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Linda Krebs, Ed Fine, Chris Entinger portray characters in
Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology.
Behrend Players
Sleeping On The
“What’s on this week-end?”
“Spoon River.” “Yeah, but what
is it?”
“Spoon River Anthology”a
dramatized version of Edgar Lee
Masters’ masterpiece depicts the
inhabitants, both real and fic
tional, of the midwestern town
where Masters spent much of his
boyhood. Spoon River in actuality
is an area near Lewistown and
Pertersburg, Illinois.
Masters’ introduced his
characters after their, deaths
when “all“all; Sire'sleepingonithe
hill” in the cemetery where he is
now buried. At this point there is
no reason for them to hide their
individual stories, and so they
confess their failures, joys,
crimes and accomplishments.
They tell not only much about
themsdves, but also much about
Spoon. River.
In an introduction to Spoon
River Anthology, May S wen sen
says,”. . .he (Masters) defends
them. . .not against their sins,
petty or great. . .but against the
•inscrutable punishments and
inequalities life fixes upon us
One of the townspeople
represented is Lucenda Mactock,
based on Masters’ own grand
mother. She represents his ideal
of the undaunted pioneer woman.
The hotline is tentatively
scheduled to start on Friday,
March 12. The service will be in
operation from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.
seven days a week. There will be
a meeting of all volunteers on
Tuesday, March 9, during*
Common Hour. The service will
be used as an information source,
rumor clearing system and also
for problems, in any form, which
may arise. The people manning
the system will be given in
struction in psychology, in
volving the psychological,
problems of severe depression
and other problems. There will
also be information on abortion
and drugs.
The security department will
not be involved with the hotline.
This is a student service, manned
by the students and to be used by
the students. The system will
have its own private telephone
and dialing^through the security
office will not be. necessary.
Volunteers are needed'/ Let’s
curb the popular trend of apathy
on this campus and support this
operation. Come to the meeting
Wtf? Ssttta*uj (EMM
Now his body is buried next to
hers on “the hill.” Others include
Hod Putt, robber and murderer
who is side by side with his
victim, and Daisy Fraser, the
loose but good hearted woman of
the town.
One of Masters’ most affective'
tools is that of irony. The contrast
between ideals and actions is
acute in characters , such as
Deacon Taylor who was fond of
“Spiritus Foumenti” and Lydia
Puckett whose boy friend goes
off to the-army r wfaai'_she finds
herself another man.
Penn State
OK’s Nixon
University Park, February -
Nearly thirty years ago it was
called “pumppriming.”
Ten years ago, “deficit
financing:” and today, “a full
employment budget.” '
Whatever you call it, it is an
expansionist Federal govern
ment fiscal policy designed to
stimulate a lagging economy,
says Dr. R. Hadly Waters,
business analyst at The Penn
sylvania State University.
“It worked for Franklin D.
Roosevelt in the thirties; and for
John F. Kennedy in the sixties;
and it should work for Richard M.
Nixon in the seventies,” con
tinues Dr. Waters, writing on the
national outlook in the current
issue of Pennsylvania Business
“The Administration’s
economic game plan in 1969 and
1970 was designed to slow down
the excessive growth in order to
check price inflation. In one
respect the plan was more than
successful growth was not
merely slowed down, it was
reversed,” the Penn State
analyst says.
The index of industrial
production fell 8 per cent, real
income declined in 1970 for the
first year since 1958, and in
December the unemployment
rate at 6 per cent was the highest
it had been in ten years, up from
3.3 per cent only two years
“Still, at the end of 1970, the
consumer price level was rising
at the fastest rate since the
Korean War”, Dr. Waters says.
“This, effort to check Inflation
by slowing the economy reveals
first, that there is a considerable
lag in the effectiveness of
Government policy; second, that
when a change does finally occur
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New Light On Visitation
The University Senate Tuesday
unanimously approved a rule
which, if approved by University
President John Oswald ..will
guarantee at locations other than
University Park a voice in
determining and implementing
residence hall visitation policies
at their campuses.
Oswald has indicated he will
approve the measure, according
to Dr. Elton Atwater, Chairman
of the Senate Committee on
Undergraduate Student Affairs
(SCUSA) which proposed the
amendment to paragraph (e) of
Senate Rule Z-13.
“At each location of the
University other than University
Park.”, the amendment reads,
“students and faculty shall
participate in the making of these
decisions and the implementation
of local visitation policies.”
Paragraph (e) also states:
“Through procedures regularly
used for the formulation of local
policies, each location of the
University other than University
Park, shall have the privilege of
adopting, modifying, or deferring
action on rule Zl3 in accordance
with local needs.” The rest of rule
Z-13 outlines visitation policy for
University Park, which includes
the controversial 24-hour
visitation option.
