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Behrend Finally
Finds Its High
by Gary Thornbloom
Managing Editor
Last Friday evening while
walking on the damp corpse of a
path through the dismal rain (a
mist of sorts), we pondered tales
of the coming Eve of the 31st.
Wandering is a favorite game of
ours and while passing under
trees by the house of com
manding options, we chanced to
gaze upon a dimly lit structure
laying on the opposite side of our
patn and could only wonder as to
what games this table turned
house of actors gave cove to.
Five figures we had followed
from Supermans den of iniquity
stopped at the double door and
without knocking entered. As the
door closed the night again
engulfed us and we decided
rather than exposing ourselves to
the menacing eyes across the
road that we should chance ac
ceptance at the house.
Timidly we approached the
peaceful little building. Once at
the door my companion
hesitated, but I fearing those
eyes, and the cold rain, as well as
being curious as to the activities
of this place, quickly lifted the
latch and we entered in...
It was warmer inside and
people scurried about doing all
sorts of. things. Straight ahead
stood a table filled with all kinds
of food which was inviting to all
and was free to all, without
regards as to race, creed, or
activity card status.
At the far end of the room
smiling faces gazed into
emerging orange creations of
that Eve. A white cloth covered a
fireplace and above a purplish
light set little bottles of aflame
with color. Music flowed forth
from the two speakers'
symetrically gracing the
Around the center of the room
sat all sorts of persons, eating,
rapping, grooving to the music,
digging the scene in general. .
..all tripping to the tune of other
people. Maybe the comos of the
cosmic revolution have taken
Well we stood there not quite
knowing what to do and just as we
had not quite decided (as usual)
what course to take a friendly
voice said “hi!”, welcoming us
and bidding us to create what we
could out of the orange fruit of
that coming Eve.
We then found a fine round
specimen with which to carve out
or work. After we had completed
a sign of universal hopefulness
we retired to a chair facing the
white canvass.
Onto this whiteness little
squares and circles fluttered
about at play with one another.
Another show of this same type
was shown later. Between the two
a scene of mankinds path through
history, reflected now in the
American Way, was projected
onto the white in a riddle of a
Later as we sat in comfort
eating the food and drinking our
fill, next to friends, we watched
as others emptied the colored
bottles by use of a brush onto
white strips crossing the floor.
After a while a guitarist ap
peared up front on a chair and
sang ballads of life. All music is a
tale of living, when played well,
and this musician played well.
When a couple of songs had
passed from this guitarist’s inner
self and on out across the strings
and his voice had given utterance
to meaningful lyrics, he passed
his instrument on to another. The
new fellow, our host, sang and
strummed some campfire sing
along type songs and many joined
him in harmony.
The hours went by and as we
decided to part from this
merrymaking we made straight
for this fine man who, along with
his companions, had undertaken
the cause of presenting us with
the gift of a rewarding evening.
We thanked him very sincerely
from our hearts for a great time.
We also promised to pass our
experience along and to en
courage those who didn’t make it
to catch the next Friday Night On
Campus, brought to you by
Wandering Minstrel To
Appear Here Nov. 12-13
By Gary Thornbioom
Managing Editor
One week from now you will
have the opportunity to ex
perience a wandering minstrel by
the name of Ted Warmbrand.
Mr. Z related to me the
background concerning just how
Ted has come to be playing at
Behrend. The whole thing is
extremely informal sounding.
Ted called Z and said he’d like to
play at our college. He listed as
his musical instruments, guitar,
harp, banjo, and anything he
picks up on the way.
Ted likes to play anywhere.
Lawns, backyards, street cor
ners, RUB dining halls,
anywhere at all really. He
sounds like a friend from my
past. Like my friend I imagine
Ted plays “real fine.”
Thinking of Mr. Zimmerman’s
story of Ted’s correspondence
with him brings to mind some
“Nobody stopped to hear him
Though he played so sweet
Sub Brings
Mark Twain
If he were alive, Mark Twain
might like to visit Behrend next
Saturday night. That is when
Tom Noel, a prominent Broad
way actor, will perform “A
Treasury of Mark Twain.” The
material Mr. Noel will be using
was prohibited from publication
by Mark Twain himself until 50
years after his death.
Tom Noel is known for his
appearances on Broadway, with
the Musical Tent Theatres, on
Television, and in motion pic
tures. , (His television ap
pearances include Hallmark Hall
of Fame, Edge of Night, Secret
Storm, and The Doctors while his
most recent motion pictures are
Funny Girl and the Boston
This “Mark Twain at Home”
presentation will be given by Mr.
Noel on Saturday, November 14
in the RUB Lecture Hall at 8:00
p.m. It will be free with an ac
tivity card and $l.OO without a
“Political Activities Of
Colleges Arid Universities...”
Colleges and universities that
engage in political activities,
including recesses to permit
students and faculty to campaign
in the fall elections, expose
themselves to serious legal
penalties, a new study published
by the American Enterprise
Institute for Public Policy
Research indicated recently.
The Special Analysis, written
by a Yale law professor and two
tax attorneys, said the un
certainly surrounding in
terpretation of the Internal
Revenue Code regarding political
activities by our educational
institutions should indicate ex
treme caution by university
The schools could lose their tax
exemptions under the Internal
and high
They knew he had never
Been on their TV
So they passed his music by.
