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Member of
Sty* Press Asssriattxm
of Clanipsfs
Editor-in-chief VICKIE CASKEY
Sports Editor ROGER SAGER
Assistant Sports Editor MIKE McGINLEY
Format Editor PAUL TABOLT
Advertising JUNE POST
I Staff: Carolyn Beck, Doug Brower, Paula
| Brunner, Mike Cox, W.T. Eberlin, Ray Geiger,
| Barb Giles, Ginny Koontz, Mike McGinley,
1 Sudee Potter, Chuck Roberts, Kathlene Sparks,
I Chris Watkins, Patsy Wheatly.
qp® National Educational Advertising Services
\ / A DIVISION OF * "V7*
j j 36Q Lexington Ave., New York, N: Y. 10017 I I
New CUB Editor
For Winter Term
by Gary Thornbloom
Managing Editor
The post of Editor-in-chief for the Nittany CUB will be filled by
present staff member Ray Geiger. This was decided at the
December 1 meeting of the Board of Publications by a nearly
unamimous vote. The position was open due to the upcoming,
transfer of the present Editor-in-chief, Miss Vickie Caskey.
Ray Geiger will officially begin his duties Winter Term of this
year. However, he has assumed a portion of his responsibilities
already. This term has been a busy one as Ray has had to learn
many tilings under the wings of format Editor Paul Tabolt, and the
watchful supervision of Vickie Caskey, as well as the rest of the
Harmony is an integral part of putting a paper together and the
CUB staff works very hard trying to present a truly independent
student voice. The new Editor-in-chief will hold an organizational
meeting at the beginning of Winter Term. Signs will be placed
around campus stating the time. All interested persons who feel
they have some sort of experience, talent, ideas, suggestions or
anything to offer are urged to attend. If you don’t like meetings you
can fed welcome to stop in the CUB office any time, this term or
next term or whenever. For those of you who don’t like being
committed to membership on a staff, feel free to write letters to the
editor. For those of you too lazy to do anything, quit your bitchin’!
To our present Editor-in-chief, Miss Vickie Caskey, on behalf of
the CUB Staff I wish to extend our sincere thanks for fine leader
ship, and encouragement, as well as best wishes for the Main
Campus future. Also on behalf of the staff, I would like to extend
our sincere welcome to our new Editor-in-chief, Ray Geiger. The
CUB Staff is looking forward to a prosperous New Year under our
new editor and looks forward to response from the student body.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See .you next
Those Going
I. Registration for all
Graduate and Undergraduate
students will be held in
Recreation Building on Tuesday,
January 5, 1971, from 8 a.m. to 5
p.m. and Wednesday, January 6,
1971, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (There
will be no registration activation
in the Hub ballroom)
A. You will register ac
cording to the time and date
printed on your Advance
Class Assignment Schedule
(available from Adviser,
week of November 23,1970).
Do not follow the schedule
printed in the Winter 1971
schedule of classes.
B. You must present the
following for admission to
Recreation Building.
1. Advance Class Assignment
Schedule (Pre-registration
2. Student ID Card
3. Bursar’s Fee Receipt for
Winter Term
4. “Revised” No. 2 Card if
revising Winter Schedule.
5. No. 2 Card for Spring
Term, 1971, if planning to
enroll for Spring Term.
A. Adjunct, Adjunct Em
ployees, Non Pre-registered C. Pre-registration course
continuing students, new assignments will be cancelled
Graduate Students and Ad- for late registrants. N
Instructions For
To Main Campus
vanced Standing Students, i.e.
transfers from another in
stitution, will register ac
cording to the following
Wednesday, January 6,1971
A-C ' 3:00
D-G 3:15
H-L 3:30
M-P 3:45
Q-S 4:00
T -Z 4:15
B. You must present the
following for admission to
Recreation Building:
1. Student ID Card (or
Authorization to Enroll card)
2. Bursar’s Fee Receipt for
Winter Term
3. No. 2 Card for Winter Term
4. No. 2 Card for Spring
Term, 1971, if planning to
enroll for Spring Term
(except adjuncts)
A. Unless prior arrangement
has been made with the
Records Officer, any student
who fails to meet his
designated time will be
considered a late registrant.
B. Students who register late
will be charged $lO.OO in
accordance with Senate Rule
*7oe& % £
by W.T. Eberlin
CUB Staff Writer
For those of you who came to
Behrend from out of town, the
little bit of snow we had last
Monday is typical Erie weather:
nothing to get all shook up about.
Besides, compared to a real
snow-storm back in ‘56, this could
be called good weather. Shovel
on, Shovel on.
I finally got to meet Deacon. The
only regret I have is that I didn't
get around to meet him sooner. I
hope the rest of you who haven’t
met him yet will do so pretty
I wonder why colleges don’t have
the first day of deer season off:
it’s always on a Monday. Don’t
the administrators realize that
some of us enjoy the experience
of being out in the woods and
hunting? Maybe someday they’ll
awaken to the fact that we like to
some of these things.
