The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, January 21, 1971, Image 1

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STAG Party Favorite
Sponsored By Sub
Patrick L. Paulsen, sexual geopolitics, the
narrowly defeated candidate theological proof of the exact
for the Presidency of the location of heaven (with
United States in the 1968 oceanographic maps and
elections, unchallenged charts), the sexual revolution
favorite of the Straight and the role of the stork in the
Talking American Govern- 70's, and naturalism, con
ment (STAG) Party, famed servation, and brilliant
lecturer, philosopher, and ecological hindsight. Mr.
humorist, dynamic TV Paulsen's theories,.developed
personality, and first rate nut under a 1969 Ford Foundation
wili be appearing before - ' Grant and a continuing grant
Behrend audiences on from the California State"
February 4at the Warner Department of Unem-
Theatre. His lecture, entitled, ployment Insurance, have
Pat Paulsen Looks at the 70's, been described by learned
includes such interesting and men and morose alike as
relevent garbage as the role being "stimulating,"
of the student radical in "provocative," and "pretty
Appearing with Pat is the
rock group Alive'N Kickin',
who achieved success with
their hit single "Tighter,
Tighter." Born in the streets
of New York City, the group
believes music to be a con 7
structive way of blasting
themselves out of middle
class life and into a new
generation. AKve'N Kickin'
explodes on stage in an at
tempt to live up to their
A flurry of activities for Winter
Weekend was launched on Friday
night when Behrend’s basketball
team smashed Dußois on the
home court. If the game wasn’t
excitingly close, the Banana
Eating Contest, which followed,
was. The contest, a first at
Behrend, was sponsored by the
Business Club. Howard Leslie
won the $lO prize by downing 12
bananas in 3 minutes. The Boot
Hill Gang from Mercyhurst and
Mike Morey were featured at the
Coffee House in the R.U.B. dining
hall follwoing the Contest.
Because of a lack of flumes,
Saturday’s snow sculpture
contest was cancelled and
toboggan races were
rescheduled. More successful
was Saturday night’s semi
formal dance. Nearly 40 couples,
many for first time, tried such
things as a waltz, a polka, and a
tarantella as well as the usual
dances. The Car-Mels of Erie
provided the music.
Othello, which was based on the
Shakesperian play, was run on
Sunday evening. This movie,
which starred Laurence Olivier
and Maggie Smith, was the final
activity of Winter Weekend.
Howard Leslie, Behrend Banana-Eating Champ, gulps one of the
twelve bananas-he-ate in three minutes, as just part of the Winter
Weekend action.
Sit in on Professor
Paulsen's lecture on the
destiny of the 70's and ex
perience the beat of Alive N'
kickin' on February 4, 8:00
-p.m. at the Warner Theatre.
Tickets are on sale now at the
RUB desk for $1.50, $2.00, and
$2.50 for activity card holders
and $3.00, $3.50, and $4.00 for
all others.
Draft Course. . .
Do you understand the draft
law? What do you do if the draft
board turns you down? How do
you appeal your classification?
These and many other questions
will be answered in a free draft
counseling course here at
Behrend. 'Hie first meeting is to
be held this Sunday (January 24)
at the Seminar room from 12-5
Visitation Discussed
Before Advisory Board
At the first two SGA
meetings of the winter term,
a main topic was the dorm
visitation policy, but this by
no means was the only area of
discussion. At the January 6
meeting, the decision was
made to accept applications
from qualified students to fill
the three vacancies that exist
within the SGA. Also, Colleen
Healy was appointed to fill
the vacant secretarial
position. Dean Lane spoke of
the possibility of a program
on human sexuality to be held
here, which would involve
both formal speakers and
“buzz sessions” including
students and faculty. Next,
the Union Board announced
that it will present Pat
Paulsen and “Alive and
The January 13 SGA
meeting was highlighted by
the presence of the Advisory
Board, which was invited to
hear discussion on the
visitation policy. •_ “Old
Business” included both the
possibility of having copies of
“The Daily Collegian” on
campus and of being able
next year to use Behrend
meal tickets at other PSU
The new parking
regulations for the Reed Lot
were explained by “Deacon”
as necessary for snow
The first meeting will be a brief
introduction to draft counseling
and what is entailedr If there is
enough interest at the first
meeting, then additional courses
will be sponsored. Tim Muzzio,
co-worker at the Erie Draft Law
Center, says, “The purpose of the
course is to educate attendants to
counsel in an impartial and ob
jective manner in respect to the
Selective Service System and
Enlistment Procedures.”
