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Behrend Brightened
By Holiday Spirit
Dave Carr at Hanging of the Greens
Section Quotas
Filled Randomly
Preliminary class tallies
have indicated that there
exist severe imbalances in
several sections of certain
courses. To rectify this
situation, Mr. Kenneth J.
Goetz, Administrative
Assistant in Academic Af
fairs. has announced that
class lists for these sections
will be determined by
“Priority will be given
primarily according to term
standing, although students
for whom switching classes
would create conflicts with
other courses will also be
given very high con
sideration. The computer
will then proceed to fill in
dividual section quotas at
“In all fairness to every
student, no preference can be
shown to students who must
work. A student’s primary
concern while he is here is his
studies. Any recreation or
employment must, given this
priority, be fit around a
student’s studies. It has been
my experience that part time
employment schedules are
infinitely more flexible than a
college’s class timetable.”
“I realize that this will
displease many of our
students,” Mr. Goetz added,
“but this is most probably the
fairest way of rectifying this
situation. If a student finds
the schedule which he
receives at registration
absolutely unacceptable, he
can then attempt to switch
courses either at registration
or through the standard Drop-
Add procedure realizing, of
course, that many courses
and sections will then be
Sty? Nittamj (5318
The courses and sections
that will be affected by this
procedure include Ac
counting 102. Section 1;
Biology 11, Section 1 and 2;
Chemistry 12, Section 1:
Econ. 4, Section 1: EE 809,
Section 2: EE 319. Section 2;
EG 10. Section 2: EG 12,
Section 2; E. Mch. 12. Section
2: English 3. Sections 2, 3. 4
ands: English 1. Sections 1. 2.
3 and 4; History 18, Section 2;
Math 62, Section 3; ME 805,
Section 1: Ph. Ed. 1, Section 4
and 7; Physics 151. Section 1;
Psych. 1. Section 3; Sociology
1, Section 1 and 3; Speech 200,
all sections. Students
enrolled in these courses and
sections should expect ad
justments in their schedules.
Executive committee members
expressed strong concern over
the viability ana future of the
Organization of Student
Government Associations
(OSGA) at their first meeting
following the organization’s
recent fall conference.
Noting growing apathy towards
the University Park coordinating
efforts of the executive com
mittee on the part of the Com
monwealth Campuses, members
raised serious questions about
their purpose and productivity.
Leading off the sometimes
emotional debate, Ed Swierc
zawski expressed grave concern
over the release of the OSGA
agenda for an informal
discussion with University
President John Oswald.
The agenda, which raised a
furor among Commonwealth
Campus deans, leveled serious
charges against unnamed deans.
OSGA has since sent a letter of
APS News Editor
Bv Dave Tabolt
The snowdrifts disappeared
with the Thanksgiving vacation.
Yet, the Christmas Holiday
Season has been officially
launched at Behrend and more
snow will soon follow. The
Hanging of the Greens, the major
Holiday event at Behrend, was
held Monday night in the Behrend
Chapel in the Wintergreen Gorge
Cemetery. Students, staff and
friends crowded into the tiny
chapel to pay tribute to the
Behrends’ son, Warren, who was
killed in an automobile accident
many years ago. The group also
sang Christmas carols and
listened to readings of the
Christmas story.
After the annual Christmas
service, everyone was treated to
spirited Christmas music by the
Erie Symphonic Singers and
refreshments in the Quiet Lounge
of the RUB.-
The “Controlled Curiosity”
provided the music for a jammy,
which was held in front of the
mailroom after 9 p.m.
Schedule Released For
Winter Term Registration
.Registration will be held in
Erie Hall for all Undergraduate
students on Tuesday, January 5,
1971 and Wednesday, January 6,
1971 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30
p.m. Students with 4th term
standing or higher will report on
Monday, January 4, 1971 to meet
with their advisers preparatory
to their registration the following
day. Similarly. Freshmen
students will meet with their
advisers on Tuesday, January 5,
preparatory to their registration
on Wednesday. Students will see
their final schedules at this time
and will be able to discuss
possible alterations with their
adviser at the same time.
All students must bring the
following with them to complete
their registration:
1) Student ID Card
2) Bursar's Fee Receipt Card
for Winter Term 1971.