How many of you guys read what
sex and beard growth, how they
go together? It’s in this month's
“Good Day Sunshine”
I hope the two guys who threw
and kicked the telephone dial
around ‘til it broke enjoyed doing
it. Maybe next time you’ll be
caught and you won’t be laughing
like you are.
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business manager of The Daily
Collegian are ex-officio members
of the Board, and are hired each
spring by the Board. The
Collegian’s paid professional
advisor acts as executive
secretary of the Board.
Two undergraduate members
of the Board, Joel Magaziner and
Lawrence Heaps, were among
several persons found guilty of
forging election petitions by the
UDG Supreme Court last month.
Investigations of alleged petition
forgeries followed extensive
news and editorial coverage by
the Daily Collegian.
Get Into The
Spirit Of
The Holiday
Schedule another dose of
holiday spirit for tonight at 8 p.m.
in the RUB Lecture Hall.
Behrend’s musicians, singers
and readers are joining company
to present “A Holiday Festival,”
a program of seasonal songs,
prose and poetry.
The program is a potpourri of
Christmas entertainment in both
the traditional and contemporary
manner. “We Need a Little
Christmas” from the Broadway
musical Mame will be one of the
chorus numbers. The Brass
Ensemble will perform a set of
traditional holiday songs with the
“new” sound, and the band will
present an up-dated version of
“The Twelve Days of Christ
An unusual experience on an
old-fashioned Christmas Eve is
the subject of. Vicki Rank’s
reading from the novel, “A Tree
Grows in Brooklyn.” Linda
Krebs and Brad Evans will read
“Christ Climbed Down”
providing the audience with a
comment on Christmas by
Leonard Ferlinghetti, spokesman
for the “beat” generation.
Other musical numbers and
readings will round out the
program which is open free of
charge to Behrend faculty, staff
and students and their friends.
All are cordially invited.
“There’s Something
Happening Here.”
Trees and decorations go up,
parties are planned and spirited
chatter fills the air. What is all
this bustle about?
Christmas is approaching.
How many people stop to think
what the celebration of Christ
mas means? It is to'honor the
birthday of Christ, the son of God,
on this earth.
What was the purpose of
Christ’s birth on the earth? In
Matthew we can read that the
angel told Mary that she would
Good-bye To You!
The following students will
transfer to University Park for
the Winter Term 1971, according
to Mr. Kenneth Goetz of the
Resident -Instruction Office:
Lance Anderson, Marilyn Ben
dig, Vickie Caskey, Bradford
Cass, Christopher Crowley,
Kimberly Cunningham, Charlene
Diss, Harry Doe, Darrell
Frederick, Matthew Hannon,
Joan Heymann, Linda Hofer,
Herry Juretus, Jack Kessler,
Bulletin Bored
Christmas Residence Hall and Food Service Schedule
December 11
December 12
Sunday January 3
January 5 &6
Classes for Winter Term 1971 will begin on Thursday, January 7,
1971 at 8:00 a.m. Earlier publications listing the starting date as
January 11 were in error. Students who fail to report for classes at
this time will be considered absent..
Students should be reminded of the necessity of reporting to Erie
Hall at the times designated for completing their registration. NO
course cards will be held for students who fail to report at the
designated times;, it will then be necessary for such students to
secure all of his courses on the floor. Students reporting for
registration after January 6, 1971 will be considered Late
Registrants and will be charged the $lO.OO fee in accordance with
Senate Rule G-2.
Mr. Baughman would like to express his gratefulness to the
faculty, students and staff for their patience and understanding
during last week’s snowstorm.
By Patsy Wheatley
CUB Staff Writer
call her child Jesus because “He
will save his people from their
sins.” Christ was a kind of gift.
John 3:16 tells us that God loved
the world so much that He sent
Christ to us. Anyone who accepts
Him as Lord and Savior will not
die but will have eternal life.
Remember the true spirit of
Christmas now and throughout
the rest of the year. Keep Christ
in Christmas. Take time to be
thankful for Christ and his deep
love for us.
Phyllis Kulik,. Mark Lewis,
Christine Louden, Leslie
McKinney, Dale Nichols,
Richard Oshlick, Elizabeth
Parshewski, Paula Paschke,
Douglas Peters, Victoria Rank,
Jermy Reinhart, Iris Roadarmel,
Michael 'Rodak, Roger Sager,
Katherine Schulte, Keith
Williams and Anne-Marie
Jorgenson. Any students not on
this list should check with Mr.
Geotz in the Main Building.
Last Day of Finals
Residence Halls Close 4:00 p.m.
Breakfast last meal served.
Residence Halls open 12:00 p.m'.
Supper first meal served
Winter Term Classes
Thank You
(fen' 1
December 3,1970