Atwater explained that in the
past, “the participation of
student and --faculty varied
considerably" fronr“eampus -to -
campus. We (SCUSA) felt there
it may be more pronounced than
expected; and third, that a
recession does not automatically
halt inflation.”
“So now Administration policy
has been reversed, and efforts
are being made to stimulate the
economy”, Dr. Waters writes. “If
experience means anything, we
can expect that these measures
will be somewhat slow in
achieving their objectives; that
when business activity does begin
to recover the rise may become
quite rapid; and that inflation is
likely to continue, independent of
the state of business, unless more
direct action is taken.
“Lessons in the art of Govern
ment administration of the
economy can apparently be quite
costly. The induced decline of the
past two years cost billions in lost
economic growth; billions in
diminished profits, smaller tax
revenues, and wages lost by the
additional two million unem
“Now we can look forward to
billions more of Federal deficit
spending in the next two years in
an effort to recover. If this effort
is successful, business activity
will then be back about where it
was before the slowdown, but
with prices still rising too fast
and unemployment still too high
at a new ‘normal’ rate of 4 or 4.5
“Surely,” Dr. Waters con
tinues, “there must haive been a
better . way to deal with the
problems of the late sixties.
Hindsight suggests that the story
might have been quite different
had the program read: ‘Stop the
war in ‘69; continue the surtax to
cover expenditures in Vietnam;
impose selective credit curbs;
and put ceilings on price and
wage increases by major in
dustries and unions.’ ”
by Dave Tabolt
APS News Writer
ought to be uniform method for
participation.” he said.
Asked to what extent the
committee intended to guarantee
students and faculty represen
tation, Atwater replied, “I don’t
think we intended this to be
token. We toyed with the idea of
using the words ‘effective par
ticipation’, but how do you define
Atwater explained that the only
measure of enforcement the
Senate can have in this case is to
recommend to Oswald that
something be done if campus
administrators evade the
- students and faculty par
ticipation requirement.
“We really have little power
there,” he said. “This is the area
(student affairs) where the
Senate is merely an advisory
Betsy Harris, a student
member on SCUSA, who is for-
Bill Puka Stars
At Coffee House
While you’re young, put trust in
what you’re needing
‘Cause old advice just gets you to
where you’ve; been
-Bluesky, redearth ,
you' —'•
Don’t take too much guilt with the
things that you want
‘Cause that can be walls around
Try all you dream
Then if you fall
It won’t mean nothing at all.
According to Bill Puka,
“writing a song is much more
like a small scale ‘having a
child.’ Once it has happened you
can’t get over the fact that it is
there and that it’s yours.”
“Nothing At All” is just such a
song to him.
Bill Puka’s songs started out
as quiet, subjective impressions
written for his own enjoyment.
They tell of personal, yet
universal emotions and ex
periences and touch on a mood, a'
sadness, or a sexual desire. Then
came his discovery by Columbia
Records, and his subsequent
recording of his first album
entitled Bill Puka. This album
features Bill on piano and guitar,
merly of Mont Alto Campus, said
she understood student-faculty
participation to mean equal
“I don’t think there will be just
one student and one faculty
member,” she said. “I don’t
think students will stand for
As the Senate approved it the
amendment reflects stronger
language and other modifications
from SCUSA’s original draft. The
part-which, at first read “student
participation should be included”
was altered by the committee
before the Senate met to
specifically guarantee student
Atwater said the words
“Commonwealth Campus” were
omitted to include Capitol
Campus and the Hershey Medical
Center. The words “should be”
were changed to make the
Senate’s position more af
singing his own very personal
Bill’s style has been influenced
most by the music of Laura Nyro
Aaron .Cop Jana. m that
order. His intense, almost
reluctant voice resembles (but
only slightly) . that of James
Taylor. And the only person he
looks like is ... Bill Puka.
Bill Puka will be playing the
Coffee House Circuit at Behrend
on March 11 at 9 and 10 p.m., and
March 12 and 13 at 10, 11, and 12
p.m. in the RUB dining hall.
Admission is free with activity
card and 50c without. Besides
singing and accompaning his own
works on guitar and piano, Bill
also features songs by James
Taylor and Joni Mitchell.
Bill Puka produces music from
the heart. “It is unclear to me
why I write the way I do. Many of
the topics my songs deal with
intrigue me because they are so
alien to my experience whereas
the emotional content of the
songs are mine or are of friends.”
Come to the Coffee House on
March 11, 12, or 13 and ex
perience Bill Puka.
during the Coffee House March
Thursday, March 4, 1971