3) Complete Number 2 Card
with adviser's signature
Swierczawski noted, “We’ve
got the SGA presidents upset with
us already. Now if the deans turn
against us the SGA’s will pull out.
We’d better get the deans back if
we want this organization to
Deeper problems appear to
widen the OSGA-SGA split,
however. “The Commonwealth
Campus presidents were made to
feel like beans at the regional
meetings,” contended Claudia
Hulick. “I feel we’ve forgotten
we’re working for them.”
Nancy Markley buttressed the
remarks saying, “The SGA’s are
interested in benefits for their
campuses, but they can’t see it
through.the OSGA. There seems
to be a lack of communications.”
Passing remarks were offered
about possible restructuring of
OSGA, but no action was taken.
The executive committee left
with the question of Swierczawski
ringing in their ears: “How do
we get them back?” At this point
no one seems to know.
Pennsylvania Newspapers
Voice Support For McHugh
The recent actions against the
editor and a reporter of The Daily
Collegian by its publisher has
caused several Pennsylvania
newspapers to voice their con
The Board of Collegian, In
corporated; suspended Editor
Rob McHugh and reporter Rod
Nordland last November 13, and
ordered McHugh to print an
apology to the Black Student
Union (BSU) at Penn State.
BSU had complained about
information published by The
Collegian that a reporter had
secured by eavesdropping on
their meeting after he had been
asked to leave.
Editorials supporting McHugh
and Nordland appeared in the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Centre
Daily Times, The Pittsburgh
Press and The Pennsylvania
Mirror, all dailies. The Press
called the action, “unwarranted
and unjustified,” and “all the
more shameful that such
All students will register ac
cording to the following
Tuesday. 1)5/71 (4th Term -t-)
8:30- 9 *3O Het-KJ
9:00- 9:30 Kl-Loc
9:30- 10:00 Lof-Mer
10:00-10:30 Mes-Par
10:30-11:00 Pas-Rod
1:00- 1:30
1:30- 2:00
2:00- 2:30
2:30- 3:00
3:00- 3:30
3:30- 4:00
4:00- 4:30
Wednesday (Freshmen)
8:30- 9:00 HI
9:00 - 9:30 J-Kr.
9:30-10:00 Ku-Mc
1:00- 1:30
1:30- 2:00
2:00- 2:30
2:30- 3:00
3:00- 3:30
3:30- 4:00
One of the many affected by last week’s snow storm.
repression should be sanctioned
by individuals who themselves
profess to be champions of
academic freedom.”
In an editorial entitled “News
Suppression at Penn State,” the
Post-Gazette said “Editor
McHugh and reporter Nordland
should be getting the com
mendation and support of
everyone at Penn State rather
than the unjust penalty by a
misguided Collegian Board.”
Both The Associated
Press (AP) and United Press
International (UPI) carried the
story of the suspension, which
appeared in newspapers across
the state.
“I can understand the concern
of those involved,” Teresa Borio,
president of the Board of
CoLegian, Incorporated, told
APS. "But I consider it an
overaction,” she said.
Miss Borio said the Board had
received numerous letters and
that it is aware of public reaction.
But she said that the Board
would probably not change its
decision, and that as far as she
knew’ the Board’s “treatment of
the matter is over.” Miss Borio
indicated that the Board had met
since the directive was issued,
and that public sentiment had
been discussed at that meeting.
A later story in the Penn
sylvania Mirror noted that
“suspended Collegian Editor
Robert J. McHugh took the line
reading ‘B4 years of editorial
freedom’ from the masthead.”
McHugh called the omission a
"subtle protest against
restrictions that had been placed
on us" and said "specifically
some articles related to PSU and
The Collegian" had prompted the
Sco - Ste
A letter in the Daily Collegian
from former executive secretary
of the Board of Collegian, In
corporated. Donna Clemson,
said, “this is the first time I’ve
ever been ashamed of my
association with vour Board.”
Br - Con
Coo - Dz
E- Gei
“I’m only sorry I'm not still
executive secretary and advisor
so that I could put my money
where my mouth is and back up
my letter to you with my
resignation,” Mrs. Clemson
The Board of Directors of
Collegian, Incorporated, is
composed of six faculty ap
pointees of the University Senate,
six undergraduate students
appointed by the Undergraduate
Democratic Government (UDG)
president and two graduate
students appointed by the
Graduate Student Association
(GSA) council. The editor and
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