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Vol. XXI—No. 20
Ah! The quickie camera caught B. J. Thomas 'Singing into John
Spiegel's - microphone during his "super-short but expensive" con
cert last Sunday. 11l bet we invite him back again!
Ecology Hits America
Settee' Late Than .
"We met - the 'enemy and
they are us."
Recent history proves that stu
dent concern can move establish
ment mountains including the
new one now poking through the
Biosphere. This is why ecological
4z-aware colleges and universi
ties across the U.S. are currently
being contacted by a new com
pany called "Earth First."
The people of Earth First feel
that students have emerged as
the true
_leaders of the '7os, and
student -commitment to the en
vironment may be the only thing
that will save the earth.
Already, students are taking
positive action by sampling wat
ers, reporting, industrial infrac
tions of anti -pollution laws, and
by organizing "teach-ins." Posi
tive action in another direction
must coincide with current ef
forts, however, if student con
cern is to change into a nation
al cause.
. . . must build if a truly effec
tive program for environmental
re-cycling and control is to be
come a reality. Man's mess is go
ing to' cost a great deal to clean
up---both in money and in indi
vidual cooperation and effort.
Bonds must be voted . . . com
munities must join together to
make sure anti-pollution meas
aft'es are followed . . you and I
and every other U.S. citizen must
take the initiative for mankind.
TO YOU . .
. . try a do-it-yoUself survey.
Ask some off-campus types what
"ecology" is. You'll be surprised
at the lack of answers. And the
lack of commitment. •
And yet, only by 'saving • the
environment today can man save
Beware of Friday the 13th
! 01 .. A ... M0Z M L h r h
himself for tomorrow! Man's sur
vival—and the condition of that
survival—are at stake.
We live in a visual age. Be
cause of this, the Earth First or
ganization - feels that national
awareness 'might best be effected
through a visual commitment.
"Earth First" buttons, stickers,
arm bands and posters say it all
to anyone who can see. Every
"Earth First" and "Ecology Now"
visual says "do it nowt" Each
provokes and transforms man
kind's mandate into positive ac
If you do your part in helping
to spread "Earth First" across the
country, everyone might still not
know the definition of "ecology."
But everyone will know the def
inition of "survival."
And that's what it's all about.
Watch this paper far "Earth
First" order coupon ads, or con
tact the editor for more informa
FUND RAISING groups are in
vited to request information, on
letterhead, for "Earth First" vis
ual sales. Write to: Earth First,
P.O. Box 74751, Los Angeles, Cal
ifornia 9-0004.
On the inside... -
More Money for StUdents -
Crazy• Cheryl's Campus
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New Nay Opening' at Erie
Playhouse ____ Page 3
Wrestlers Take Tr . ophy
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Money Up For Grabs
Early Bird Gets $$
- Students desiring to apply for either National Defense or University Loans for the 1970 Summer
Term or for the 1970-71 Fall-Winter-Spring period may obtain applications and Parents' Confidential
Financial Statements at the Office of Student Aid on the University Park Campus and from the Of-
flees of Student Affairs at the respective Commonwealth Campuses
Those students who received
Educational Opportunity Grants,
Disadvantaged - Grants and/or Na
tional Defense Student Loans for
the current (196940) academic
Year and who desire to have these
grants and loans renewed for the
100-71 academic year must re
apply in the same way as first
time applicants. They must ob
tain, complete and return a 1970-
71 application before the deadline
indicated below and they must
have their parents complete a new
Pa rent s' Confidential Finan
cial Statement and forward it to
the College Scholarship Service
for evaluation before the deadline.
1. Completed applications for the
1970 Summer - Term Loans
must be returned before Fri
day, April 10, 1970.
2. Applications for grants and
loans for the 1970-71 Fall-
Pollution Teach-In Scheduled
At University Park In April
University Park, Pa., Feb.--
Everything from speeches and
panel discussions to a multi-me
dia happening and even a special
game have been scheduled at The
Pennsylvania State University in
connection with the April 22 na
tionwide teach-in on pollution.
