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Volume XXI—No. 26
Dave Carr Elected
Outlines Policies
Dave Carr and his two running
mates Phil Hood and Tom Dwor
mrrski are the Behrend. Campus
Student Government _Association
President and Ist and 2nd vice
presidents respectively. Off-cam
pus representatives, elected - last
Tuesday and Wednesday, are Ken
":„MushrUsh, Jim. Berry, Sue Vamos,
.Gary Phanco, and Barb Schneid
er. Those on' - campus reps are
Lana Watkins,' Andrea Starr,
Leslie Idelanney - ,*Jim Crawford,
Linda Shorey, Tim Muzzio and
Georgette McGinty.
The President explains his Pol
icies and views thusly.
As concerned students, and students
who are running for elective office,
we intend to, publish several such
,•apers in an attempt to inform the
student body of our proposals'. In. this
attempt. we plan _not only to present
-` our ideas and plans to the student'
body but also- present our ways - and
methods to implement these ideas,
thus giving the student body the en
tire picture.
S.G.A. Bulletin Board
Many _Behrend students are - un
aware of the S.G.A. and their work.
Thus, these students have no way of
knowing what matters - the S.G.A. has
under consideration, what issues are
being acted upon, or how S.G.A. has
- , -been handling such continuing prob
lems as• *University involvement etc.
Therefore, we propose-that the 'S.G.A.
By Gary Thornbloom
CUBMarinil!) . g Editor
The last few weeks have wit
--nessed the rattling of a few minds
here at tranquil Behrend. Student
apathy now has the potential for
the beginning of student power.
Back patting is not in order pet
because there 'is still a long way
The proposed boycott of class
es ' , over the "Behrend 3" issues
died due to lack of interest. Mr.
Kochel takes round one but
ghosts of the past may haunt him
at a later date.
It appears at this time that
both the (faculty and students are
letting the "Behrend 3" rest in
peace. If the faculty can't find it
in themselves to support the prin
ciples involved, then the students
can't be expected to fight their
Ideas-thrown around over past
weeks have included students
having a voice in the hiring and
firing of faculty members. Faculty
members don't seem to support
this idea. and it Is now apparent
why. A few of the more apathetic
'4-teachers could stand to lose their
- lobs if this ever came about.
Students appear to have had
the fire lit under them-and meet
ings were abundant this week.
Wednesday 4th period the quiet
lounge was alive with more than
the typical night life which is the
usual high point of the quiet
lounge. -
Students gathered to discuss
problems relevant to our campus
and our country. Students , return..
tng from Washington opened the
purchase and secure permanent place
ment of a bulletin board. - Thus, •af
fording the student body an oppor
tunity' to keep• abreast of their S.G.A.
and the issues concerning all the Stu
dents at Behrend Campus.
Con-Campus facilities should be
open longer for the extended use of
the student body.
1. R.U.8.: The R.U.H. should be
opened until 2:00 a.m., seven days a
2. Dorms: Dormitory lounges should
be allowed to remain open all night.
There is no where to go on Campus
after 2:00. a.m.
' Grill: The should be open
several hours each week, and until
1:00 on week-ends.
The current O.S.G.A. (Organization
of Student Government Association)
regulations state that each dormitory
within the Penn State'system -may
vote ' on its own hours. However, it
contains a clause which gives the ad
ministration on Commonwealth Cam
puses the right• to set visitation hours
in accordance with local conditions.
There is a proposal before O.S.G.A. to
delete this phrase. We support this
Proposal and if not passed at the
next O.S.G.A. convention we _would
support a local student movement to
extend visitation hours at Behrend.
Channels of Communication
,-Campus....suffers from •-a
lack of - established ;communication
channels, For example, if you had *a
specific complaint about a faculty
member or• a member of the admin
istration- - staff, to whom - would you
direct your anger? At the present
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discussion and set forth the Five
Point Plan. Along with their plan
was included suggestions as to
what the students could do to
The third sheet urged students
to "Open your eyes to end the
war" and the closing sheet ended
with again suggestions for a
course of action and `Peace." The
theme of the meeting could have
been "Give a Damn by working
today to live tomorrow."
Representatives of Norval Reece
were also present at Wednesday's
meeting and spoke in support of
their candidate. Students -interest
ed in his campaign may help by
meeting this Saturday at 10.:30
a. m. in front of the RUB, to can
vas .for Reece and to gather sig
natures against the war. "The
time for silence is over!"
The SGA held its meeting Wed
nesday evening and discussed
many important issues including
registration, teacher evalualtion.
election results and the rescending
of the proposed boycott. The
SGA's new constitution was rati
fied by the student body.
The students expressed their
disapproval of the boycott over
the "Behrend 3" on the ballot. 279
students ,were against the boycott
and 179 were against the idea.
