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    Tuesday. February 13, 1962
Nittany Narrator
By Dave Craley, NITANY CUB Sports Editor
Fort Behrend Succumbs
FOR THOSE OF YOU who witnessed the Cubs in action over
the weekend—and the crowd was as fine and as loud and as en
couraging as it has been all season—it was apparent that Behrend
staged two heroic stands against overwhelming odds. But in both
cases, of course, the fort fell. Friday night saw McKeesport pull
away from the Cubs with five straight goals with less than seven
minutes left in the game to win, 91 to 74, after Behrend had twice
Pulled within five points early in the second half. Altoona, hurting
with three of their starters—including the high point man—not
making the trip, overcame an early Cub lead at the 15 minute
mark of the first half and eased to a 64-50 victory Saturday night.
KeeStaters Fall Before Tourney Cubs
PRIOR TO THE basketball game Friday the Nittany Cubs
stretched their undefeated inter-campus tourney record to four
when they downed the scrappy McKeesport entry in chess, ping
pong, and bowling. Losing the opening game by 111 pins, the
Behrend Bowlers—Fleming, Hardes, Perkins, Sample, Brown—roared
back to take the second game by• 91 pins on Sample's 194 and
Brown's 170. Long paced McKeesport in the opening game with an
astounding 245. Sample and Brown again teamed up in. the final
game for high scores of 193 and 203 to give Behrend a come-from
behind win, 6 points to 2.
In chess, leadoff man Ron Feltenberger topped Barry Stofan,
Ed Paauwe shut out John Kurilko, and Steve Hagen completed the
3-0 win by checkmating Hardy Malvdel. But the ping pong victory
did not come easily. Jerry Newcamp opened the singles play with
21-14 and 21-15 wins, but John Tinsly found rough going in his
initial match, losing two out of three. Newcamp then took two
more close games, 25-23 and 21-19, to give Behrend a two points to
one edge. Tinsly recovered his form in the next match with a two
out of three victory, 21-13, 18-21, 21-19. Tinsly and Newcamp then
combined to win the doubles,2l-15 and 21-7, after dropping the
first game, 16-21.
From One Extreme To The Other
THE NITANNY CUBS went from one extreme to the other of
fensively last weekend in entertaining McKeesport and Altoona.
Against the former they played a slam-bang, drag-out, race horse
type of game which saw fifty personal fouls and two technicals called
plus the Cubs registering their highest scoring total this season. But
the game the next day was just the opposite. Employing the "con
trol offense" they used to such success against Jamestown, the Nit
tanies jumped to an early lead (7 points at one time) against Al
toona. nd held on for much of the first half. Joe Haser totaled twelve
followed by Sam Heller's and Bob Rausch's ten apiece. Todd Cook
(8), Woody Woodring (5), Doug Prozoan (4), and Gary Locke (1)
rounded out the home scoring. Prozan led the Behrend scorers in
the McKeesport game with 15 followed by Heller's 14 and Rausch's
12. Cook had 9, Locke 8, Woodring and Haser 7 each, and Mc-
Allister two.
BESIDES THE SHRILL of the final buzzer, the roar of the
crowd, and the thundering herd (out of a cloud of dust and a
hearty "Hi-yo, Silver!") of the clashing basketball squads, there
are sometimes interesting sidenotes to a game that most of the fans
are unaware of. Take periodical humorous quotes, for example. It
was nearly time for the game between Belu-end and the Penn State
Frosh to get underway, but the officials had still not; shown up. Our
illustrious timekeeper, Roco Agostini, thought out loud, "Where are
the refs?" The colorful and gnarled old Penn State coach, Snowy
Simpson, then chirped while his skyscraper players dunked a few
more baskets, "Don't worry—we'll use the honor system." Earlier
in the season when the fans weren't nearly as vociferous nor as
numerous as they are now, one of the queries directed at; the op
posing coach (as less than a dozen fans took their seats) was, "Do
you think the roar of the crowd will bother your team?" Apparently
something bothered it: Behrend won, 62_58. And just last week late
in the rough and tumble game against McKeesport, a giant of a
KeeStater threatened hustling "Little Joe" Haser, "Ah'in gunna
poun' you shorty!" Not only did Joe outscore the giant, but be out--
hustled him, out-shone him on the boards—and never did get
Catching Up On Quotes
ALLENTOWN—PIans are in the
making for an open house at
the Allentown Campus for
the parents and friends of
the students to be held early
in the Spring Term. In
fluenza shots are being given
to Allentown Center students.