I meant to go over and ask
for a song
Maybe put on a harmony..
I heard his refrain
As the signal changed
He was playing real good, for
Joni Mitchell
While the possibility of his
playing anywhere is likely, he
will be in the RUB dining hall
from 8:00 to ?, on Thursday and
Friday, November 12 and 13.
This is the second act of the
Coffee House Circuit. The first,
Roger and Wendy, was ap
preciated by everyone who took
the time to catch one of their
shows. More of you will hopefully
drop in on Ted’s shows. The cost
is activity card holders free and
all others 50c. (A rip off!) While
I damn the activity cards, I urge
you to support the coffee house
by your attendance.
Or Other”
“Autumn Something or Other”
is the title of Behrend’s
1971 homecoming weekend.
Scheduled for November 6 -8, all
students, alumni, and their
parents are invited to participate
in the numerous events.
The weekend will get under
way with a Candle Light Dinner
on Friday night from 4:45 to 6:00
p.m., and is $1.70 for those not
holding meal tickets. The dinner
will be followed by a Jammy
from9:oop.m. to 1:00a.m. Place
and group for the Jammy will be
announced. Admission is free for
activity card holders and $l.OO for
all others.
Saturday’s activities begin on
the soccer field at 11:00 a.m. with
the first soccer match. The
championship game begins at
1:00 p.m. During both games the
Student Union Board will sponsor
a Chili Thing on the field. The
menu also includes crackers, hot
chocolate, and pop.
Revenue Code and officials of the permit a private citizen to
universities could expose compel the Internal Revenue
themselves to criminal sanctions Service to act in the face of a
for violation of the Federal clear violation of the statute if the
Corrupt Act. Internal Revenue Service refuses
The analysis, entitled Political to take the initiative itself,” the
Activities of Colleges and authors declared.
Universities - Some Policy and They based their interpretation
Legal Implications, was written on a recent civil rights case in
by Yale law professor Robert H. which the government was or-
Bork and tax attorneys Howard dered to stop issuing.exemption
G. Krane of Chicago and George rulings and approving deductions
D. Webster of Washington, D.C. to private schools in Mississippi
The advisory panel to the without first ascertaining that the
authors consisted of four other schools were not operated on a
tax attorneys, the president of a segregated basis,
university, the dean of law In a suit brought by a citizen
school, and two professors of law. against IRS involving a
“American universities are university, the analysis said, IRS
alive with political activity,” the could not argue that the tax law is
analysis reported. “Though this neutral.
activity reaches its peak in the
November congressional elec
tions, the phenomenon is not new.
“Within the past few years this
country, along with many others,
has experienced an un
precedented upsurge of political
activism on its campuses. A
major aspect of this development'
is the increasing demand that
universities and colleges commit
themselves to political action in a
variety of ways and in a variety
of causes.
“If such demands are acceded
to, universities may make
.themselves liable to serious legal
Much of the ambiguity over
interpretation of the Internal
Revenue Code results from the
lack of fundamental discussion
about political action by
universities at the time of
passage of the laws, the authors
They wrote that universities
could be damaged irreparably,
either -by unsophisticated ap
plication of legal controls or by
the continued growth of
uninhibited political activism on
Even though the Internal
Revenue Service might decide
not to act against a university,
the analysis said, a private
citizen may have the right to
bring suits to force IRS to act.
“The law may well be
developing in such a way as to
A coffee house is planned for
9:00 Saturday night in the RUB
dining room. Local talent in
cluding Eric Walker, Sue Goul
and Scott Huntington will provide
entertainment. Admission is free
for card holders and 50c for non
The car rally on Sunday af
ternoon begins at 2:00. Drivers
should register beforehand at the
RUB desk. Entry fee is 75c and
$1.25. The fun begins when all
pilots and navigators check in at
the Erie Hall parking lot at 12:30
Sunday. Running time is ap
proximately two hours. Trophies
will be awarded to the winners,
and each participant in the rally
will receive a Surprise Award.
Homecoming ends with the
presentation of the ' movie
Camelot on Sunday night at 7:00
and again at 9:45. The fee is 50c
with activity card and $l.OO
The authors said they were
“not able to agree fully” with
guidelines set down by the
American Council on Education
which would authorize a
university to rearrange its
schedule to permit faculty and
students to participate in political
“There may be no problem if
the academic calendar is
rearranged as a permanent
matter and this decision is taken
without reference to particular
issues and campaigns,” the AEI
“But there would appear to be
at least the possibility of danger
if the calendar is rearranged at
the request or demand of groups
within the university community
that the university knows intend
to take one side in a campaign.
“In such circumstances,
arguably, the university may be
contributing to the campaign just
as much as if it ran a voter
registration drive that it knew
would substantially aid one
candidate rather than the other.
Making up the classes missed in
rearrangement of the calendar
may avoid the charge that the
university indirectly financed
candidates, but it does not avoid
the reality of a dramatic in
tervention in the campaign.”
Campus newspapers, however,
are more or less free to support
the candidates of issues they
choose, the analysis said.