behind the OB
and the location for the Arts
exhibit and booths is between
Nick and Tumbill.
Also planned for spring term is
a drug discussion panel which
will be held on April 15 at 7:00
p.m. The panel will include an ex
addict, a social worker, and a
The WRC is working on a WRC
workshop in which members of
WRC from all campuses of Penn
State would be invited to attend.
The workshop would include
topics such as birth control,
abortions, careers, and the
Sandy. Casko was elected into
the secretary’s position for JRC
since Roseann Duran is going
down state next term.
Fifteen Student Government
Association Representatives at
the McKeesport Campus voted
last week on a resolution calling
for the withdrawal of all funds
from that campus’s Postscript
and Mini-Post news publications.
The measure, which had been
introduced the previous term by
Lou Chomas, passed by of
8 to nothing, with 7 abstentions.
This action marks the end of all
printed news communication at
the McKeesport Campus. (No
further information was
available at publication time.)
Charles E. Bowers Sr., Chief of Police in Erie, presents members
of Behrend Circle K Club with a proclamation declaring Circle K
Week in Erie.
Oswald Helps
Academic Affairs
University Park, Pa., March 4-
The University Council today
completed its consideration of
student participation . in
academic affairs and will send its
recommendations to President
John W. Oswald early next week.
Also going to the President will
be a summary of comments on
advising made at the open
hearing held February 18.
The Council also held
preliminary discussions off the
development _of a, disciplinary
code, one of a number-of subjects
President Oswald has asked the
group to consider as priority
The Council has invited
President Oswald to meet with it
Behrend Radio
Station Underway
- Radio Behrend is still striving
to get it all together, and get it on
the air in the form of a radio
At the present, the radio club
has been receiving un
measureable help from WCFM of
Williams College in
Massachusettes. They have
provided not only most of the help
up to now, but have also provided
most of the drive for this station.
Mr. Charles Gray of Erie has also
offered his services as an
engineer and also has promised
the use of equipment until the
station is able to purchase its
own. Thusly, it would appear that
the station has more than
adequate once they can get the
necessary FM transmitter; all
that remains is to find the
necessary funds for its purchase.
For the purpose of raising the
required money, the Radio Club
has planned several events for
next term. The first of these will
be a “battle of the bands” to be
held in Erie Hall on April 16. They
are hoping to attract college ana
high school students to this event,
and at the same time find out who
is the best band in Erie. Groups
are needed, and prizes will be
offered. In addition to this, there
are other plans which are in the
forming stage at the present.
All the money that is collected
will go towards the purchase of a
50 watt FM stereo transmitter,
complete with stereo generator,
monitors, and antenna. All this
equipment will cost $1,025.00
dollars. After that, the Radio
Gub is counting on university
support to continue the
operations... They are also
next week for additional briefing
on the code and other items. In
the meantime, a number of
studies relating to disciplinary
codes, including state and
national studies as well as those
within the University are being
reviewed by members of the
Council. An open hearing on the
subject will be scheduled at an
early date.
The six subjects covered in the
recommendations on student
participation in academic affairs
include teaching evaluation,
course evaluation, curriculum
evaluation and design, advising
program and advisor evaluation,
prospective faculty
sideration, and research.
counting on purchasing some
used equipment from WJET
radio in Erie.
After the purchase of the
transmitter, the next necessary
step is to apply to the FCC for a
building permit and frequency
allocation. They they have a year
to build the station and run the
necessary tests on the equipment
and submit the results to the
FCC. If all goes well, a license
and call letters will be given to
our Radio Behrend.' After this,
the only remaining problem is to
purchase recorded materials and
find people interested in donating
their time to the station.
At the present time, the club is
hoping to put on the air what the
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The Behrend Circle K is
celebrating Circle K week.
Mayor Tullio of Erie along
with President Nixon ana
others has proclaimed Circle
K week.
Circle K is a college
students service social
organization sponsored by
Kiwanis. There are over
12,000 members of 800 clubs in
the U.S. and Canada. The
Behrend Club’s activities
planned for this week: first, a
joint luncheon meeting held
on Tuesday with the Kiwanis
Club of Erie. It is Kiwanis’
regular meeting, but with
Circle K’s officers running
the meeting. They are:
president, Bill Starn; Vice
President, Jim Raffitto;
secretary, Jack Rechen
bacher; Jim Lauer standing
in for treasurer, Tom
Other activities: peanut
sale both on campus and
downtown on Friday and
Saturday and bringing the
children from St. Joseph’s
Home for children to the
campus on Sunday.
SGA Ends
Up Year
A fraternity for two year
engineering students may soon
be a reality at Behrend. Its
proposed charter was given to the
Constitution Committee during
the March 3 meeting of S.G.A.
Also at that meeting, the SGA
received a report that the library
is requesting additional funds
from the Faculty Senate. This
money would be used to keep the
library open later during each
SGA members learned, too,
that progress is being made on
the Hotline project. A request for
$lO.OO, for a private telephone
line was voiced and granted. An
office has been established.
This week, forms are available
in the SGA office for the use by
members in nominating students
for. the Turnbull Award. This
award will be presented to an
outstanding student at the annual
Honors and Awards Banquet.
Radio Behrend?