While rescending their original
Proposal the SGA proposed that
demonstrations be held in the vic
inity of the adminstration build
ing and that a mass letter writ
ing campaign supporting a plan
for evaluating the faculty be Un
A letter from Mr. Spiptmann
Spring Formal
Saturday Night
The Student Union Board has
finalized the plans on the Spring
Formal which will be held on- Sat
urday, May 23, 1970 from 9
to 1 a.m. in Erie Hall. The theme
of the formal is "Aquarius" and
the evening will be highlighted by
the crowning of the Spring Queen
Music will be provided by the
Contemporary Music Syndicate, a
four piece combo from Clarion
State College. Immediately fol
lowing the formal, "The Party
After" will be held at the Beach
comber Inn on Peninsula Drive.
A buffet dinner will' be served at
2 a.m., and music , will be provided
by The Rhythm _Method, a rock
band composed of students from
Gannon College.
- Tickets prices are $3.00 per
couple for "Aquarius," $6.00 per
couple for "The Party After," and
$B.OO per couple for "Aquarius"
and "The Party After." 'They may
be purchased at the
. 17nion Desk.
The S.U.B. strongly urges pur
chase of tickets NOW!
Because of reservations for "The
Party After," only tickets for
"AquariUs" may be purchased af
ter Monday, May 18, 1970.
was read at the SGA meeting and
it expressed his discouragement
of any action which may be on
his behalf against the administra
The issue may now die and the
reasons may not be given until
June but if the administration is
guilty of screwing anybody then
they will pay.
Student support appears to grow
each year at Behrend and next
year could see some long awaited
changes. Even if the changes
don't come fast, they are coming.
The meeting held Thursday, 7th
period in the quiet lounge, was an
organization sort of thing. This
meeting was a result of Wednes
day's meeting in the quiet lounge.
Committees were set up and
whether they will be active or not
is up to the students. The import
ant thing is that initial action has
been taken and hopefully plans
will be carried out.
-, It appears •as though Behrend
students are, "giving a damn!"
On the inside -
Opinion 2
Statement Adopted By
Academic Deans 2
Christ You Snow .
It Ain't Easy 3
Cubs Shellack Beaver 4
Pool Regulations Set
By Onorato 4
One of the many characters to be seen in the Behrend Players'
Production "Charade."
Charade Presented
Tonight, Tomorrow
The Behrend Players are once
again trodding the boards in Reed
Lecture Hall. This term the group
is producing "Charade" (not re
lated to the movie Charade), an
original play by Rills Grove, as
sistant 'professor of English at
The play, being presented to
night and tomorrow night at 8:30
Number Two Favored
In Solution Referendum
Arising from the situation
which exists concerning the Uni
ted States involvement in Cam
bodia, the situation which reach
ed a boiling point in the Kent
State incident, and from the en
volvement of thousands of stu
dents last Saturday in Washing
ton, D.C., students of the Univer
sity have become concerned.
As a, ifollow-up to the May 6
University-wide "day of discus
sion," students have exhibited a
desire to continue and possibly
step-up talks and inspire partici-,
pation in the current situation
which exists not only in our na
tion but on •the college campuses
and Penn State in particular.
Flowing out of this desire for
involvement a "Solution Referen
dum" was developed and proposed.
This proposal contained - three
basic solutions to be decided: (1)
that the 'University continue its
normal day-to-day operations;
(2) that classes be devoted dur
ing the eighth, ninth, and tenth
weeks of this term to discussion
of the current situation and that
colloquies, .workshops, and semi
nars be established and that some
Friday, May 15, 1979
p. m., deals with the subtle dia.
Unctions between. illusion an(
reality. It is composed of a pros
logue and two acts. The prologue,
entitled "Counterpane", has bed
produced several times in the Erie
"Charade" Is under the direc
tion of Mr. Grove. Tickets may b 3
purchased at the door:
method of dealing with course
grades be adopted, and (31 that
the University and all its oper.
ations be ceased.
This referendum, when taken to
the students for their vote, met
with enthusiastic response. At the
Behrend Campus, as was true
at the vast majority of the COM , "
monwealth Campuses, solution
No. 2 was "accepted."
The results of the balloting et
Behrend were No. 1-178, No. 2-4
188, and No. 3-21. The excels.'
tions to •this trend were Beaver
and Ogontz campuses. At the
Beaver campus proposal No. 1 wag(
favored at a ratio, of 3:2 over No.
2. At Ogontz, solution No. 2 re.
ceived an overwhelming majority
on a ratio of about 2:1 in support.
The students at University Part
also voted 2:1 in favor of solution
No. 2. 6,108 voted for No. 1,13,10 a
voted for No. 2, and 754 voted in
favor of •No: 3. 1,099 faculty mem
bers at University Park voted. 868
Of them voted for No. 1, 171 vot
ed for No. 2, and. only 19 were in
favor of No. 3.
The University Senate has call
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