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Erie’s snow has proven too much for many students and
teachers, as these two students found out.
Student Government
Continues Progress
The vacancy for Second
Vice President of SGA, left by
the withdrawal of Phil Hood,
will not be filled. This was
decided by a 16 - 2 vote, taken
at the February 10 of
the SGA, in favor of main
taining the vacancy.
In another Student
Government move it was
decided' that B.ehrend ;would
withdraw' from the OSGA?
This will make them a par
ticipant in the system already
adopted by other Com
monwealth Campuses. In
this system the Presidents of
each SGA will solve their
problems through direct
communications with
University Park. This will
also remove the need for an
OSGA Committee, which will
be changed into an Orien
tation Committee.
The Faculty Evaluation
Committee, headed by Dr.
Tomsic, reported that it has
been met with some dif
ficulties. They must obtain
more computer information
To Have
Facilities have recently been
obtained for a Hotline. This
system will be used as a rumor
clearing house as well as for
anyone who has a need for help or
counciling for any reason; The
people manning this will receive
instruction in basic medical and
psychological matters.
The facilities for this are
available for student use 24 hours
a day. Between the hours of 5
p.m. to 8 a.m., it is considered
that the facility will be in the
most use. The number of hours
are flexible and depend upon the
number of volunteers.
This system is being backed by
the Student Government. In
order to make it work, . the
students of Behrend Campus
must support it. Without
volunteers there will be no
Hotline. So support it. Anyone
interested in volunteering to man
or help it in anyway, contact
Linda Shorey at 899-1173 or Ken
Mushrush 866-0918 or leave your
name and phone number at the
Student Government office.
from University Park before
they can continue operations.
Behrend students are asked
to develop kits and help with
collections on February 21 by
the Heart Association as was
reported by the Community
Action Committee.
Students were also selected
to travel with Mr. Claridge
..and—Dean. ..Lane . to , .other.
Commonwealth Campuses in
the area for the purpose of
promoting Behrend. These
students will be looking for
undergraduates from other
campuses who would like to
transfer to Behrend for their
junior and senior years. This
promotion will start on
February 15.
A Hot Line system, ex
plained by President Dave
Carr and Dean Lane, is under
consideration by Behrend.
Its goal is to provide round
the-clock information for
students, and it will be set up
as soon as possible.
In news from clubs, the
SGA learned that the Radio
Club is requesting an extra
$lOO to buy equipment. A
representative of the club will
attend the next meeting.
The Sail Club charter was
sent back to the members for
some clarification.
The meeting was adjourned
at 7:55 p.m.
For Undergraduates
All undergraduate students wall
meet with their advisor during
the week of February 22-26, 1971,
for the purpose of preparing a
final pre-registration schedule
for the Spring Term. The com
pleted schedule will be turned in
by the student during the first two
weeks in March according to a
pre-arranged schedule. This
schedule will be determined
according to Term standing and
the rigidity of the student’s
program. Associate degree
candidates and Hamot Nursing
students will therefore register
on the first day followed by
baccalaureate students ac
cording to their term standing.
Further details on this schedule
will be published in a later edition
of the Nittany Cub.
CC Press Association
Holds Training Sessions
The Press Association of
Commonwealth Campuses will
provide a special training and
business conference for member
newspapers Friday and Satur
day, February 19 and 20.
“About 100 Commonwealth
Campus editors, reporters,
business managers and ad
vertising people are expected to
get together here at University
Park to discuss common
problems and give their staffs
some specialized training,”
according to Frederick Erb 111,
president of the Press
Attending the conference from
Behrend will be: Sam Bernick,
Ray Geiger, Doug Leichliter,
Rick Martino and Patsy Wheatly.
- Erb said the conference is “an
additional one called by the
editors last fall, mainly to see if
they can’t solve some of their
problems by talking them over
together.” He said that several
hours of the conference will be
devoted to discussion among
groups of various sizes.
“We’re trying to make the
conference much more than just
discussion, however,” Erb said.
He explained that the program
includes several clinics manned
chiefly by professional newsmen
and instructors and aimed at
developing basic skills.
“For example,” he said, “at
the same time editors are being,
shown editing techniques,
reporters will be taught more
advanced news and feature
writing skills and business
managers will talk about ad
vertising and public relations. At
later clinics follow-up topics will
be discussed.”
Several clinics for editors will
be taught by Gerry Lynn
Hamilton. Erb said. Hamilton,
who is general manager of The
Press Association and a former
student at Penn State, returned
this week from a commission in
the Army.