Mr. Pat Mertens, Director of
the Erie Draft Law Information
Center, will be teaching the
session. Mertens is a former
Peace Corps worker and was
engaged in draft counseling while
a graduate student at the State
University at Binghamton. He
says the draft laws are becoming
increasingly complex and draft
counseling explains-the various
choices a man has when he is of
draft, age. Also, it explores the
possibilities that are open to you
upon entering the armed forces.
Some of the topics that will be.
discussed are enlistment
procedures, conscientious ob
jectors, hardship deferments,
and a general understanding of
the draft law.
So far, some 20 people have Group IV is composed prin
registered for the course. The cipally of trade and labor jobs,
course js open to students, an d does not require any
faculty, and administration, examination
Another note, the course is not It is g rea Uy stressed that
open only to men. . .so far 3 . , , , ~ _
women have signed up. If you’d an y° ne interested shotdd apply
~ • <;/>.• i-, .. as soon as possible. The latest
" (Continued possible application date for
Left to right: B.J. Walker, Fredrick F. Jones, Allyn S. Wright
Jim Crawford, Dr. Richard Eisenberg, and R.C. Reed.
removal, and a committee of
three dorm and three com
muting students was called to
analyze the situation. Dave
Carr announced that there
would be a conference at
Beaver, January 16 and 17,
attended by 13 campuses
including Behrend, the
purpose being to discuss the
continuation of OSGA. The
Political Activity Committee
Could You
A Summer
As almost everyone knows, the
squeeze will be on for jobs next
summer. For those with the
proper background, it is quite
possible that you may qualify for
a summer job in a Federal
The jobs are divided into four
groups of varying types of work.
Group I has the largest number of
available positions that range
from postal work to specialized
positions requiring educational
background. Applicants must
take the IV2 hour Summer Em
ployment Examination.
However, science majors with 2
years of college and a 3.0
average, or students in a non
major with a 3.5 average are not
required to take the test.'
Group II covers a small
number ot jobs with the Forest
Service, National Park Service,
and the State Department among
Group 111 requires a bachelor’s
degree and includes such varied
positions as Foreign Agricultural
Service, Environmental Health
Service, Social and Rehabilit
ation Service along with many
stated that a draft counseling
course would be held on
campus Sunday, January 24
from noon to 5:00 p.m. So far,
20 students have registered.
Other topics included
faculty evaluation, the Flying
Club Charter, associate
degree graduation at
Behrend, and SGA office
competing in the written
examination is February 3, while
the test will be administered once
each month from January to
March 1971. The deadline for
filing applications in Groups 111
and IV is April 15, 1971, unless
individual agencies specify
Anyone interested should see
the office of Student Affairs as
soon as possible.
Sometime during Winter Term,
a meeting will be held to advise
students in finding summer
employment, either with a
Federal agency, or locally.
There has been a great deal of
misunderstanding regarding the
recent flier circulated by the
Food and Housing people
regarding transfer to University
Park Campus for the Summer
and Fall Term' 1971. Behrend
Campus Policy on this will be the
same as it has been in the past.
No such requests will be accepted
earlier than the term before the
one in which the student expects
to transfer with the single ex
ception of Fall Term Transfer
Requests which are processed
during the Spring Term. These
requests should be completed by
the student and returned to Mr.
Goetz in Academic Affairs within
the first ten (10) calendar days of
the term.