This preventive measure is
also being carried out at
several of the other• common
wealth campuses.
ALTOONA—During the final few
days of the Fall Term, an
open house was held on the
Altoona Campus to help fa
miliarize college-bound high
school seniors with the Al
toona Campus.—A Book Fair
was recently held in the Al
toona Campus library. Beat
nik poetry, art, and philos
ophy were the books most
frequently purchased.
DUBOIS—The Dußois Hom e
coming for the Associate De
gree students will be held on
February 10, Saturday, when
the basketball team will play
host to the Behrend Campus
team. A buffet supper, a re
ception, and a dance are also
being planned for the Home
coming program.
McKEESPORT . . The McK.ecs
port Debating Society has ac
cepted an invitation from
The University of Western
Ontario to visit that school
and participate in the annual
Debating Tournament to be
held February 2 and 3. The
McKeesport students will
participate in four debates,
attend the University College
Ball, Winter Weekend Slush
Bowl. Annual Debating So
ciety Banquet, and intercol
legiate basketball game and
dance. The McKeesport
yearbook, Profile, will be
made available to the stu
dents on May 29. For
the first time since its begin
ning, the McKeesport Cam
pus now has a cheerleading
group of its own. The girls'
dress is composed of white
sweaters, blue knee socks,
navy blue petite skirts, and
white tennis shoes. A new
organization the Intercol
legiate Conference on Gov
ernment (ICC) has been
established at McKeesport.
The members include those
students interested in politics
and the framework, princi
fins. onet filiictions of olir
state and f:.dsral gc•vern
OGONTZ—A new parking lot
capable of holding eighty
cars was to be completed dur
ing of the month of November.
Thirty members of the Ogontz
art class visited the Metro
politan Museum of Art and
the Museum of Modern Art
in New York City. A stop at
the United Nations Buildings
also featured the trip.—The
Ogontz Debating Team
earned a draw decision with
Holy Family College in its
initial match of the season.
—The SGA sponsored the
showing of the classic film
The Grapes of Wrath on the
first of December. Frosh
Customs have been re-initi
ated at the Ogontz Campus
for the Winter Term. All the
dress, speech, and service
customs were in effect up to
January 12. Freshmen were
also required to submit essays
on "I am a lowly, insignifi
cant freshman because . . ."
Prizes were offered for the
best essays.—A "Join-a-Club"
week may be held at Ogontz.
It would give each club, or
ganization, and group an op
portunity to publicize its ac
tivities for one week in the
hopes of gaining further
V.TYOMISSING For the first
time in its short history,
Wyomissing Campus has ad
mitted female students. The
males term the undertaking
-OK." For all students
who show a sincere interest
in attending the local Hague
Concert Series, the Wyomiss
ing Student Government As
sociation has agreed to pay
one half the price of season
YORK . . . The York Student
Government Association will
sponsor a program in which
five outstanding motion pic
tures will be shown free of
charge to York Campus stu
dents. The films to be shown
are "Hatful of Rain" starring
Eva Marie Saint, Don Mur
ray, and Anthony Franciosa
(Jan. 29) ; "Julius Caesar"
with Marlon Brando, Greer
Garson, and Deborah Kerr
(Feb. 12); "Mister Roberts"
with Henry Fonda, James
Cagney, William Powell. and
Jack Lemmcn (Mar. 5 ) ; "The
Eddy Duchin Story" starring
Tyrone Power, Kim Novak,
ord Tamps Whitn - lore:
"9 - 11- D:s - r," a - %72.1
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