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Guest Editorial
Can Visitation Be
A Matter Of Age?
In an article based on an interview with Merle
E. Campbell, Dean of Student Affairs for the
Commonwealth Campuses, Dean Campbell
stated reasons why the privilege of 24-hour
visitation policy at University Park would not be
extended to the branch campuses.
In-all due respect to Dean Campbell’s ability
and experience in Student Affairs, I must
adamantly disagree. The main reason given for
the absence of 24-hour visitation at the Com
monwealth Campuses was given as, “The
population is a relatively younger population. ”
Although, this statement is true in fact, it is
hardly reason to exclude the Commonealth
Campuses from 24-hour visitation. Ido not
believe that age determines whether or not a
student is mature enough to accept the
responsibility involved in any visitation
The article went on to quote Dean Campbell as
saying that because, “There are more juniors
and seniors who lend maturity and responsibility
to the residence halls.” Thus, Dean Campbell
appears to believe that a student’s term standing
is directly proportional to his level of maturity
and responsibility.
Dean Campbell also stated, “We don’t have the
staff or facilities at these campuses to properly
maintain security under 24-hour security. ” At
the Behrend Campus the Office of Student Af
fairs has a staff consisting of one Residence Hall
Coordinator, three Hostesses, and 10 Resident
Assistants whose sole purpose is the welfare and
security of the dorms. How much staff is needed
for a dormitory community of fewer than 400
As president of the Student Government
Association at the Behrend Campus,. I feel that
the students at the Commonwealth Campuses
have been unfairly judged, and categorized and
suggest that Dean Campbell reevaluate his
judgements concerning the maturity of the
Commonwealth Campus students and revise the
overall policy dealing with visitation.
The editorials appearing in this
newspaper will be opinionated
and therefore subject to
criticism. All letters that are
typewritten and submitted to the
newspaper staff will be printed
with the exception of those that
are repetitions or in poor taste.
The staff reserves the right to
By David Carr
S.G.A. President
correct or delete portions for the
letters or publication purposes.
All letters must be signed, but
names will be withheld upon
Signed columns represent the
view of the author only and do not
reflect the Editorial policy of the
Nittany CUB.
Letters To The Editor
'Blows Against
The Empire..."
To Whom or Whatever it may
America is not what it was
meant to be in thought. The
dream that led to the birth of this
country bore witness against
itself even as it was conceived.
The land of the free has been free,
only as long as you agree, with
those in power. The. key word
since the conception of that which
is named as America has been
power. Power it was, is, and
appears destined to be.
As the States were founded,
those of this began what now is.
That is this: as they preached the
ideals of life, liberty and yes the
pursuit of happiness, the same
did thus; they chased those who
were here before them from
ancestral lands, they bought
slaves, they lied, they cheated;
aye the same who did the first
followed with the second.
These were they, who in the
days of old layed the foundations
for what is now. So it was said
unto you, “Ye will reap, what ye
have sown.” So too, you are, what
the one before you was. Un
derstand these words, before you
lift your voice to condemn the
mouth uttering these things. For
it is as this; from the one before
you, so those preceding and
following are but one. Do you
think that these years now are the
only which have witnessed your
step upon this earth?
The spirit of America never
was freedom. Its days were spent
before they came into their own.
It never was what it wanted to be.
As a castle built of sand, indeed
did it fall. Not only into the sea,
but also scattered by the four
winds to the corners of the earth.
The civilized ways of this social
order have perverted the world.
Capitalism, dog eat dog, slit your
brothers throat for $2O, and so
forth and oh have been presented
to the world. Americanized,
Variation On A
In A Nixonized
“Nonviolence is not sitting
back, it is resisting.” These
words were spoken by Dr. Ralph
Abernathy, head of the Southern
Christian Leadership Con
ference, at Gannon College
Auditorium last Wednesday:
-Abernathy is probably the
number one leader in the present
civil rights -and poor peoples’
Abernathy started out with an
attack on the War in Vietnam,.the
Space Program, and. the Anti-
Ballistic Missile System. He
called for the elimination of all of
these, with the funds going to help
stop our poverty problem. More
large peace marches are what we
need, according to Abernathy.
