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Volume XII—No. 12
. Accepting the appointment as Penn State's 13th president, Dr. John W. Oswald has pledged more
responsive action to the expectations of Pennsylvania's young people and its citizens. The new presi
dent will take office July Ist as a result of the Penn State's Board of Trustees unanimous decision
last Dec. 12th. -
"Expectations of society for its
universities are indeed high," said
Dr. Oswald shortly after the re
sults of the election were
"They call for equal access and
opportunity; for education of in
creasing numbers of more highly
trained professionals; for solutions
of • problems nagging our nation;
for broader service to its people;
and for universities themselves to
make - -changes appropriate to our
times. These can be accomplished
only through a community effort
by all segments of an institution
. . . and I dedicate myself to this
great and important task."
Dr. Oswald served as preSident
of the University of Kentucky
from 1963 to 1968. In this five
years there he developed a sound
system of 15 two-year campuses
Only One Lead
In Coed Death
With the November 28 stabbing
death of a 22 year old graduate
student in Pattee Library still un
solved, State Police have placed
2.5. officers- on the case to work
on a full-time basis.
Investigations have a composit
of a young man sought as an im
portant witness, if riot an actual
suspect in the slaying. The draw
ing was released by the police
twelve . days after the body of
Betsy Aardsma was found in the
core area of the second level
stacks of the library. _
Lt. William Kimmel stated that
Over 1,500 interviews and rein
terviews have not produced any
information which would point,-to
any A-1 suspect in the hornocide.
- The only lead - in - the case is the
taan in the police composite, who
Is described as neat in appearance
and belieVeti to be in his early
He was encountered near the
scene of the crime,
W. Oswald
Penn State
of the university, moved the uni
versity into new areas, strengthed
its faculty and supervised the
largest development prograin in
the state's history.
From Kentucky Dr. Oswald re
signed to become the executive
vice president of the University of
California, a system about four
times as large as Penn State's.
Holding a doctor of philosophy
degree in plant pathology, Dr.
Oswald has done research at both
Davis and Berkeley Campuses; in
the Navy, where he discovered a
world famous disease of cereali;
and at the Agricultural . Univer
sity of the Netherlands in Wagen
In addition to his on-campus
administrative work, Dr. Oswald
Behrend Girls Oversexed
Behrend girls are immature, have abnormal sexual drives, and
are potential targets for sex fiends. At least according to officials
rationalizing girls' dorm hours here at Behrend. According to those
in power, Behrend is in a "different situation" than is University
Park. Here, we are not so centrally located-ergo the dorms are father
away from the perverts, crooks, and maniacs than those dorms at
University Park. So, logically, there is a greater chance of harm
coming to the girls here than those at U.P. Right???—No! If you
don't believe' me, ask the coed who was murdered in the Pattee Li
brary down state.
Since the preceding reason is obviously not warrant for the re
strictions, we must therefore assume that Behrend girls are inferior
to those at 11. P... . You can't trust them. They're aggressive! They're
not bad, but they're horny. And, these girls can only satisfy their
desires after Midnight during the week, and 2 am. on weekends—
right? Su-r-r-r-e it is!!! . i.l-I.riRE IS NOTHING CAN DO AT
As a matter of fact, I'd dig it.
Does it not seem that by not having the same hours as those at
University Park (which are non-existant) we are dissociating our
campus from the Pennsylvania State University.
I am willing to admit that it is not very often that one desires
to stay out past 2 a.m. on weekends, but the principle of he restriction
is galling. If you don't agree, join the ARMY.
It is not the University's, rather Behrend's place to insure that
the girls don't stay out all night and not get their "homework." Whos
paying the tuition? Even if they are on scholarships, the money is
their own. -It was granted for past performance.
Petition your SGA representative.
WHERE'S THE HEAP? (See page two.)
is in the works of many national
educational groups and in com
munity activities where he has
At 52, Dr. John W. Oswald has
been overwhelmingly accepted by
the administration of Penn State.
Paul W. Bixby, chairman of the
Senate Advisory Committee has
pledged his hearty support to Dr.
Oswald to help "continue 'Penn
State's winning streak of able and
successful Presidents."
President of Penn State's U.S.G.,
Theodore Q. Thompson said,
". . . Dr. Oswald has set some
pretty idealistic goals for Penn
State. I think the important thing
now is for students to give bin" a
chance and provide him as much
constructive help as they can."
by Randy S. Kinkead
The new President of Penn State, John W. Oswald.
Women Liberated at
University Park, Pa., Jan. 15—
A policy liberalizing regulations
requiring women students to live
in Universny , owned residence
halls has been adopted by the
Board of Trustees of The Penn
syvania State University.
The new regulations will per
mit women students under 21
years of_ age, with the written ap
proval of their parents, to secure
off-campus housing accommoda
tions, after they have completed
their freshman year.
The new policy will apply dur
ing the 1970-71 academic year
which begins in September. Uni
versity officers are directed to re
view the on-campus residency
"Sound of Music "
At Civic Theatre
Rodgers and Hammerstein are the creators of "The Sound of
Music" that .will be floating through The Erie Playhouse beginning
Friday, January 30, when their hit musical will open for eight per-
Howard Lindsay and Russell
Crouse, authors of such great hits
as "Life With Father," wrote the
book for the musical that was one
of Broadway's biggest hits begin
ning in 1959. It played to standing
room for every performance for
the first two years • of its New
York run, and continued for al
most four years in all—a fitting
success for the show that turned
out to be the last of the famous
Rodgers and Hammerstein musi
cals.—Hammerstein's death occur
ing eight months after its•opening_
Starring in The Playhouse pro
duction_ guest _artist Pa
tricia lO'R'iordan as the plucky,
cheerful and
. music-filled heroine.
Cannon Ralph Darling will be
seen in the role of the stern sea
January 16,1978
policy each year and announce
and changes in regulations.
Current policy requires all wo
men under 21, regardless of their
academic year, to live in campus
residence halls unless specifically
exempted by reason of their fin
ancial, medical or marital status.
Women over 2,1 years of age
were authorized by the Trustees
last year to secure off-campus
living quarters if they so desired.
The new residence hall policy
will apply uniformly to all stu
dents transferring to the 'Univer
sity Park campus from another
college or a Penn State Common
wealth Campus, as well as to
those who are being re-enrolled
in the University.
captain who surrenders his bos
un's whistle for pitch pipe, and
his seven children will be portray..
ed by Cecily Cottrill, Martin Ste
bell, Jennifer Price, Danny Mar
gosian, Becky Lou Zellefrow, Mary
Pat Roche and Margaret Lunge.
The beautiful and rich widow whO
is the rival for the captain's af
fections will be played by Mariam
Nelson, and David Green will pixy
ecourageous concert manager who
is a friend of the captain. Mar
garet Laver will be featured as
the Mother Abbess. Musical di
ection is by Jim Long and choreo
graphy by Marge Long.
_ Tickets to "The Sound of
Music" are $4.00 for Wednesday
and Thursday performances and
$4.50 for F'riday; Saturday and
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