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    Wha 9 t S News
PHEAA Scholarship
Applications Available
University Park, Pa. Feb. 13—Pennsylvania Higher Education
Assistance Agency scholarship applications for the 1970,71 acad
emic year beginning in September are available at the Common
wealth Campuses at the Office for Student Affairs at the campus.
The applications are intended solely for students who current
ly are enrolled in the University but are not presently receiving a
State scholarship from the agency.
The form also will be distributed to students who intend to en
roll in the University this Fall but were graduated from high school
prior to June of this year.
Students who currently are receiving State scholarship grants
will have renewal applications mailed to them later this month by
the agency.
All applications for PHEAA grants must be mailed to the agen
cy no later than April 30.
UNIVERSITY PARK, PA., FEB. 13—Undergraduate veterans at
The reAnsylvania State University enrolled under the G.I. Educa
tional Benefits Bill now may qualify for full-time allowances if they
have scheduled nine or more credit-hours per term.
Prior to Oct. 23, a schedule of ten or more credit-hours was re
quired for full-time allowance.
Morgan C. Wright. coordinator of veterans affairs at the Uni
versity, said today he has been informed of the change by the Vet
erans Administration and that since the change is retroactive to
Oct. 23, the Veterans Administration will make adjustment in ac
counts of students affected by the change.
The nine credit-hom; minimum applies to undergraduate stu
dents at all campuses of the University.
The University has approximately 2,600 veterans, including
1,200 enrolled at the University Park campus, who are qualifying
for benefits under the GI Bill. Benefits under the Act start at $l3O.
per month for an unmarried veteran with increasing allowances for
married veterans and for veterans with children.
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa., Feb. 13—Theodore Roosevelt gave it
the name, and journalists have been doing it ever since the begin
ning of time.
But mention the word "muckraking" to the man on the street,
and nine times out of ten you'll come up with something bad or
Not so, says Professors John M. Harrison and. Harry H, Stein
of the Pennsylvania State University.
Webster defines muckraking as the act of searching out, charg
ing with, and seeking the exposure of publicly real or apparent mis
conduct, vice or corruption on the part of public officials and
prominent individuals. - -
And to Professors Harrison and Stein, the emergence of muck
raking represents journalism at its best—"Tbe golden age of in
formative journalism which led to many important and necessary
reforms in government and society."
The University Senate Committee on Resident Instruction is
sued the following recommendation at their February 3 meeting:
"We recommend a calendar which realistically provides for a
full ten weeks of instruction, and also schedules a three-day Thanks
giving recess beginning 12:25 p.m. on the Wednesday before Thanks
This recommendation is a change in calendar policy and is
within the legislative jurisdiction of the Senate. The design of the
specific calendar for any one year is an administrative decision.
WWGO-FM Launches Sound Search
The biggest hunt in years for
tomorrow's musical talent began
Sunday, February 1, 1970. On
that day, courtesy of the Tea
Council of the U.S.A., Billboard
Magazine and Station WWGO
FM launched a -nationwide search
for "The New Sound."
The new sound of music, and
the search is for the most talented
Young musicians in America who
write, play, and arrange that mu
sic. A new sound is an elusive
quality. The Beatles, and more
recently Blood, Sweat and Tears,
the Creedence Clearwater Revival
and Blind Faith have all created
new sounds, and now the Tea
Council is . looking for even newer
sounds in music tomorrow's
sounds. A "network of' more than
200 stations is being established
to include the nation's top music
stations, and VirWCIO-FIM here Is
one of them. Program Director
Bobby Ocean. will be in charge
Billboard Magazine (a .radio
station's bible) has been asked by
New Allowances
For Veterans
Muckraking Is Good!
Senate Recommends
New Calendar
the Tea COuncil to find the very
best of tomorrows new sounds,
whether it's rock, country, folk,
blues, gospel, soul, or whatever,
and here's how they plan to do
Since February 1, Billboard has
with more than 2()0 disc jockey's.
They're searching for two things:
1) individuals or groups with the
new sounds having the best po
tential for commercial success;
and 2) the best original iced tea
song. The iced tea song can be
humorous serious or pop; it's en
tirely up to the creativity of the
Each of the young musicians
in the selected 200 areas will be
asked to subruit a tape of their
best sounds to the DJ at the local
'station. It'll be up to the stations
to screen the local area groups,
through contests, auditions, " or
other techniques. Then the sta
tion will forward to Billboard the
one or more it considers most
Housing Applications Available
Applications for Housing and
Food Services at University Park
for the summer and fall terms,
1970, are available at the Office
of Student Affairs. Students must
send the application along with
$45 advance payment to the Of
fice of the Bursar, 103 Shields
Building, University Park, Pa.
16802. Checks or money orders
should be made payable to The
Pennsylvania State University
Cash will not be accepted.
Advance payment will be de
ducted from' the student's total
Housing and Food Service charg
es. Deadline for filing applica
tions is 5 p. m., March 3.1, 1970.