“We also aim to provide a
practical workshop Saturday
morning where the staffs will all
get together, each person taking
his assigned position on a mock
newspaper we’ll complete in four
hours,” Erb said. The four-page
tabloid, known as “The
Newspaper”, was tried in Sep
tember, 1969. It was “very
successful” Erb, who took part in
the exercise, noted.
Erb said additional highlights
The purpose of the second pre
registration is to enable students
to know, before leaving for
Spring Break, precisely what
course cards will be waiting for
him at registration. As classes
are determined to have reached
capacity, the students will be
asked to select a different class
that still remains open. There can
be no students accepted into a
closed-section at this time; any
reopening of sections must be
done on the floor at registration.
All that is necessary for this
procedure to prove successful is
for all of our students to observe
the schedule. We would like to
avoid, if at all possible, the “all
classes to the strong” result of
last Spring’s attempt at such a
of the conference include
legislation (though very little) to
come before the Sixth General
Assembly, and the initial meeting
of a special investigating com
mittee to look into the
organizational structures of
Commonwealth Campus
newspapers. Also, a combination
rap-learning session will be led
by Hamilton Friday night for
those who are interested.
John R. Brutzman, managing
editor of the Centre Daily Times,
a State College daily, will speak
before the assembly oh some
aspect of student journalism.
Erb explained that on most of
Wild French Farce
At Erie Playhouse
“Forty Carats”, a frothy
French farce, utterly
Americanized, will be presented
live on stage at the Warner
Theatre, February 25,1971 at 8:30
p.m. There wifi be only one
performance of this Broadway
Originally “Forty Carats” was
a French play, alliterativelv
called “Quarante Carats”
written by Pierre Barrillet and
Jean-Pierre Gredy, authors of a
To Students
As of February 17, cassette
players have been made
available to all students to be
checked out in the same manner
and subject to the same
regulations as a reserve book.
These cassette units are
available to the students for
overnight use after 9:30 p.m. with
the main goals in mind of
listening to brief resumes’ of
lectures on pre-recorded tapes,
listening to special language
tapes, or listening to special
interest or educational tapes.
At the present time, this
system is just-one step beyond the
planning stage and hopefully will
grow as the students’ needs in
crease. As this system grows,
Mr. Bortnick, head of in
structional services, feels that all
language, human interest, lec
tures and many other fields can
be recorded and made available
to serve all the students. This
type of Listening and Learning
Center can become a real boon to
our educational system.
Blank tapes can be obtained at
Mr. Bortnick’s office so as to
make a recording of the desired
topics. Recordings can be made
either at his office or in the
library where a recorder will also
be made available.
As these cassette units are for
the benefit of the students, they
will not be" checked out to faculty
members for more than a 4-hour
Although this is a new system,
Mr. Bortnick hopes that the
system will service all students in
their field of education. Any
questions should be directed to
Mr. Bortnick.
Thursday, February 18,1971
the campuses little or no formal
journalism instruction is
available, and that in most cases
the only formal training student
newspaper people can get is
through The Press Association.
The newspapers often have
trouble training their own staffs
from year to year, he said,
because of the heavy turnover
rate on the largely two-year
“It is our job to help fill in that
training gap,” Erb said, “and
conferences like the one we are
planning are designed to do just
previous Paris-to-Broadway
smash “Cactus Flower.” David
Merrick gave the choice
assignment of adapting the
Parisian hit for American stages
to Jay Allen, a very talented lady.
The show stars Barbara Britton,
a very successful actress who
starred in about 30 movies.
Barbara Britton is probably best
known to millions for having been
the chief spokesman for Revlon
Time Magazine called the show
“Civilized fun, ... a frothy
French farce, about new marital
modes and manners." “Forty
Carats” proves a person’s, age is
irrelevant when a lady of forty
finds no barriers to love with a
man of twenty-five. Student
tickets will be on sale at the
Warner Theatre Box Office at a
reduced rate of $2.50. To reserve
your seat, call 455-3320 or stop at
the Warner Theatre Box Office
any day from noon until 5:30 p.m.
Who's Who
At Behrend
The following Behrend Campus
students have been chosen as
members of Who’s Who among
students in American Junior
Colleges this year: Krystal
Angevine, David Carr, James
Crawford, Barbara Davies, Mary
C. Entinger, Roy Fronzaglia,
David Geitner, Dennis Hart,
Colleen Healy, Katherine Krahe,
Pete Kwiatek, Michael
McGinley, Denise Muia, John
Musala, Kenneth Mushrush,
Linda Shorey, Gary Thornbloom,
Lana Watkins, Jeff Whitt.
They were chosen on the basis
of academic merit and leader
ship. The students were
recommended by S.G.A. and
approved by the Board of Student
Affairs. They will receive a
certificate of merit and a letter of
congratulations from Who’s Who.
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