When Nixon leaves the White
House, Abernathy suggested that
the Nixons live on $1,900 a year,
the figure which the government
feels a family of three can live on..
A huge sit-in on Wall Street is in-
Abernathy’s plans'for Spring. He
feels this could tie up our military
oriented economy and affect the
government’s disregard for the
poor. Abernathy also cited the
many Black Panther leaders in
jail or out of the country, and felt
that this was an outward attack
on the dissident in the country,
which it most definitely is. When
questioned on the racial problem
in Erie, Abernathy stated that the
people should do something
drastic, such as assemble
downtown and stop all traffic,
and get their case into the open.
Although Dr. Abernathy didn’t
cite many specific solutions, he
instilled much leadership and
mechanized, synthesized
machine world death with
telephone booth marriages and
dial direct dreams...
Those who wave its colors and
those who burn the same, are, at
times, one and the same. “By
your fruits, you are known.”
Your destruction is wrought by
that destruction which you would
give. What will spring forth from
your ashes? Flowers? Nay, but
the growths of the darkness are
what you will reap. For in your
darkness, what Light will nurture
As the spirit was it still is. The
color emphasis did pass and from
the red it sought, turned on the
black it bought. On the black the.
white plenty did trod. They
kicked and pushed sending them
lower and lower. The black was
shown but now they’ve grown.
From the night and fright, they
now stand fast to hate the white.
When will you release yourselves
from the color game? When will
you see thru to be the same?
We are all of. God. Even more
so we are all one with God. Our
soul longs for its return to the
Father. Those who will burden
their hearts with attitudes, hates,
and prejudices, will grow weary
from their self-imposed load and
someday will see fit to the
throwing off of the shackles
binding them to this darkness.
How many things will tie you
down? Think, review your life’s
past and present, and see what
the future shall be. You are what
you are. What are you now? What
can you do about it?
You can be open to the Word, of
which you once heard. Spend all
your days wisely, and by doing so
bring the change to your ways.
“He who has ears to hear, let mm
With respect
where it’s due,
Cosmic Charlie
(Of the Cosmic Rebellion)
By AI Quinlan
Guest writer
dedication to his cause, that of
equality for all people. He was a
powerful orator, and for at least
one evening the blacks of Erie
bad something to hope for in the
Sk'SSK* > •>
sp£ x*W;
February, 25,1971
Does Anybody Know
Who's Who or How?
Dear Cub Editor
I would be interested in
knowing the exact procedure
used in selecting members of
Who’s Who for Behrend Campus.
It seems that specific
qualifications in such areas as
grade point average and in
volvement in co-cutricular ac
tivities are not general public
knowledge either.
If it is true that the students
were recommended by SGA, why
is it that SGA has no real record
of voting on the list of students?
Were they chosen by the whole
Student Government group or by
a committee of one or two
I am not saying that the chosen
students are not qualified. I am
just saying that many students
with high averages, membership
in many organizations on and off
campus, and concern for the
welfare of our school may not
have even been given the chance
of being considered. , '
(Name withheld by
'Sect'* | fjs
by W.T. Efoerlin
CUB Staff Writer
Has anyone ever thought of
budding a raft to Goat down the
rivers of water on the sidewalks?
Think of it, the “Behrend Kon-
The driveway looks as if we had
a war going on with all its holes
and cracks.
What's with the mess in the
crawl-space Mr. Z?--
Breakfast for the cafeteria is ‘
spelled Brake Fast (Danger)
I’ve concluded that the big
green object by the RUB is a
monster ready to devour anyone
with a traffic violation. .
A nuclear reaction on Jupiter
might be enough to set it off and
make it a star, which would burn
the earth completely. Anyone
want to try?