Applications not accompanied' by
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Volume XXI—No. 16
Lovely Joey Ackerman was
crowned Queen of the Winter
Carnival Sat. evening. Congrat
ulations, Joey.
On the Inside •• .
Letters to Legislators 2
Dear Charly 2
'lmpression's Concert 3
Record Breaker 7 4
outstanding. All the tapes it re
ceives will be judged by a pro
fessional panel of the magazine's
trained ears. The best 50' new
sounds, in Billboard's estimation,
will then be sent back to the sta
tions they came from, with funds
to have the top quality tapes
made by a local professional stu
From the new set of 50 tapes,
the best six groups are selected,
plus the one best version of the
Iced Tea Song.
These seven semi-finalists will
participate in a Grand Finale at
the National Press Club in Wash
ington, D. C., the evening of May
15. All seven will receive record
ing or publishing contracts, with
the winner receiving $2,000.00
cash •and a national television
appearance. The winner will be
the group or individual judged
to have originated the very best
new sound.
During January and February,
information teams will pay visits
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the $45 advance payment are not
valid and will be returned with
out processing.
Assignments will be made ac
cording to the date the applica
ton is received. If the application
is received before all available
vacant spaces allotted for 'Com
monwealth Campus Students
have been assigned, students will
be assigned to the residence hall
If all Commonwealth Campus
space has been assigned for the
specific residnce requested con
specific residence requested con
dence hall area will be given un
til Commonwealth Campus space
available has been depleted.
Reverend C. E. Phillips
To Speak On Blacks
Reverend Channing Emery
Phillips, who led the Democratic
National Committee from Wash
ington, D. C., and was subse
quently the first negro to be nom-
inated for office of Presidnt of
the United States, will peak
here February 18. The title of his
lecture which will take place in
the Reed Lecture Hall at 8:00
P. m. is "Black Protest . . . what
will it accomplish in. the political
arena?". The program, sponsored
by the Student Union Board, is
free of charge.
Phillips, the senior minister of
Lincoln Temple, United Church
of Christ in Washington, D. C.,
is one of three people nominated
for the post of Public Defender
"Involvment '10" Theme
Of Mercyhurst Colloquy
Involvement '7O is the title of Mercyhurst College's second col
loquy weekend. The purpose of the weekend is to explore phases of
life not touched in a classrodm situation. There will be six panels
covering six areas for discussion, debate, and conversation concern
ing: Sacred and Psychedelic, Minority Groups, Philosophy of Love,
Experimental Living, Students in Politics, and Morality of Modern
Medicine. Each subject has a panel of experts and authorities, on
their specific topics, who will lead the discussions.
Besides the regular panels, oth
er activities planned are: two
poetry 'hours and coffee hours of
folk singing, a 51-minute presen
tation of film, narration and
music by two professors and six
students of Penn State's Speech
Department called "World of
Me"; a coffee hour on the Peace
Movement, ccintinuous art films,
and a multi-media presentation
by Andrei Hever (Gannon Coll
ege) called "Central Medium and
Neutral Grind."
The movies scheduled are:
Black Power . . . We're Goin'
Survive America a 15-minute
portrait of the black struggle
against white American racism.
Story concerns Stokeley Carmich
ael's address to Black Panthers
concerning imprisonment of Heuy
P. Newton (he allegedly .killed an
ShoUld no space be available in
areas - requested, assignments will
be made in areas having housing
space available.
Applications will be accepted
after March al if space is avail
All applications for roommate
requests must be submitted to
gether as only mutual requests
will be honored.
Application for housing does
not constitute approval to trans
fer to University Park. Change of
assignment requests for the sum
mer and spring terms must be
processed with Mr. Claridge with
in the first ten calendar days of
the spring term.
February 13, 1970
on General Motors' Board of Di
rectors, by Ralph Nader (automo
bile safety protagonist). His list
of responsibilities is extensive. He
is, in addition to being a minister,
Chairman, Committee for Com
munity Action on Public Educa
tion; President, Housing Develop
ment Corporation; Member.
Board of Directors, Washington
Urban League; Member, Wash
ington, D. C., Commissioners
Coalition of Conscience; Member,
Community Advisors on Equal
Employment; and a Board lof
Governors Member of the Black
United Front.
His credits are certainly im
pressive, and all interested persons
are urged to attend what prom
ises to be a stimulating program.
Oakland policeman, Cause With
out a Rebel-9 minutes of con
trast between the apathy of aca
demic life and dreams of Mattin
Luther King (filmed at North
western University.), It's No Sec
ret 6 1 / 2 minutes of proof that
God is not dead; riots, civil rights
march, war, and a funeral ac
companied by a beautiful song to
God's glory., Lords of Creation—a
9 minute portrayal of the history
of the world from beginning to
end., Papillote 10 minutes of
life: a man is born- out of a pap
et bag, breakfasts in a graveyard,
works all day at the stock ex
change, then returns to his pap
er bag., The Mattress a 9-
minute story of adultery, death,
and children's games on an aban
doned mattress., also, the movie,
Assault on Life, concerning the.
new advances in medicine today.