"We are planning our program
for the weekend of April 17 and
18," reports Edward J: Beckwith,
junior in science, from Pompton
Lake, N.J., coordinator of Penn
State's activities for the teach-in.
And although the program Is
almost two months off, close to
200 students, faculty and adrain
istrators are already hard at
work plugging in ideas and fea
tures. to cover the .Frlday. and Sat
urday project.
According to Beckwith, the pro
gram will start Friday night, at
approximately 7 p.m. with a key
note speaker, followed immediate
ly by a dramatic theatre presen
tation being prepared now by stu
dents in theatre arts to dramatize
the problems -of pollution, and
then a multi-media happenings of
music, - films, - slideS, speeches and
"The entire program is design
ed to emphasize the quality of
man's life," Beckwith says. "We'll
talk about man's destruction of
beauty, architecture and - land
scaping, the conservation of na
tural beauty, the economics of
beauty, and its legal aspects"
Winter-Spring academic peri
od must be returned before
Friday, May 8, 1970.
Preference for National Defense
Student Loans shall be given to
those students with the strongest
evidence of financial need. Prefer
ence for loans from University
Loan Funds will be given to Uni
versity scholarship recipients who
need additional aid and to stu
dents nearest graduation.
Repayment of loans to these
funds shall begin after the bor
rowers have graduated or term
inated their college education for
any other reason. Interest shall
payable, after . graduation or
termination at the rate of 3% per
annum for National Defense loans
and at the rate of 2% for the
first year, 4% the second year
As part of the plan for the
multi-media happening, the group
is looking into the possibility of
using a huge weather balloon as
a screen for slides and films on
pollution with the balloon ex
ploding at the end of the night to
end the program."
Plans for Saturday call for a
day-long series of panel discus
sions on the different aspects of
pollution, interspersed with a
unique, new game on urban plan
ning now in the process of being
"The idea is to create a large
board representing an area of
land," Beckwith explains. "Each
participant in the game will then
be challenged to lay out a town
according to a series of theoretical
situations. It will be up -to him,
for example to locate such things
as industry, housing and recrea
tion in relation to sewage disposal
and air currents. Experts in reg
ional planning will serve as judges
to grade participant's in the
Relying mostly on what
Beckwith calls "home-grown tal
ent and expertise"—University
personnel, for the most part—the
panels -will touch on population,
air pollution, water pollution,
solid waste disposal, transporta
tion, environmental health, and
water resources. The discussions
also will feature short films and
slides to illustrate the problems
being considered.
and 6% for succeeding years for
loans from University funds.
All completed applications and
inquiries about - financial aid
should be directed to the Office
of Student Aid, University Park
or the Deans of Student Affairs
at the Commonwealth Campuses.
Students desiring to • borrow
through the state guaranteed loan
programs of their respective
states of residence should con
tact the loan officer of one of
their hometown banks. Applica
tions for these loans are general
ly obtainable only at lending in
stitutions. Evidence of financial
need is not usually required. The
federal government will pay the
7% interest on many of these
loans while the eligible borrowers
are in college and the borrowers
pay interest at the rate of '7% af
ter graduation.
As an added highlight. Beck
with is hoping to have open hous
es at all the University's various
research projects dealing with.
"We are also going to ask the
State to supply us with some of
its demonstration exhibits to fur
ther emphasize the things that
are and can be done about con
trolling pollution," Beckwith adds.
The program will close Satur..
day night with a wrap-up session
on "Where do we go from here?"
"It's an all-University pro
gram," says Beckwith. "And it
should floe. Pollution is a problem
we all face and the answer to
pollution is something we're all
going to have to seek. The re
sponse to the program has bees
At this point, efforts are still
in the works to line up a nation
ally-known keynote speaker. Beck
with hopes to have that nailed
down in the next three or four
Meanwhile, efforts are also be
ing made to have as many classes
as possible on April 22 devoted
entirely to pollution and environ
ment as they relate to the particu
lar subject of the course itself.
In addition, students at Penn
State are planning to join in an
all-pollution day at State
College High School as part of a
"Youth Ecology Movement" pro
jected for this summer.
March 13, 1970