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7 0L1UME 7x m, No. 5
nter Cam
Recent SGA Criticism
Rebutted by McAllister
Behrend Campus' S.G.A. President Alan McAllister last week
defended that organization with a rebuttal of recent claims of inac
tivity placed against it. In a special interview, McAllister defined the
purpose and functions of the S.G.A. and spotlighted some of its ac
complishments during the past months. "The purpose of the 5.G.A.,"
he, commented, "is to act as a
laison body between the adminis
tration and the student body.
When asked if he felt that the
organization was fulfilling this
purpose adequately, McAllister re
plied "I believe we are living up
to our purpose as much as we are
able with the present percentage
of student participation." He ex
pressed disappointment, however,
in the nature of the interest dis
played by the student body to
ward the council. The type of in
terest to which he referred was
that of extreme criticism.. "Every
one is willing to stand back and
criticize," he noted. "We don't
mind being criticized when the
criticism is accurate and con
structive." But; so far, claims Mc-
Allister, criticism has been neither
accurate nor constructive.
Potential success of an S.G.A.
proposal often lies in. the hands
of the Campus administration. If
the administration chooses to be
unco-operative, it can render the
council nearly immobile. Regard
ing this matter, McAllister com
mented "I feel that, overall, the
co-operation of the administra
tion has been quite adeq'iate.
There were certain questions
raised by the S.G.A. that were
given answers which, though
understandable, we felt could
have been given more advantage
ously in regard to student wel
fare." He is convinced, however,
that the Behrend administration
is in no way hindering the S.G.A.
"I believe," he commented, "that
the administration is observing a
good hands-off policy in. allowing
the S.G.A. to govern itself."
It was this issue, too, which
formed the basis for recent criti
cism of the council. "Technically,
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BEHREND CAMPUS—The Pennsylvania State University
By Robert Ropelewski
Term System Endorsed in Survey
Over the past few weeks, Professor Ernest E. Fryer has been
conducting a survey concerning the reactions of the student body
at Behrend Campus to the new four-term system recently initiated
by the Pennsylvania State University. The results show that the
student body is definitely in favor of this system. The poll has been
divided into two separate sections: the total group polled (177 out
of 255 total students) and the Sophomores polled.
The results of the survey are as followed
A. The seventy-five minute period.
Total 85% 12%
Sophomores 86% 10%
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
B. The one hundred-fifty minute double period.
Total 69% 23%
Sophomores 82% 14%
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
C. The twenty-minute break between classes.
Total 45% 51%
Sophomores 57% 39%
Too lengthy Adequate
D. The ten-week term
E. The credit load (8-13 credits).
Do you feel that extracurricular activities on this Campus have
changed under the new term system?
Do you feel that the change from semester to four-term system
has been advantageous academically?
Do you feel that your instructors have adapted well to the four
term system with classroom presentations and assignments?
ival Saturday
Indoor, Outdoor Activities,
Free Supper Are Scheduled
Behrend Campus' SGA will sponsor a Winter Carnival this Satur
day, February 17. The Carnival will begin at one o'clock with such
outdoor festivities as skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, group singing
and snow sculpturing. The indoor activities will include ping pong,
chess, pool, bowling, basketball and the trampoline.
About five o'clock, a free supper for all attending the Carnival
will be provided by the SGA. The meal, which will consist of hot dogs
and hot chocolate, will be served
by the Hamot nurses in the Stu
dent Lounge of Erie Hall.
By Mary Jean Ferguson
77% 11%
69% 24%
Approve Disapprove
4% 85%
4% 89%
Too many Acceptable
Too short
7% -
Too few
Cannot tell
17% 25%
31% 2%
No Cannot tell
Tuesday, February 13, 1962
Immediately following the meal,
Lou Gaghan, Behrend's disc-jock
ey, will present an informal sock
The committees for the Carni
val are made up of members from
both Hamot's and Behrend's stu
dent governments.
Drama Club to Present
Two Plays in Future
The one-act play,
iant," will be presented on Thurs-
day, February 22, 1962 in Erie
Hall during Common Hour. The
story of the play centers around
a young man who is accused of
murder but prefers not to reveal
his true identity. The scene takes
place on the night of his execu-
tion in the warden's office of the
State Prison at Wethersfield, Con-
necticut, about 11:30 on a rainy
night. A young girl comes to visit
the prisoner, thinking him to be
her long-lost brother.
The cast of "The Valiant" in
cludes David Craley, Juyne
Kaupp, William Storrer, John
Thompson, James Runzo and
Richard Wohlgemuth. Mary Jean
Ferguson will serve as student di
"Guest in the House," by Hazar
Wilde and Dale Eunson, has been
selected as the spring play. This
3-act suspense drama will have a
cast of fourteen persons. Tryouts
will be held in the nerr future,
with the play to be presented
during the first week in May.
"The Val-